Air Force Education/Self-improvement

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- Aced tough acq crs;33% ahead of DoD lvl III rqmts/reserved for CEMs--instilled knowledge in 66% inexperienced flt

- Balanced education & duty; earn'd 7 Habits certification/completed 2 Healthcare Admn crses--earned MA in PAFSC

- Attended 2 CPI training; widened LEAN principles & tools w/pre-requisite classes--set for green belt facilitator cert

- Surpassed curriculum...awarded FAA Aircraft and Powerplant certificate...increased aviation Mx knowledge

- Mastered three crs's with AMU; secured nine credit hrs to Trans specialist, air cargo degree--sealed 3.9 GPA

- Conquered 6-week FM Principles Course: Completed as A1C/2 wks early--ontrack to Defense FM certification

- Continually strived to enhance professional development--received CCAF Occupational Instructor Certificate

- Dedicated to professional self-development--received highly desirable Occupational Instructor Certificate

- Earned CCAF Prof Mgr certification; recognized advanced levels of mgmt & ldrshp--inc'd prof growth & skill

- Star performer! Completed/awarded CCAF Professional Manager Certification--amplified supervisory skills

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- Aced English CLEP exam; earned 6 credit hrs toward acft mx technology CCAF degree--three classes remain

- Attacked CCAF rqmts; completed US History CLEP test--earned 3 credit hours towards Aviation MX degree

- Career focused; CLEP'd 5 classes/earned 15 credits for Associates degree--accrued 43 of 64 credits for CCAF

- Career oriented; pursued CCAF degree through CLEP examination--awarded 9 credits/one class short of goal

- CLEP'd Principles of Management; passed test--obtained 63/89 credits towards CCAF Allied Health Sciences

- Completed College Level Exam Program test; earn'd three credits towards CCAF in Logistics--six classes shy

- Education goal oriented; completed Math Composition CLEP test--gained 4-credit hours towards CCAF degree

- Education-minded NCO--passed two College Level Examination Program tests--saved USAF/AETC over $2K

- Enrolled CLEP/on-line education; amassed 12 credit hrs/sustained impressive 3.64 GPA--CCAF within reach

- Passed two College Level Examination Program tests--increased personal knowledge--saved AF over $2,100

- Prioritized CCAF degree; passed three CLEPs/12 credit hrs toward AAS Personnel Recovery--90% complete

- Pursuing associates degree--passed three college level examination program tests--saved AF $2K in tuition

- Self improver; CLEPed college course--earned 3 semester hours in humanities towards CCAF...Promote now!

Professional Growth/PME

- Aced Organizational Mgmt crs w/AMU secured 3 credit hrs towards Masters of Public Admin--outstanding 4.0 GPA

- Aced 12-hr USTRANSCOM mngmt crs; garner'd knwldge on cmd's function/strategy--rcv'd two credit hrs/certificate

- Finished 40 hr SEJPME/"Leadership Styles" crse; broadened jt ops perspectives--prep'd for deployed leadership roles

- Tackl'd 130hrs professional development; KO'd OSHA 30/PMP prep/MS Proj certs--ahead of peers/fills TSgt billet

- Academic savant; completed GMAT/accepted LU Doctorate Bus Admin prgm/Dec 2016 start--cultivated prof growth

- Aced 5-lvl CDC EOC exam/exceeded AFSC avg score by 10%--recognized by Gp/CC/awd'd CDC Hall of Fame cert

- Mentored 7 Airman on CCAF/certification planning & studying--efforts led to 86% enrollment/1 certification rcv'd

- Completed 40 hour AFRC NCOLDC; "re-blued" NCO core competencies--honed tactical leadership/mentoring skills

- Comp'd 16-hr Adv SNCOLC; garnered 382yrs TFI knowledge--honed ldrshp/mentoring skills

- Graduated ALS; assumed class commander role--nine credits towards CCAF/recieved leadership experience

- Completed CDC's XX months early; upgrade trng 100%; earned 12 college credits w/3.5 GPA towards CCAF

- Completed CDCs 1 month ahead of schedule; tested 88% on end of course exam--ready to accomplish CCAF!

- Completed six week Airman Leadership School received 10 college credits--logistics CCAF degree complete

- Recognized accomplishment--awarded Occupational Instructor Certificate--boosted instructor credentials

- Enhanced professional development; completed Acft Advanced Composite Course; 6 credit hrs towards CCAF

- Mastered "Here's To Your Health"; Coastline Community College awarded 3 credit hrs--CCAF 65% complete

- Mission minded/hard working NCO--currently enrolled in statistics class--very impressive 97% average

- Seeking higher education--enrolled in American Government--first class for bachelors degree in education

- University of Wayland student; took 6 cr hrs towards CCAF degree in "Logistics"--enhanced managerial roles

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In Process Degree

- Earned 6 hrs toward Cyber BS/finished 2 comm seminars; honed IT talents--used skills to finalize DoD Win10 refresh

- Mastered advanced English/Business Law crses; achieved 3.8 GPA--Business Admin/Mgmt Bachelor's 40% complete

- Crushed 3 courses twd degree; earned 9 sem-hrs/upheld solid 3.4 GPA--Transportation CCAF degree 95% completed

- Continually strived for self-improvement; completed 18 credits towards Human Resource BA--maintained 3.86 GPA

- Enrolled w/AMU; completed four courses/earned 12 credit hrs twd Transportation CCAF--rcv'd outstanding 3.8 GPA

- Pursued Trans Mgt degree; completed Intro to Algebra/Intro to Research crs's--earned 4 cdt hrs towards CCAF

- Pursued Avn Mx Tech CCAF deg; complet'd sociology/history crses/earned 6 credit hrs--maintained perfect 4.0 GPA

- Pursuing Constr Proj Mgmt B.A.; amassed 18 credits/3.67 GPA--87 of 120 crses complete/immediate job application

- Earned 7 credit hrs toward BA in Business Leadership; excelled w/ 3.8 GPA--refined mgmt & critical thinking skills

- Pursuing Masters in HR mgmt; enrolled in 6 cr hrs/27 of 36 hrs comp/3.9 GPA--applied skills/mentor'd 3 Amn

- Academic savant; retained 12 credit hrs towards bachelor's degree of accounting--boasted collegiate development

- Embraced advanced education; amassed 30 of 39 semester hrs toward MBA maintained outstanding 4.0 GPA

- Academic minded; completed 18 credit hrs to earn CCAF Degree in Ecological Controls--maintained 4.0 GPA

- Actively pursued CCAF degree in airframe repair technology; completed 9 semester hrs--maintained 3.5 GPA

- Always strives for self-improvement; awarded eight credits towards CCAF Aircraft Maintenance Tech degree

- Amassed 7 semester hours toward Bachelorís Degree/awarded PH CCAF; maintained an outstanding 4.0 GPA

- Attended Embry-Riddle University--completed 18 semester hours towards bachelor's degree--earned 3.8 GPA

- Completed 3 hrs toward Meteorology CCAF; maintained stellar 4.0 GPA--broadened professional competency

- Completed Speech class; earned 3 credit hrs toward CCAF/Applied Management degree--maintained 4.0 GPA

- Constantly improved himself--earned 12 credit hours towards CCAF associate degree--impressive 4.0 GPA

- Continued education; completed English/Sociology earning six credit hrs--15 credits shy of CCAF in Logistics

- Driven NCO! Completed 8 classes towards B.S. in Criminal Justice w/ 3.9 GPA --1 class from CCAF degree

- Earned 21 credit hrs/Avionic Systems Technology CCAF Degree--set the bar for section's education standard

- Earned 6 credit hours towards a Bachelor of Arts and Science degree--enhanced instructor knowledge base

- Earned six credits hrs toward Airframe Repair Technology CCAF degree--maintained 4.0 grade point average

- Education-minded--finished six hours toward masters degree from Andersonville Theological Seminary

- Enrolled at University of Maryland; finished 4 courses w/3.5 GPA--merited 12 college credits towards CCAF

- Goal-oriented Amn! Earned 20 college credits toward CCAF/BS degrees in Log/Tech Mgmt--maint'd 3.7 GPA

- Highly motivated; completed College Math/Ethics in America--earned 9 credits hrs for CCAF...promote now!

- Improved professionally--completed six semester hours towards aircraft maintenance technology degree

- Increased knowledge; completed six credit hrs w/ Mt Olive College--four classes from earning CCAF degree

- Knowledge thirsty; completed six credit hours/two classes away from CCAF degree--maintained a 3.7 GPA

- Looking to the future; completed College course English 101--earned 3 credit hrs toward CCAF...promote

- Motivated NCO--working toward bachelor degree from Southern Illinois University--earned nine credit hours

- Pursing CCAF in Nondestructive Testing; completed three credit hrs w/3.7 GPA--14 credits from attainment

- Pursued CCAF degree in airframe repair technology; completed 15 credit hours/maintained stellar 3.3 GPA

- Pursuing CCAF degree in Aircraft Maintenance Technology--completed two classes--impressive 3.5 GPA

- Relentlessly focused on professional growth; completed 9 credit hours towards CCAF--maintained 4.0 GPA

- Self-motivated! Completed 6 credit hrs toward CCAF degree w/ only 4 credits remaining; incredible 3.8 GPA

- Self-motivated--earned 6 credits towards masters degree in human resource management--impressive 3.5 GPA

- Self-motivated...tirelessly sought off-duty education; completed 3 classes toward CCAF--developed expertise

- Successfully earned six credit hrs...three credits away from Electronic Systems Technology degree via CCAF

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Completed Degree

- Academically focused; finished bachelors degree in Management/Human Resources from Park University--3.8 GPA

- Fostered WHOLE AMN concept; compl d 2 college crses/maintained 3.8 GPA--met 100% CCAF degree reqmt's

- Education minded! Mastered Instructor of Technology and Military Science degree requirements--64 hrs completed

- Academic achiever...earned CCAF degree in paralegal studies--applied knowlege to job/elevated credibility

- Academically focused; awarded CCAF degree; completed 21 credit hrs toward Management Degree--3.8 GPA

- Advanced towards educational goals; finished 18 credits; graduation accomplished--earned CCAF w/3.8 GPA!

- Awarded CCAF Aircraft Maintenance Tech degree--completed 18 credit hrs--exceeded degree plan by 5 mths

- Completed 10 credit hours for IT Mgmt degree; awarded CCAF--chased personal goal & aligned w/ AF vision

- Earned CCAF degree in instructor of technology & military science--status held by only 13% of enlisted force

- Education advocate; effortlessly earned 15 crs credit hrs--received AGE Technology CCAF/excellent 3.5 GPA

- Graduate! Earned 6 credit hours; awarded 7-level UGT and Maint Production Management CCAF--2nd degree!

- Established precedence for self-improvement--holds two CCAF associate degrees--status held by 3.8% of AF

- Motivated to improve--earned CCAF degree in Acft Maintenance Tech--status held by 13% of enlisted force

- Finished bachelors degree in professional aeronautics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University--4.0 GPA

- Fostered thirst for knowledge; earned CCAF in Munitions Systems & 8 credits toward bachelors in Accounting

- Knocked out 5 college classes; earned 19 credit hrs--awarded CCAF degree in Electronic Systems Technology

- Pursued degree in airframe repair technology; completed 6 credit hours/stellar 3.8 GPA--finished CCAF

- Strives for excellence and knowledge; awarded CCAF Associates Degree in Aircraft Maintenance Technology

- Superb accomplishment; completed 15 semester hrs towards PH Technology Degree...earned CCAF...4.0 GPA

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