Career Assistance Advisor (CAA) EPR Bullets

- Facilitated wg tng; led 14 prsnl thru 4 instructional hrs f/John Maxwell crs--bolstered ldrshp skill set/impacted 10 Sq's

- Agressively pursued outgoing unit prsnl ensuring an 87% retntn rate, boasting unit preparedness in best iterest of AF

- Built CAA Initial Orientn trng for incoming personnel; resulted in 6 new armn seamlessly transitioning into wrkcntrs

- Selected as CAA over eligible MSgts, SMSgts while still MSgt-select; entrusted with informing 1.4K enlisted

- Oversaw CAA/FTAC functions; supervised two NCOs, $15K budget, seven FTAC sessions, 67 mass briefs
-- Award-worthy execution! 36 MSS SNCO of the Quarter, 734 AMG/CC coin for professional performance
- Rectified major program defects; found and fixed five inspection write-ups--100% compliant in only 3 months
- Authored first-ever CAA/FTAC budget; fixed $12K resource shortfall--crucial items for 26 annual classes
- Put in key role to handle officer reductions; helped plan/execute MSS response to critical personnel actions
- Orchestrated three enhancement seminars; crucial development of 81 SSgt-MSgt--commended by AEW/CCM
- Created CAA web page; consolidated access to 135 resources--guaranteed 24/7 career reference availability
- Helped Civilian Personnel plan supervisor seminar; training for 72 civilians--on track to fix 3-year deficiency
- Set up benefits seminars for 110 Airmen; delivery right on-target--retention rates beat USAF average by 13%
- MTI recruiting visit focal point; ensured maximum publicity--noted as highest application rate in PACAF

- Devised CAA training plan; validated 22 critical tasks--essential to training/continuity for one-deep position
- Built Wingman training class; vital initiative to reinforce safe and responsible conduct--bolstered readiness
- Organized Blue to Green brief; helped Army recruiter advocate career option; praised for best set-up to date
- Acquired and distributed reenlistment coins; recognition for 60 troops--personal touch encouraged retention
- Implemented weekly lunchtime development seminars; optimized professional enhancement opportunities
- Top military standards led to selection to represent Andersen for 61st Guam Liberation celebration kickoff
- Aggressively pursuing education; earned 3 college credits--15 credits from Electrical Systems CCAF degree
- Attended Effective Writing class; improved communication yielded instant impact on FTAC training delivery
- Instructed 37 FTAC briefings throughout quarter; enhancing teaching ability & sharpening leadership skills
- Aggressively pursued education; earned six semester hours--one class from Human Resources CCAF degree

-Training focused! Attended AF Trainer/Certifier course; improved ability to organize/conduct FTAC training
-Picked to attend the year s first NCO Enhancement seminar; 3 days of supervisor training enhanced leadership
-Eager to develop leadership skills; attended NCO Development seminar, counseling techniques briefing

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