Airmen Against Drunk Driving examples

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AADD EPR Bullets

- Wg anti-DUI/AADD vol; devoted 8 wkends/40 hrs as designated driver--protect'd base populace & directly svd lives

- Wg anti-DUI/225-Ride vol; devot'd 6 wkends/18 hrs/provided 40 rides/protect'd base populace--directly sav'd 79 lives

- Re-established base AADD program; coordinated 28 pers/112 vol hrs--spt'd annual AF Ball/prevented 22 Amn DUIs

- Devoted 25 hrs/5 shifts to AADD; guaranteed safe transport of 11 Amn--contributed to 75% decrease in wg's 3Q DUIs

- Dedicated 32 hrs to AADD; assured safety/security of 8 Amn--supported Wg CC's priority and potentially saved lives

- Wingman! Devoted 16-hrs to WAFB AADD; drove 21 Airmen home--saved lives of fellow comrades in arms

- Volunteer designated driver for wg event; provided safe ride home for three Amn--prevented DUI's/lose of live

- AADD advocate/four weekends; key dispatcher/18 hrs served as designated driver--zero DUIs/led to eight wg saves

- Dedicated XX hrs to AADD pgm; ensured sfty of XXX Amn at Sq Holiday event--awd'd LOA/commended by Gp CC

- Exemplified wingman concept; volunteered as designated driver--guaranteed safe transportation for 10 Amn

- Volunteered 12 hrs in support of KADD; transported 12 inebriated Airmen to their homes--careers/lives saved

- Volunteered 4 hours to support Armed Forces Against Drunk Driving; contributed to 2 Airmen being saved

- Vol'd 4 hrs to AADD; provided safe/alt travel solutions for impaired Amn--averted potential DUIs/loss of life

- Sq Christmas Party designated driver; provided fellow Amn safe ride home--circumvented four possible DUI's

- Volunteered 6 hours with AADD; provided safe transportation for seven Airmen--efforts saved lives/careers

- Epitomized wingman concept; served as designated driver for AADD--ensured safe/secure trans for six Amn

- Devoted 22 hours to Airmen Against Drunk Driving; provided safe home for Airmen--12 wing DUIs prevented

- Committed to safety; volunteered as MPOY designated driver; fielded two calls--secured trans for six Amn

- Dedicated 16 hrs to base-wide Amn Against Drunk Driving Pgm; 25 lives rescued--appointed as unit pgm lead

- Vol'd 12 off-duty hrs for Amn Against Drunk Driving--potentially saved 22 Amn from DUI's/ARI's across Wg

- True wingman; designated driver for 14 events--336 potential saves; Wg DUI decreased 24% from previous yr

- Supports numerous base programs; volunteered for Sober Ride/Pride Patrol/Cookie Drive...promote now!

- Supreme wingman; volunteered for LO Against Drunk Driving--ensured safe/secure transportation for five Amn

- Served as designated driver for sqdn Christmas party; fielded calls--provided transportation home for six Amn

- Exemplified wingman concept; volunteered as designated driver--ensured safe ride home for five LO Airmen

- Avid supporter of AADD prgm; provided safe transportation for nine Amn--bestowed true wingman concept

- Dedicated wingman; volunteered 13 hrs to Sober Ride--reduced DUI rate/ensured safety of 23 WG personnel

- Designated driver for Combat Dining In; escorted 12 individuals--ensured Airmen/NCO's safe transportation

- Complete wingman at squadron picnic; volunteered for AADD--provided safe transportation for three Airman

- Designated driver for MXS Christmas party; provided safe transportation after event--140+ DUI free attendees

- Sacrificed time for peers, on stdby for 40 hrs total; set example, prevented msn, psnl, and career problems

- Volunteered for Sq AADD pgm; transported two prsnl back to residence--prevented DUI's and saved careers

- Active AADD mbr; briefed 42 FTAC Amn on designated driver program; educated Amn to keep streets safe

- Volunteered as AADD driver; provided six rides/Airmen taking care of Airmen--lives/careers saved; promote

- Stepped up to assume position of President of AW's AADD program; saved lives/careers--streets safer for all

- Managed swing flight's AADD program; provided rides for 25+ Airmen in need--zero lives lost on his watch

- Extremely active AADD volunteer; directly contributed to Wing's zero DUI goal--first class Wingman/mentor

- Active member of AADD program; transported two prsnl back to residence--prevented DUIs & saved careers

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