1C7X1/Airfield Management EPR Examples


- Maintains overall situational awareness of airfield activities and responsible for 2M+ sq/ft of airfield surfaces
- Briefs aircrews on airfield operational hazards and responds to aircraft in-flight/ground emergencies/mishaps
- Conducts afld checks and inspections, identifies discrepancies, coordinates with 12 airfield support agencies
- Assesses afld ops/situations, determines operational rqmts & imposes afld restrictions as necessary


- Processed 350 Notices to Airman; afld info available at aircrew fingertips--ensured safety of 17K acft ops/yr

1C791/1C7X1 - Airfield Management Superintendent bullet samples:
- Sentry Eagle linchpin; coordinated parking for 50+ a/c from 7 MDS; 0 safety issues--enjoyed by 10K+ in community
- Expertly led assets during 6 airfield construction projects; $2.6M in ground repair--zero flying loss and no mishaps!
- Updated 3 local Operating Instructions; streamlined guidelines to increase efficiency; next inspection areas addressed
- Detail oriented; discovered multiple issues with visual glide path indicator--system fixed/functional/certified & safe!
- Created 1st ever Total Force Professional Enhancement Course; planned/briefed 16 NCOs on career growth in AF
- Organized ORANG Mentorship Symposium; set up the event for 65 members; AF leaders professionally prepared
- Understands the Guardsman concept; coordinated ALCF airfield survey for Cascadia fault; governor funds possible!
- Fantastic Superintendent; managed 6 personnel/5,018 hours flown/4,211 sorties/55 students--mission success assured
- Selfless leader with a wealth of experience; willing to go the extra mile at any time to improve subordinates and OSS
- Champion for Airfield Management & OSS Enlisted Force Development! Trusted advisor and Go-to for critical tasks
- Selfless Airman; planned AM Worldwide Workshop; briefed 84 Wings to train and improve career field continuity
- Superb SNCO; ensures subordinates are empowered; encourages improvement; acknowledges great performance

- Proactive SNCO warrior; selfless/caring/focused on team & squadron goals--increased cohesion within work-center

- Key player in SE17; directly managed influx of 45+ fighter jets & support personnel--ensured exercise was a success!

- Inspected 42 training records/12 MICT items; identified/removed 7 discrepancies--no deficiencies during UEI
- Catalyzed F-35 sunshade airfield project; relayed driving rules to 17 contractors--$1.5M construction initiated
- Oversaw $5M airfield construction; executed 10 inspections on 11M square feet pavement--2.7K sorties flown
- Led Gila Bend safety inspection; identified erroneous markings/evaluated 24 write-ups--56FW/CC approved
- Taught 34 SOF members airfield driving; meshed exercise driving with 56 FW ops--27 FY16 pilots graduated
- Ordered/installed $12K tech refresh; upgraded 8 decade-old PCs/hardware--saved 81 man-hrs over 2 months
- Built weekend airfield staffing/71 hrs; facilitated SOF/FORGING SABER exercises--lifted joint/Singapore tie

- Filled Airfield Manager role; conducted pre/post construction inspections--$366K airfield projects closed out

- Coordinated ground support for 4 NAOC missions; maintained operational readiness for $250M strategic asset

- Led emergency facility evacuation; relocated/assumed control, ops restored in 10 min; zero mission impact

- Spearheaded svcs for CAPSTONE & ACC/CC visits; coord parking plans--ensured unhindered DV passage

- Aided in success of (Base) Air Expo '11; 170K+ guest/102 unique acft/mishaps adverted--airpower showcased

- Outstanding! Responded to aircraft bird strike; mitigated hazard; enabled wing aircraft to depart without delay

- Expertly processed 49 DV arrival/departure checklists during CAPSTONE Conference; ensured event success

- maintained Airfield Status page used to track airfield status; availability guaranteed for over 15 users

- Monitored $19-million airfield construction project; performed over 40 spot checks; flightline safety secured

- Coordinated acft arrival for fallen soldier ceremony at Offutt; provided proper final respect for fallen soldier

- Activated crash phone for 4 emergencies; alerted key support agencies; personnel/assets safely recovered

- Validated flightline drivers program; performed 17 checks; ensured only qualified drivers operated on airfield

- Activated crash phone for 4 emergencies; alerted key support agencies; personnel/assets safely recovered

- Swiftly responded to increased bird watch conditions; mitigated hazard; quick reaction secured safety of flight

- Orchestrated airfield snow removal operation; minimized impact on 55 WG, transient/alert aircraft mission

- Conducted 36 airfield checks; 90% of responses produced debris removal; eliminated hazard; success assured

- Administered/allocated flight information publications to flying units; provided timely mission-critical data

- Aided in coordination of 181 NOTAMs; assured worldwide dissemination of hazardous airfield conditions

- Attention to detail; designed surface condition tracking board for aircrew; improved notification process 100%

- Key winter ops player--conducted 100+ runway checks--info crucial to aircraft departing/landing; no mishaps

- Swiftly responded to 5 aircraft bird strikes--mitigated hazards--enabled wing aircraft to depart without delay

- Performed 112 afld cks/10 afld insps/12 lighting cks; ID'd/monitored all discrepancies--maintained afld safety
- Processed 750+ local and transient aircrew flight plans; 97% error free--insured on-time mission completion
- Conducted 52 flightline drivers license checks; monitor'd/maintained compliance--increased afld driving safety

- Monitored afld contractors; oversaw completion on $3M afld light circuit proj; reduced energy consumption

- Orchestrated airfield snow removal operation; minimized impact on 55 WG, transient/alert aircraft mission

- Responded to F16 fuel leak/15 Gallons; notified first reponders & suspended rwy ops; averted acft catastrophe

- Accomplished specialized mainteance on $XXK DFT; enhanced 55OG in risk mitigation decisions w/flying ops

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