Building Custodian EPR Bullet Examples

- Responded to water alarm; ID'd low pressure fault/initiated RO bypass/coor'd CE repair--11k gal water sys fixed <12 hrs

- Oversaw $390K paint/floor refurb; prep'd rooms/removed equip/escorted 7 contractors--enhanced QoL f/3 sites

- Rushed to elevator shaft pipe burst; isolated flooding valve/coor'd $XX emer CE repair--protected $34M LCC

- Sustained APS msn capes; controlled 18 AMC fac/$170M...64 work orders/3 upgrades--preserved ops for 514 mbr sq

- AGE Flt Facility Mgr; perf'd 40 wkly spot insps/ID'd 20 bldg faults--prevent'd 10 DSVs/UCRs/keyed 91% QA pass rt

- Coord'd facility upgrades; ID'd deficiencies/submitted corrective actions--ensured good stewardship/AFOSH stds met

- Modernized sq 10yr plan: updated/added photos/facility sustainment data--praised by MXG as "great product"

- Conducted facility tour: escorted 23 contractors during bid inspection--one step closer to "modernized" facility

- Managed 19 facilities; prioritized work order requests/Wg's Top 20 list--ACC awarded $xx in fiscal funding

- First-rate facility manager; reported and tracked ##+ work orders in 30 days--increased completion rate by 25%

- LO Facility Mgr; maintained $19M bldg/processed 22 work orders/aided 341 reduxs/55% fleet avg--promote!

- Initiated 44 bldg repair/improvement projects w/Department of Public Works; reduced acquisition cost $125K

- Completed 19 hour Army Contracting Office Representative Course--oversaw $25K in building modifications

- Maintained 14 bldgs; identified/corrected 30 discrepancies--no major write-ups FY12 facility/fire safety insp

- Responded to 3 facility chemical spills, mitigated damage, implementd measures to prevent future incidents

- Quality Assurance Evaluator for $1.2M maintenance contract--assured timely completion of 150+ workorders

- Superlative contributions--initiated engineering assessment for steam reduction--efforts saved $150K/year

- Conducted daily preemptive inspections; diligent efforts ensured system support and reliable msn generation

- Advocate for staff/customer safety--diligently monitored inspection pgms--exceeded AMC/OSHA standards

- Identified several electrical wiring problems, coor'd fix; prevented destruction of $100K+ critical equip

- Established/maintained outstanding relationship w/other base agencies--rapport improved mission support

- Astute resource acumen--facilitated over 15 self-help projects; preserved facility appearance--saved $55K

- Environmentally conscious--scrutinized waste disposal pgm--corrected deficits--facility rated "Outstanding"

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