AFSC 1B4XX Cyberspace Defense Operations

-Pursued/gained CompTIA Security+ certification--expanded shop caps, validated core IT security skills w/ 84% score

-Persistently performed IO range training;acquired over 40hrs of tutelage--established a thorough understanding of CLI
-Selfless NCO; voluntarily cross-trained to different AFSC-- fulfilled empty manning position in the unit manning doc
-Exceptional computation skills; qualified Electronic Data Processing Test w/ 70% passing score--instrumental to 102d
-Diligently completed 90+ required 1B4 CBT's upon demand--ensured 1B4 School mission readiness within 3 months
-First Rate Manager--established and executed CSL training/25 personnel competent performing required duties
-Conscientious NCO;designed 4 Standard Operating Procedures for CFP--increased security compliance of workcenter

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