CEM/Superintendent EPR bullet examples

- Developed/coordinated remote ACA site; improved response time for POTUS security-- secured national interest

- Fortified FW dplymnt ops; petitioned HQ/secured $134K flu shots 45 days early--vaccinated 542 warriors ISO 4 AORs

- Grad'd 1st Sgt Symposium crs; bolstered Wg network/JBLM resource skillset--primed for vectoring/Diamond ready
- Drove dialogue f/CSAF-dir'd Sfty Day; led 4 gps/ID'd 12 areas of concern--implemented 9 ops initiatives/zero mishaps
- Facilitated instruction of 65 ARC prsnl; prep'd 17 trainers/cert'd 563 tasks--postured total force for worldwide dpylmt

- Admin'd English language tests to 86 LAF officers/NCOs; ensured partner nation prep'd to attend vital U.S. trng
- Mngd wg-lvl programs; tracked/validated/processed 156 evals, awards, decs, pers actions--98% on-time rate
- Oversaw $60K COMSEC/IT equipment in high-threat AOR; program 100% compliant with COCOM policies
- Led IG prep efforts; 500+ CENTCOM checklist items inspected/reported--unit in compliance/inspection ready

- Aggressively cultivates environment of teamwork, diversity, unity and cohesiveness/respected mentor/wingman

- Exemplified SNCO! Exceeded expectations/team focused; step above the rest/performs at SMSgt lvl--Truly a Mentor

- Exceptional leader; enforced standards, cultivated professional atmosphere in Spec Flt--a role model for 30+ airmen

- Demonstrates standards of professional conduct and capability; setting example for over 20 subordinate airmen

- Exceptional role model; participated in Pilot for a Day Program--extended hand of compassion to child in need

- Outstanding NCO; unrivaled mgmt skills & technical competence, mission focused--active & highly effective leader
- Hard charger; example for subordinates & peers to emulate, dedicated--attention to detail boosted squadron readiness

- Best of the best! Instrumental to 100% pass rate for COMBAT SHEILD eval--53rd WG exclaimed "best seen in AF"

- Actively involved; stepped up for WIT, QA, CDDAR roles, vol'd for SQ & civic events--improving unit & COMREL

- Stand-out SNCO; seamless transition from tech expert to manager/mentor of Amn--highly effective, msn focused ldr

- Wingman focused; active member of Maintenance Group MWR committee--improved well being of 150 fellow amn

- Effective communicator; displays keen ability to convey complex subjects to subordinates--an asset to training prgm

- Mature leader; won't compromise standards; enforced Air Force standards of conduct among subordinates
- Recognized and accepted personal assets and liabilities; displayed exceptional military professionalism

- Superb expeditor; coordinated homestation avionics maintenance during TSP; generated more than 276 sorties
- Extraordinary manager; ensured 100% accountability of 60+ COMSEC items; account rated among Wing's best
- Committed; supported African Ldr Summit, generated 7 jets--secured NCR airspace & protected foreign VIPs
- Proficient maintainer; provided unmatched support to 113 ACA mission; won 2013 MG Wm Abernathy Award

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