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Writing Awards

- Penned performance packages; recognized 11 stellar Amn--bolstered 5 Sq/3 Grp qtrly/2 Sq/1 Grp annual awds

- Recognized our best! Penned 8 nomination packages/mentored SNCOs--6 Sq/3 Grp Qtrly/2 Sq annual awards

- Mastered writing skills; 45 EPRs/23 decs/four gp & wg lvl awd winners/wg Athlete of Yr/composed sq MEA

- Established workcenter's EPR/decoration tracker...streamlined turn time by 20%...zero late evaluations/medals

- Authored 2 EPRs & 3 awd pkgs for Flt mbrs; garnered recognition on Sq & Gp levels--set Arnn up for success

- Tremendous flt NCOIC; primed 4 Amn for Sq awds/1 BTZ/1 AF Acad Prep School--IB upgrade immediately!

- Mng'd 16 Amn as NCOIC of Sq's largest flt...penned 6 EPRs/7 awd packages--garnered 3 Sq/1 Gp-level awds!

- Directorate Perf of Month! Skillful exercise planner/supervisor; drafted 3 awd pkgs...1 win--truly seasoned AF NCO

- Completed NCOA; expanded ldrshp techniques/mentored subordinates...yielded three sq/two gp awd winners

- Processed AOC-WS branch shipment; process'd 8 sensitive increments correct'd 16 errors--receiv'd COA AOC-WSB

Recognition/NCO Academy/ALS

- Outstanding ALS Alumna! Aced w/Top 10% /44 peers in excelled leadership/academics--earned Distinguished Grad!

- Absolutely sterling performance at NCOA--awarded Academic Achievement plaque--represented AAFB well

- Displayed leadership quality; exemplified by ALS peers--won Commandant Leadership Award, promote now

- Received Distinguished Graduate award--best profession of arms, communication, and leadership in PACAF

- #2/24 ALS; earned Academic Achievement and Distinguished Graduate Awds--head & shoulders above peers!

- Aced 120-hr formal C2 crs; expanded MAF plng/employment/execution knowledge--awd'd Distinguished Grad

- Driven; Graduated top 5% of ALS; 6 weeks/240 hrs completed--rcv'd coveted "Leadership Awd" from peers

- Phenomenal ldr; earned coveted ALS Ldrshp Awd...chosen by peers out of 37 Airmen...set mark for excellence

- ALS John Levitow Awd Recipient! Recognized #1/17 by peers/instructors--ready to guide the future of the AF

- Top 2% of ALS class/47 peers; displayed exceptional leadership/academic performance--rec'd Levitow Awd

- Cited by ALS Commandant as #1/50 graduates; sel’d as John L. Levitow Awd winner--coined by Wg/Gp/Sq CC

- USAFE NCOA DG/Academic Achievement Awd winner; highest avg of 141 TSgts in class--promote to MSgt!


- Key player in HVI capture msns; performed enemy POL/expos'd terror networks--efforts led to 2 quarterly tm awards

- Fulfilled FG/CC vision; mirrored ops f/2 orgs/led 3 tng sessions/10 Amn; 9 proc's shared--UEI "Superior Performer"

- Tm garnered 26 college credits/1x Bachelor degree/BTZ winner/gp Tuskegee win/200+ vol hrs/4 events/$3.5K raised

- Achieved 97% pass rate on 68 QA evals; led flts overall 97%/348 insps--awarded QA honor roll 2010 1st qtr

- Astounding infrastructure support; vital to 97 CES choice as 2007 HQ AETC Civil Engineer Small Unit Award

- Conducted 13 audiograms; aided 100% occupational health exam rate...led to '08 AETC/SG Best Clinic Awd

- Completed 300+ flightline mx actions; helped 4 FW earn 07 ACC General Thomas P. Gerrity Logistics Award

- Dedicated Professional! Contributed to 3 WG winning 2010 Installation Excellence Award; on track for TSgt!

- Dedicated! assisted w/2.4K insp--flt earned MXG '10 Air Force Association (AFA) Team of the Year Award

- Energized unit morale; teamwork resulted in 35 CS winning PACAF Brigadier General Samuel Green Award

- Key to flt capturing '08 USAFE "Best Fire and Emergency Services Flight" runner-up award...promote at once!

- Motivated NCO; efforts key to 55 MXG '09 USAF Maintenance Daedalian award--ready for TSgt promotion

- Outstanding maintainer; efforts aided in 55 MXGs' USAF Maintenance Daedalian award, '09--promote to SrA!

- Outstanding/knowledgeable Airman; aided 13 AMU's 1st quarter "AMU of the Quarter" award--ready for SrA!

- Professional SNCO--leadership key to team "Award of Excellence" for '08 USAFE IG SI...promote to SMSgt!

- Prominent maintenance contributions! Vital to 325 CS winning AETC 2004 Maintenance Effectiveness Award

- Quality housekeeping; proved significant to 334 AMU winning 4 FW "Golden broom" Award, 2nd Qtr, FY 08

- Superb flightline/phase/paint spt helped 4 FW garner 07 ACC Gen Thomas Gerrity Logistics Award--promote

- Superb phase support; completed 200 maintenance tasks--efforts helped 4 FW earn '08 Outstanding Unit Award

- Supported 24 techs/2.4K insps; flight earned MXG '10 Air Force Association (AFA) Team of the Year Award

- Selected to lead UCI preparation Tiger Team; enhanced unit readiness; Squadron garnered "Excellent" rating

- Exec 1K+/27K+ QA insps; fueled FW's 30K flt hrs/295 F-16 pilot grads, key to FW win of AETC Mx Daedalian Awd

- Performed FOD insps; removed hazards, wg's .35% FOD rate best since FY03--flt netted Golden Broom Awd

- Led Small Pkg Initial Comm Element "Rodeo" tm; prep'd 6 mbr tm--ldrshp garnered Wg "Best CRW" awd '11

- Superior PHA manager; fundamental to ACC Team Aerospace & ACC Clinic OTY awd--promote immediately

- Attended 4 PDCs/gained ldrshp insights; applied trng/instilled Wingman ethos/20 prsnl--vital to EMDG Tm awd win

- Proven outstanding performer! Earned NCO category Top Four Performer of the Month award for April 2014

- Prominent maintenance contributions! Vital to 325 CS winning AETC 2004 Maintenance Effectiveness Award

- Recognized excellence among 119 squadron Airmen--won Top-4 Professional Performer of the Month, Feb 14


- Demonstrated awesome life saving skills in Aug '09 ORE; garnered "Top Performer" award--promote BTZ!

- Superlative performance during 2003 HQ AETC ORI resulted in award of Chief's Group "Sharp Troop" coin

- AT/MWD SME; selected to augment AFGSC/IG f/ CUI 2 BW; selected inspections #1 augmenter/coined by IG

- Meticulously executed C2 for 3 AW-level exercises; ID'd discrepancies/improved readiness--praised by EET


- Garnered 59 LS NCO of the Qtr Oct-Dec 2007; performance impacted every Biomedical Engineering program

- Captured 59 LS Amn of the Qtr, Jul-Aug 07; helped 59 LS win AETC 07 Medical Logistics/Activity Year awd

- Exceptional situational awareness; instinctively saved airman falling from ladder; earned "Flight Safety" award

- Executed proof-load test during Nuclear Surety SAV; task lauded error free--received "Top Performer" award

- Great personal initiative; scored 91% on EOC--highest amongst peers/sqdn leadership awarded one day pass

- Handpicked to fill flt chief void for a 4-month span; vectored flt to 100% of msn--awarded AFAM by RCG/CC

- Innovative technical approach led to award of unit 325 CS Top-4 Performer of the Month award, January 2003

- Maintained 100% QA pass rate on 5 insps; awarded 4th Qtr Honor Roll--enhanced flt 97% pass rate/383 insps

- Outstanding performer! Selected as 325 FW NCO of the Quarter, winner of 325 FW Checkertail Salute Award

- Outstanding technical knowledge/unparalleled professionalism--awarded '09 Muns Amn of the Year; promote!

- Processed 18 applicants/secured 1 Spec Ops Amn during 1st qtr Fy13--awarded Sq CCY's Production Award

- Proven outstanding performer! Earned Airman category Top Four Performer of the Month award for July 2004

- Replaced horizontal stabilizer rivets during recent TDY to Hill AFB; achieved "Superior Performer" award

- Showed unparalleled partnership w/CES; fostered wg spt/engineering excellence--'12 Curtin Award recipient

- Vol'd for Airman Against Drunk Driving; contributed 36 hrs to base-lvl prgm--rescued 13 prsnl...awarded LOA

- My '10 Lance P. Sijan USAF Leadership Awd winner; performance way beyond current grade--promote ASAP

- Tech prowess; conducted crucial msn tng of 4 non-current/2 re-qualification students; awd'd "Instructor/QTR"

- ID'd incorrect operating procedures/Life Preserver Unit; submitted 847--Aviation Safety Well Done Awd nom

- Leads the way; strong work ethic and msn focus crucial to Sq function; awd "Pro Perf/Qtr"--inspired 3 airmen

- Sq Safety NCO; led 42 insps/authored 52 safety briefs/105 Amn...won AETC lvl Geico Mil Service Awd '12

- Led mx of 1K+ military/258 contractors/52 civilian maintainers...325 MOS Lt Gen Leo Marquez Awd winner

- Led 16 personnel; completed 1,498 flight line mx actions; awd sqdn NCO of the Qtr from Jan-Mar 09--promote

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