Engine Manager EPR Bullets

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- Engine Manager; selected as interim EM/corrected 4 month admin backlog--Provided vital support to engine shop
- Eng depot liaison; coord'd with NGB/CRF/QA/MX to fix Eng logistic & MX discrepancies-- Dcrs'd MX downtime
- Evaluated daily engine fly times; identified/corrected 200+ debrief errors--zero error rate maintained in IMDS/CEMS
- Executed gain of 6 acft engines; acquired data into fleet inventory--ensured mission critical assets valued at over 32M
- Assisted with executed flying hr program; audited over 4,000 flying hrs--ensured 100% accuracy for unit's F16 fleet
- MSE prgm mgr; coordinated completion of over 120 special insp's/130 TCIs on acft- elevated groups MSE rate 10%

- Superbly led EMB section; leads assigned AD member seamlessly--no issues noted during ACC Mini-Capstone
- Expertly managed engine insp pgm; oversaw tracking of 384 insps in MDS--garnered 100% SI compliance rate
- Revamped insp pgm for 78 eng trailers; corrected 17 insp tracking errors--reduced overdue trailer insps 15%
- Served as MXG SAPM; conducted 12 virtual SAVs of MXG programs--achieved 98% MICT compliance rate
- Swiftly obtained critical eng waiver w/in hours of need; cut normal process by 2 days--acft rtd safely from FOL
- Revised engine waiver pgm; insp critera added to MDS for 75+ waivers--reduced chance of missed inps 100%
- Served as Unit Safety Rep; conducted 12 workplace safety insps--received "excellent" rating 2 consecutive yrs
- Superb leadership! Oganized TIG event for TF-33 team at Tinker--ensured proper configuration of TF-33 fleet
- Skillfully managed eng SRAN acct--coord 8 eng tranfers to 3 FOLs--ensured critical assets avail to 5 COCOMs
- Reviewed daily engine fly times; identified/corrected 75+ debrief errors--zero error rate maintained in CEMS
- Outstanding manager! Provided MXG/CC daily status of eng issues--sound oversight key to success of EMB
- Trn'd 13 deployed Eng Managers; ensured proper asset mgt/zero errors at FOLs--spt'd 600+ deployed missions

- Streamlined part load procedure; upgraded ELP continuity book to digital format--decreased part load times by 25%

- Developed real-time engine/propeller/asset tracker that provided 100% visibility of assets--improved mx decisions

- Org'd 26 eng shipments; procured opportune transportation/slashed shipping costs--saved $18K+ AFSOC funds

- Man'd 212 engines, props for 11 airframes/145 aircraft--max'd Centralized Intermediate Repair Facility success

- Mitigated CAMEO eng prgm anomalies; corrected 256 hrs of CV-22 eng times--kept IMDS/CEMS data in sync

- Reported 38 engine, prop changes to AFCENT--contributed to 451st AEW 20,400 sorties, 120,500 combat hrs ISO OEF

- Maintained 3K eng component records; validated comprehensive mx history--guaranteed accurate mx due times

- Suppt'd six A-10 wings; coordinated inputs, shipments to CIRF for TCTOs, unsched mx, changes--key to flying msn

- Coord'd w/AFSOC HQ; performed 125 IMDS/CEMS eng transactions--enabled seamless MC-130W conversion

- Procured $2,000,000+ in equip ISO 750 Airmen across 9 AMUs, saved AF over $75K thru continuous item research

- Taught 5 eng mgr classes; readied 19 Amn for deployment & c/w AFI--slashed eng mx transaction errors 50%

- Ident'd $20K in equip damage incurred during ship't to Kandahar--ens'd deficiency rept, reorder; ensured msn success

- Oversaw overhaul of 113 engines, tracked 7,110 serial controlled,time change parts over 3 yrs; zero defects, turn backs

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