Dorm EPR Bullets

Duty Description

- Manages $25M/60K sq ft dormitory w/furnishings worth $278K, ensures occupancy rates exceed AF 95% standard
- Advises 5 command tms on resourcing, sustainment, and combat readiness issues affecting 154 prsnl from 20 AFSCs
- Leads 70 bay orderlies yearly, schedules maintenance, monitors renovation projects/4K gal fuel reserve at 2 facilities
- Drives enlisted Airman QoL & health/wellness initiatives at AF's largest OCONUS unaccompanied housing campus

- Manages dormitory & resources worth $1M+; responsible to CC for oversight of up to 1,200 assigned Airmen


- Drove 395 health/wellness rm insps; Id'd 97 write ups/fixed 62 under 24 hrs--boosted dorm stds/praised by 1st Sgt 5x
- Led bldg clean-up; executed fire/safety TTP removed 6.2K lb waste--ensured 100% pgm compliance, 1st time in 7 yrs
- Executed 186 on the spot rm repairs; mitigated 35 day wait/focused CE on higher priorities--propelled ISR Amn QoL
- Launched self-help proj; managed 65 labor hrs/procured $2.8K in donated resource--established in-house NIPR Café
- Developed dorm database; monitored 496 inbound/outbound prsnl--exceeded AF 95% occupancy rate 12 mo straight
- Bolstered ISR dorm maintenance; teamed w/4 CES shops closed 168 jobs--boosted living conditions satisfaction 36%

- Authored 7-Yr Qtrs Improvement Plan; aligned $1.5M in budget rqmts--UH maintained f/3.6K Amn over next 10 yrs
- Oversaw 170K sq ft dorm QoL; removed msn distractions for 350 Amn/30+ AFSC--enabled 8 launches worth $8.1B
- Captain'd customer svc; in/out-processed 347 Amn w/BAH certs--safeguarded $6.3M in AF funds/Amn entitlements
- Piloted FY19 GPC surveillance prep; reconciled 72 transactions valued at $82.7K--achieved zero reportable findings
- Dir'd dorm mass move-out plan; expedited 76 early move-outs/executed <3 mths--sustained 95% AF occupancy goal
- Executed FY18 three EOY UFRs; coord'd $547K lock/camera sys/equip purchase/install--improved QoL f/358 Amn
- Drove DLA project; disposed of 667 FMO excess items/$168K--ensured 100% compliance w/strict CalEPA guidance
- Integral to AETC dorm spt; donated 2.2K door lock parts/saved $155K--mitigated parts procurement over next 10 yrs

- Elected Dorm Chief f/Moody AFB; coord'd 25 off-base vendors incr'd DFAC food options--improved QOL f/678 mbrs

- Oversaw $657M UPH campus; mng'd 5.4K rms w/FMO rqmts to house 33 sq's/4 Army units--upheld 5K jt psnl QoL
- QB'd cmd's busiest cust svc; led 12 mbrs w/280K hrs & 18K requests--spt'd 8K mil w/$13M rqmts & 99% MC rate
- Directed $5M FY15 budget; Id'd 23K rqmts & exectuted $1.2M--enabled 4 msn crit projs/redux $1M FY16 buy plan
- Headed PACAF Housing manpower std; id'd 18 discreps/13 unfunded rqmts/39 updates--prepped tm 100% MICAP

- Drove $410K exterior closed-circuit tv install; analyzed high crime traffic/16 facs--dettered theft/assaults for 2K psnl
- Orchestrated GPC spend plan; finalized 1.8K qtrly rqmts w/$350K materials & 8 contracts--kept 3 flts/44 mbrs FMC
- Chaired Women's heritage luncheon; org'd protocol/DV's w/6 speakers--inspired 93 psnl resilency/rcvd Wg/CC LoA
- Influential Top III ldr; led 80 hrs prof development w/3crs's & 25 career/mentorship sessions--molded 38 future ldr

- Transformed dorm mx; led 25 ADLs to push 17K job orders w/5 AFSCs/100K man-hrs--svd sq $60K repairs/39 facs
- QA'd $5.7M renovation projs; led 24 psnl to insp 276 rm's/fixed 123 discreps--housed 112 mbrs/svd AF $224K OHA
- Led FW dorm integrity plan; executed $45K dity/contract moves to re-org 4 gp's/4 Det's--upped unit ownership 90%
- Launched Osan/Kunsan SPECAT process; vectored 78 applicants in 28 AFSCs--enhanced ADL ops 10x's w/23 hires

- Mng'd Hlth/Wellness pgm; led 28 ADLs w/216 evals & 27K rm insps--secur'd safety of 3.5K residents in 27 dorms
- Led gp Integrity plan; org'd 30 sqds w/4-phase pgm in 35 facs to house 5K psnl--poised to instill 100% owner caps
- Directed KEY RESOLVE proj; org'd 4 crafts/38 vols to clean/repair 174 rms--bedded 500 jt psnl/svd DoD $640K
- Piloted AF's largest UPH prgm; mng'd $152M campus w/13 dorms & 30 sq's--mx'd 98% Occ/2K jt force prsnl

- Led AF's lrgest UPH pgm; mng'd 28 ADL's w/37 facs & 5.4K rms--secured $555M campus/5K residents QoL
- Finaled $71.7M MILCON projs; id'd 433 rm matrix w/3K furniture rqmts/$2.6M--up'd occ 30%/1.8K wg psnl
- Directed $750K renovation proj; relocated 135 NCO's & 55K lbs furniture itms--svd AF $561K in OHA costs
- QB'd $2.3M closed-circuit tv contract; led 1.5K camera install w/36 monitors--safed 4K residents in 25 dorms
- Piloted FMO ops; mng'd 37 dorms/3 towers w/$247M inventory stock--assured QoL 5.6K families/dorm psnl
- Aced 40-hr UPH mgt crs; tackled 10 lessons on ops, ldrshp, bay orderly, & regs/pubs--awd'd 90% EOC w/cert

- QB'd SECAF & MSG dorm tour; prep'd $20K CPS/Hit n Run kit/& $2.2M CCTV sys--lauded by 51 MSG/CC
- Final'd $623K dorm furniture contract; led 14 escorts w/2K itm install--assur'd 100% MC/156 rms/$17M bldg
- Executed Bldg 712 renovation move; relocated 5K lbs assets valued at $80K--kept $750K proj online/0 delays
- Spearheaded Icop security pgm; rekeyed 400 digital locks for 9 sq's/200 mn-hrs--safed 312 Amn/$120K assets
- Mng'd Hlth/Wellness pgm; drove 1K insps/tracked 200 jobs/& fixed 52 discreps--secured 312 prsnl/$27M fac

- Executed AF s largest UH pgm; mng'd 13 dorms w/30 sq's & 1.9K rms--mx'd $152M campus & QoL 2K prsnl
- Drove initial occupancy of $22M dorm; coord'd 2K furnishings w/156 rms--7AF "on-base first" policy up 17%
- Mng'd Health/Wellness pgm; led 3.K insps totaling 370 hrs & id'd 78 discreps--safed 624 prsnl & $27.8M fac
- Dorm flood response lead; coord'd 3 shops w/12 mn-tm to clear 22K gals water--secured $12.5M assets online
- Led 5 FTAC dorm briefs; taught wg stds/bay orderly duties/liabilities--instilled ownership 1.2K Amn/13 facs

- Launched Osan's eMH migration; compl'd 48 hr tng & id'd 43K items--mx'd 100% accuracy/$323K furnishings
- Shelter Mgt Team lead; mx'd rosters/log of events/$20K collective protection sys--secured beddown 429 prsnl
- Coordinated "Worst Dorm First" proj; drove 40 Amn w/52 job orders & 320 mn-hrs--kept $28M dorm FMC

- Facilitated $102M afld projs; provided 55 hrs contract escort duty--spt'd USFK's busiest rwy/1K sorties/month
- Piloted Wg Bay Orderly pgm; mng'd 468 residents w/34 itm checklist & 26K mn-hrs--mx'd cleaning/safety stds
- Anchored 24/7 Stand-by Ops; mng'd 28 ADL's w/220 lock-out emergency calls/3.3K hrs-safed 3.5K residents
- Piloted cust svc ops; led 40K mn-hrs & svcd 5K mbrs w/99% MC rate--coined by 7 AF/CCC...
- Drove $623K furniture contract; led 10 mn-team w/2K item install--assured 156 NCO's rm move-in/$17M fac
- Led cust svc ops; mng'd 2K in-outbounds w/qtrs & TLA requests--mx'd 100% MC rate/svd $240K lodging fees

Tech School Dorm/Management

- Tackled Mil Trng Ldr duties; marched/out-processed 120 stdnts--filled void/secured stdnt dormitory as NCOD
- Sq PTL; co-led dormitory physical fitness sessions/administered 11 tests--ensured mbrs met stds "Fit to Fight"
- Mentored over 600 students during NCO of the Day at dorm--educated Airmen with sound guidance and advice
- Supervised Airmen during dorm move--provided direction/guidance--ensured smooth transition/safety of all
- Processed airmen departing dorm for holiday exodus--assured safe and timely departure of over 700 students

Tech School Dorm/Inspections

- Participated in morale/health/wellness inspection of Airmen dorm--confiscated illegal items--enhanced safety
- Led team during dorm "morale" inspection--confiscated unauthorized items--ensured safety of over 350 Airmen
- Team leader for morale inspection--confiscated unauthorized items--ensured safety/well-being of 600+ Airmen
- Team leader for dorm morale inspection--ensured the safety and well-being of 600+ non-prior-service students
- Thorough inspector--confiscated unauthorized items during dorm inspection--ensured safe living environment
- Confidently led eight-person team during dorm morale inspection--ensured safety/welfare of over 700 students
- Frequent dorm insp vol--led "no mercy" search of residents' priv prop--denied Amn basic comforts/privileges

Tech School Dorm/Resident

- Selected as tech school bay chief; assigned/supervised 32 Amn clean-up details--ensured dorm residents' QoL

Regular Air Force Dorm/Management

- Led/trained 12 rookie shirts in 3 PAFB dorm sweeps; 2 findings/4 expulsions--ensured safety for 500 residents
- Directed dorm inspections; id'd 53 discrepancies/5 OSHA violations--AF stds reinforced/hazards eliminated
- Conducted unannounced "inspection"--reinforced standards, remv'd expectation of privacy; ensured 24-hour svc
- Established standards for 66 new USAF HG Amn; set up dorm rooms/inprocessed--Amn rdy for strict service
- Enforced stds of conduct; investigated unauthorized dorm entry/ID'd safety concern--alleviated fears f/20 Amn
- Trained 90 Amn how to recognize and mitigate sexual harassment and assault--75% less dorm incidents reported
- Revived NCOD pgrm; NCOs/SNCOs/Lts began off-hrs dorm visits...stdnts felt ldrs concern--incidents reduced
- Conducted wellness dorm insp; id'd 2 safety/security issues/70+ stdnts safe--AETC cmdr #1 priority satisfied
- Augmented 1st Sgt/dorm insps; surveyed 6 rms/swept for contraband--upheld AF stds/ensured safe living conditions

Regular Air Force Dorm/Resident

- Provided leadership on dorm council; garnered dorm of the quarter Jan-Mar '09--earned $1k for improvements
- Assisted Amn Task Force w/ seven events; planned dorm council meetings--enhanced hlth & morale conditions
- Selected as bay chief; briefed new/old residents on dorm living stds--supervised clean-up details for 30 Amn
- Led 20 dorm resident dinner outings; helped build camaraderie among 200 Amn--incr'd morale/esprit de corps
- Active member of dorm council; led clean-up for 4 EMS dorms--efforts raised $2K for future improvements
- Sq dorm mgr for 7-mo period; coord'd maint for two facilities/enforced stds--ensured safety of 144 residents
- Magnificent personal & professional standards; awarded Dorm Room of the Qtr--displayed standard to emulate
- Organized 2 dorm cleanups; 38 rooms cleaned & ready to be occupied--relieved stress for new inbound Amn
- Supt'd Sq Dorm BBQ/Outdoor Rec; dedicat'd 4 hrs f/setup--improved community Qol 300 medics/20 families
- Spearheaded picnic for AFELM dorm residents; 29 Amn enjoyed food/games--boosted morale/esprit de corps

Regular Air Force Dorm/Self-help

- Oversaw dorm carpet upgrade; coord'd mx activity; $1.5M project completed on time--enhanced quality of life
- Rallied contingency dorm renovation spt; cleared 4 bldgs & 5K furniture items--made way for $1.1M upgrade
- True team player; removed/reinstalled carpet in multiple dorm rooms--avoided over $8K in contractor cost
- Top 3 mbr; ran AF 1/2 marathon & Army 10 Miler; volunteer, wg bazaar/dorm upgrade--impacted entire AEW
- Top 3 member; AF Birthday 1/2 marathon; Army 10 mile run; voluntary baazar; replace dormitory ceiling titles
- Renovated 2 base dorms; revamped $40K worth of materials-quality of life/morale improved for 192 airmen
- Contributed 10 hours toward LRS dorm theater room construction; improved quality of life for residents
- Cleaned dorm; volunteered 16 hrs/removed debris after pipe burst--returned airman to proper living conditions
- Master innovator/purchased and built a media server for dorm residents/Improved Morale!

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