First Term Airmen Course (FTAC) EPR Examples

- Instructed First Term Amn; dlvr'd brief on Mentorship/ldrship--dvlp'd career foundation/mentored 32 future AF ldrs

- FTAC lecturer; briefed time mgmt/enlisted force structure f/3 classes--mentored 55 Amn/developed future AF leaders

- Excelled as FTAC Lead; org'd 28 Airmanship/deliberate dvlpmt brfs/5 crs's--built wg ntwk/career foundation/160 Amn

- FTAC Lead; org'd ## SMEs/## hrs instruction/## briefs/four 5-day crs's--75 Amn indoc'd to XXXWg/REGION

- Executed selectively manned FTAC NCOIC position x6 mos; mentored 9 classes/360 hours--mentored 124 Airmen
- Co-led 11 prof enhancement courses; orchestrated schedule/528 briefers/132 hours--developed 206 future AF leaders
- Teamed w/MPS flt; conducted 25 orientations/accounted for newly assigned prsnl--exceeded AF 30 day requirement
- Developed weekly workouts for FTAC students; standardized PT sessions--prepared mbrs for upcoming evaluations
- Organized 15 Team Hill lunch & learns; secured locations/speakers--educated 103 prsnl on leadership and mentoring
- Filled CAA billet x18 days; led 2 prof development seminars/provided career counselings--impacted 54 ABW prsnl
- Taught SNCO/NCO Enlisted Heritage briefings x4; led class discussions/62 mbrs--instilled AF traditions and culture

- Wg leader selected as FTAC NCOIC; mng'd crs/6 classes/42 briefs--led 73 Amn wg transitions/nailed 1st impression
- Led MAFB PD restructure; tailored/implemented 1st-ever Airmanship 300 crs--guided/fortified responsible decisions
- Managed/led EOC survey CPI; streamlined/updated critique process/est'b database--saved/redux paper/man-hrs 15%
- Wing flag detail mgr; directed 8x tms/22 hrs/50 Amn/56 flags for 11 DV visits--instilled honor/pride w/in 6.5K prsnl
- Created/implemented FTAC mock PT pgm; led wkly sessions/tested 66 Amn/dietary info--increased pass rt 9% <3 mos

- Dynamic speaker; briefed 200+ at FTAC & CC/CCF justice training; ensured rights awareness...praised by all

- Superior NCO! Chosen over 109 candidates as FTAC Team Lead; entrusted with developing 30 Airmen from

- Self-starter; revamped lifeless FTAC/CC's call briefings -- timely/relevant info to 600+ actively engaged Amn

- Provided FTAC implementation guidance to Diego Garcia; enabled best training for remotely assigned Airmen

- Team player! Invited other units to FTAC Sexual Assault Awareness briefing; 13 shift workers now up-to-date

- Defense ambassador...educated 60+ at FTAC/4 CC calls -- increased awareness of ADC mission & mbr rights

- Attended Effective Writing class; improved communication yielded instant impact on FTAC training delivery

- Instructed 37 FTAC briefings throughout quarter; enhancing teaching ability & sharpening leadership skills

- Spoke to FTAC, ALS, & SNCO panels on pitfalls and career progression; educated and influenced 80 Airmen

- Active AADD mbr; briefed 42 FTAC Amn on designated driver program; educated Amn to keep streets safe

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