1C6X1/Space Systems Operations


- Second-in-command of 32-member work force; directs 24/7 ops for mnx, comm, computer, CE, & security centers
- Operates $250M phased-array radar wpn system; directs mission critical operations in absence of crew commander
- Provides critical SSA to JFCC-Space & USSTRATCOM--executes flawless missile warning & space surveillance
- Collects crucial Space Object Identification data on high-priority satellites for the Nat'l Air & Space Intelligence Ctr

Performance in Primary Duties/Training Requirements

- Oversaw 45K daily collects; delivered vital tgt orbit determinations--enabled Jt Space Ops Center custody of 4.8k items
- Selected as flt safety lead; analyzed msn hazards for 31 space engagements--safeguarded four USSTRATCOM assets

- Led 13 prsnl in historic, 104-item launch; integrated 3 tactics/6 sites--delivered 1st-track orbital data f/8 int'l partners
- Drove sq C2 for 2 satellite break-ups; defined 2 new debris fields--alerted 30 sensors of collision risks to global assets
- Tracked 1,380 objects; ID'd 65 orbital changes/discrepancies--ensured 100% satellite accountability/safety to CCMD
- Eliminated 200 discrepancies f/4 MQT scripts; guaranteed accurate, realistic training--enabled proficiency of 42 mbrs
- Overhauled tng products; updated 175 docs/scripts to enhance real-world ops--guaranteed CMR Amn f/east coast def
- Ops lead f/2 ISS resupply missions; tracked delivery of 11 tons of cargo--$150B asset & 6-mbr global crew sustained


- Assisted w/tng record review; 800 records filtered/digitally organized--aided sq's 2017 "Highly Effective" insp rating
- Overhauled Unit Control Ctr guidance; amended 16 regulations/23 checklists--enabled flawless ops f/2 base exercises

Whole Airman Concept

- Participated in NCO Professional Development; received 8 hrs of leadership coaching--sharpened supervisory savvy
- Attended "Lunch and Learn" seminar; acquired 4 hrs of mentorship tng--increased professional & leadership abilities

Performance in Leadership/ Primary Duties/ Followership/ Training

- Managed theater msl warning ops; led 10-mbr jt tm/processed 93 space events--produced 2 sub-CCMD SOY winners
- Prevented no-notice msn relocation; ID'd & corrected 2 crit ops shelter deficiencies--preserved N-NC wartime capes
- Overhauled sys ops procedures; drove 15 updates/implemented 9 new C/Ls--slashed crew troubleshooting time 30%
- Tracked 3 nK missile launches; relayed crit ops/intel data to HHQ & inter-nat'l partners--ensured safety of 127M civs
- Oversaw event assessment prgm; scrutinized 20 books/1K pgs--streamlined N-NC strategic decision making process
- Author'd GO/FO TBMW codeword proc; expedit'd vital missile info to USFJ/5AF CC--reduc'd notification time 20%
- Drove SA for 146K+ sq mi AOR; processed 20+ CCIRs/briefed USFJ CC--upheld U.S./Japan alliance/58 year Treaty
- Headed unit tour prgm; coord'd 15 DV requests, hosted 3 CCMDs/200-prsnl--showcased N-NC CDR's strategic msn

- Optimized use of 8 ISR platforms, maximized C2 bandwidth interface--increased UAV sortie rate by 30%

- Coord PMI schedule w/ techs, kept ISR assets airborne 98% of time--extended op lifespan by 2 years

- Managed space info used by PACOM to notify Navy assets--facilitated safe transit & incident-free ops

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