Maintenance Operations Center (MOC) EPR Bullets

Initiated 7 bird strike checklists; alerted QA/informed key ldrs--reported acft damage insp results & enforced protocol

Prompted 189 QRCs; issued 127 wx alerts/23 IFEs/coord'd 34 flt line closures--safeguarded 3.1K Wg pers/$13B fleet

Averted potential severe wx damage; expedited launch of 20 sorties/hangared 12 acft--safeguarded $10B in resources

Supervised engine run coord/authorization; verified 203 pers trng quals--enabled 71% fix rate/smashed ACC 66% std

Monitored mx for 31 acft in 4 GSUs; coord'd 5.1K repairs/presented 50 HOF mtgs--advanced C2ISR decisions/capes

Dplyd ctrlr for combined GF/RF; coord'd launch/recovery of 31 msns--contributed to 152 flt hrs w/ coalition partners

- Critiqued launch bar ctrl vlve install; id'd excess sys pressure relief step--cut 8 mx hrs from USN's F-35C JTD

- Oversaw 6 AIM-120 loads; verified 9 wpns chklsts--enabled 30-day WDA tst surge/1st F-35 Air-to-Air "Kill"

- Deploy'd 6 F-35As; isolated/fix'd engine igniter w/in 4hrs vs 8hrs std--produced 48 sorties/30 bombs on target

- Created 1st F-35 Gen III helmet repair TO; incorp'd 6 steps--enhanc'd maintainability of $400K pilot flt equip

- Coord'd POL to 8K acft; distributed 57M gals/with a total of $168.1M of fuel--supported MXG total 8.2K flying hrs

- Led overhaul of AMU dash-21 prgm; established new secure storage sys--ensured accountability of $412K acft eqpt
- Reorganized unit spt storage area; minimized unused/wasted space--slashed avg daily turnover time 30 mins per shift
- Stellar LMR prgm mgr; maint d/acct d for 53 radios valued at $113K--cemented sect's "Excellent" 18 CS audit rating
- Aided diagnosis of no engage malfunction; ID'd/changed sheared decoupler--saved srt & $141K in parts replacement
- ID'd excess spare tools/eqpt; invent'd/insp'd/repurposed 1K+ tools to aging CTK's--averted $40K in replacement costs
- Revamped E-tool prgm; sych'd w/QA/18 CS to mend chk-out/mvnt methods--decr'd time/incr'd availability by 11%

- Interal controller for Alert exercise FEB 15'; coord'd live weapons load and acft status--ensured on-time operation

- Initiated 32 ground/in-flt emergency; provided procedural guidance--averted injury to 2K pers/$1.5B in acft damage

- Tracked status/12 deployed A-10s; oversaw 89"red balls"/38 code 3's/304 sorties--captured 91.6% MSE rate JAN 15'

- Deployed Jr Controller ISO OIR; managed MOC ops for 75 AMU deployment--12 acft/CAS msns on alert on-time

- Acft Production Coordinator; managed 72 acft status--garnered >5000 sorties/5492.6 hrs flown/68 CAF ready pilots
- Directed dropped object recovery; efforts enabled muns safety pin recovery--deterred possible $2M engine FOD dmg
- Verified 900+ acft statuses; initiated three off-base mx recovery teams--reduced off station acft mx down time 32%
- Devlp'd section training manual; reduced trng deficiencies by 30%--praised by functional manager during ACC insp
- Spt'd 83rd Wpns Eval Gp; processed 23 live load checklists--ensured safety of 300 mx psnl/assests valued at $130M
- Assisted Combat Archer Jan '16; organized fuel/eqpmt servicing for 12 F-15E acft--150 pilots/mx psnl trnd/cmbt-rdy

- Deployed in spt of Ex RIMPAC; 33 MICAPs tracked until arrival--direct impact to 183 sorties, 85% FMC rate
- Responded to lost tool incident; initiated quick freeze--protected $1.5M engine from foreign object destruction
- Channeled mx comm between AMXS/MXS; seamlessly orchestrated 2K actions--spt'd 1.1K sorties, 3rd qtr '14

- Excellent MOC controller fill-in; xfer'd 3 acft between MAJCOM & depot status w/in 24 hrs--promote to TSgt

- Tracked world-wide acft status slides; briefed Wing leadership daily--provided C2ISR capes for 6 COCOMs

- Guided acft generation/mobility exercise; coord'd 200+ acft mx actions--maintained 100% pers accountability

- Key to Hurricane Isaac prep's; tracked/logged mx actions/evac of 15 acft--averted potential fleetwide damage

- Performed checklist for acft w/low fuel; alerted mx for transient acft recovery/repair--restored vital HHQ msn

- Integral MOC controller mbr; coord'd arrival and departure of 50+ sorties--actions ensured on-time operations
- Created IAF flying schedule; enabled 11 training msns 4 wks ahead of schedule--100% correct documentation
- Rock solid Mx controller! Directed busiest C-130J mx ops in AMC; 12,769 tons/88K+ pax--99.2% MSE rate
- Created slideshow briefings; conducted morning meetings in Iraq--kept leadrship apprised of asset availability

- Oversaw 3000+ sorties, ensured all maintenance was completed with a 98% on-time take off rate

- Maintained Alternate MOC in a continuous state of readiness--mission endurance guaranteed

- Debriefed aircraft, returned aircraft form documentation quickly; expedited aircraft turn-around

- Coord'd simultaneous maint actions betwn 3 workctrs; restored vital radar cov 300 sq mles of Iraqi air spc

- Assumed control of maintenance efforts immediately upon losing primary MOC in combat exercise

- As inspec sec ldr, directed 245 periodic insp, reduced maint tasks 85%, postured 100% MICAP rating

- Troubleshot, repaired elusive flight control failure; enabled a full front flying line for RED FLAG

- Helped MOC secure MX frequency upon UHF rekey; enabled 200+ F-15C quick turns during two LOREs

- Documented 300+ PMIs, coord'd 70+ crit maint actions; 80% uptime rate for 2 air surveill radar systems

- Coordinated initial C-17 crash response; 10+ agencies employed--crews on site w/in 5 mins of crash

- Led response efforts for over 88 in-flight/ground emergencies with 100% incident-free resolutions

- Controlled 14 F-15 aircraft and 54 tactical sorties flown with an unprecedented zero defects

- Verified 1,450 deviations that spanned over 4,550 sorties for the Wing--accuracy vital to success

- Processed over 185 maintenance actions--key to success of 250+ missions and over 1600 flight hours

- Selected as MOC Senior Coordinator; pivotal in tanker task force maintenance, transfer of 1.2M pounds fuel

- Implemntd AF RASTER prog, plied 800+ hours improvemen; eliminated missed communication betwn MXG and OG

- Coord'd ASI w/AFCENT to replace failing gen--prevent damage to vital C2 assets sppting CAS for convoys

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