1P0X1/Aircrew Flight Equipment EPR Bullets

Key Duties

- Maintains pilot oxygen masks, helmets, anti-gravity suits, and Joint Helmet-Mounted Cueing System equipment
- Conducts, tracks, & updates flying equipment inspections using Flight Equipment Records Management System
- In-processes student pilots' equipment; prepares equipment for modification, inspection, repair, or replacement
- Trains individuals on tasks required for upgrade and familiarization; provides knowledge on general programs

Primary/additional duties

- Built 1st-ever UTC packing list; coord'd logistics plan w/plt unit--met crit suspense/rcv'd LOE/coined by 7 AF/CCC

- Compiled 3 yr munitions forecast f/240 inflators; $108K time change assets verified--enabled XX maritime missions

- Managed 1.4K aviation spt items; pwr'd 4K insps/50 replacements/200 repairs--safeguarded 145 coalition crew mbrs
- Led AAF AFE Recap effort; forecasted prsnl/equip/facilty rqmts thru FY23--postured AAF for $1.3B fleet bed-down
- Facilitated 167 TA sessions f/AAF AFE prgm; developed 9 trng manuals--accredited 18 AAF trainees f/1st trng shop

- Conducted ACCA line tng; instructed 20 aircrew on donning/processing line--enhanced XX WG CBRN combat prep

- Recognized above her associates; airmanship recognized base Warrior of the Week Council--coined by 10th AF CC

- Inspired potential AF leaders; exhibit survival gear functions to 50+ Star Base pupils--bestowed with Amn of the Qtr

- Tailored 10 flight helmets; fitted visors/masks--equipment error-free, enhanced pilot flight performance with HMIT

- Attended Program Manager Course; honed AFE management level skills--enhanced overall shop/mission readiness
- Scout Master for The Boy Scouts of America; assisted with Eagle scout board--2 scouts awarded with Eagle Scout

- Prestigious technician; continuation for appropriate flight gear of 48 A-10 pilots--facilitated 4448 sorties/2320+ hours

- Outfitted 42 CSAR acrw; prep'd 170 CSEL/NVG/survival vests/helmets--spt'd 132 flt hrs f/Ex BALIKATAN

- Managed HAZMAT prgm; established hazardous accumulation point/re-organized SDS binder--AFOSH stds attained

- Led CSEL trouble-shooting prgm; loaded/tested 60 radios enhanced secure communication capes--100% msn ready
- Trn'd/cert'd four techs on JHMCS/CSEL loading;rasied cert'd 5 lvl tech 100%--incr'd XXX FS cmbt msn capes 50%
- Filled NCOIC pos/8-days; supervised 6 Amn/2 sects & mng' 60 sorties/104 flying hrs--XX FW cmbt capes maintained
- Mng'd five IFE after-action insps; quarantined plt's flt gear/documented findings/authored mishap rpt--zero w/c errors
- Executed 900 eqpt pre/post-flt insp; prepared $4M in eqpt assets for XXX FS--spt'd 2,233 sorties w/zero AFE delays
- Alternate CRO; updated 12 form 16's/701's;impl'd solid control measures--zero discrepancies during wing NSA UEI

- Shift leader for OPERATION NORTHERN EDGE; sptd 252 flying hrs/12 aircrew--lauded by deployment CC

- Piloted AFE Quality Control program; oversaw five inspectors and 1.4K equip insps--equipment 100% ready

- Oversaw quality control on 459 life-sustaining assets; identified # discrepancies--decimated non-compliance
- Managed # FS stand-up; created shop standards, eliminated # existing findings--100% inspection pass rate
- Assumed flying hour card holder duty; sourced requirements for five sections--safeguarded $41K expenditures
- Maintained # ADPE items; identified and corrected # findings--initiated # turn-ins for reutilization of assets
- Performed # inspections; corrected 35 errors, supported squadron training syllabus--2.7K sorties/3.5K hours
- Overhauled tool program; created four master inventories & itemized # items--alleviated mission shortfalls
- Managed HAZMAT program; organized material data sheet/binders--upheld safety standard/zero discrepancies
- Customized # flight helmets; modified visors/masks--equipment error-free, enhanced pilot flight performance
- Customized # flight helmets; modified visors/masks--supported $6 million training program for F-16 students
- Hand picked section leader; oversaw repair/build-up of over $15 million in AETC assets--fulfills an NCO role
- Performed #+ inspections; found zero discrepancies on # AFE items--primed # FW for training mission
- Managed HAZMAT program; identified missing authorizations on account--prevented potential discrepancies

Standards, conduct, character

- Performed helmet fit check for C-130 loadmaster; saved unit $3.5K TDY--strengthened AMC test/eval mission
- Showcased AFE during name AFB 2014 Open House; assisted guest pilots--event enjoyed by 360K+ spectators
- Participated in # OSS Change of Command; demonstrated excellent military bearing--impressed wing leaders
- Aided 2014 Open House; helped raise $14K in food booth--contributed to molding base/community partnership
- Represented AFE flight in squadron flag ceremony; exemplified AF heritage--bolstered OSS esprit de corps

Training requirements

- Attended Rio Salado College; earned 3 credits toward Aircrew Safety Systems Technology degree--4.0 GPA
- Conducted aircrew decontamination training; qualified six technicians--deployment requirements uninterrupted
- Seized professional development; tested on Principles of Supervision--earned three credit hours towards CCAF
- Attended Airman leadership school; gained new mentorship skills--ready to administer rater responsibilities!
- Attended land/water survival course; honed/exported teaching skill--improved pilot awareness & survivability


- Escorted AETC/CC spouse during visit; exemplified military customs & courtesies--highlighted wing support
- Expanded OSS Booster Club funding; managed Phoenix International Raceway event booth--raised over $1.2K
- Demonstrated survival gear functions to # JROTC cadets; inspired potential AF leaders--bestowed with LOA
- # OSS motorcycle safety rep; maintain training records of six airmen--executes mandatory Air Force program
- Led medical student "Top Knife" tour; provided hands-on demonstrations--armed students with survival skills
- Assisted Phoenix International Raceway event; helped raise $1.2K for squadron Booster Club & morale events

Other comments

- Prepared helmet reduction data; 10 research hours, 5 trackers--efforts saved 3.6K manhours & $12K annually
- Dominated Green Flag West--guaranteed flawless support, awarded "Outstanding Performer;" promote to TSgt
- Volunteered at Cardinals stadium; ensured proper food handling--proceeds will offset holiday party expenses
- Striving for more leadership responsibility--has potential for higher levels of achievement; promote with peers
- Attended military saves finance expo; gained monetary budgeting techniques--strengthened financial awareness
- Striving for more leadership responsibility; trained three skill level Airman on # tasks--promote with peers

Additional rater

- Coordinated "Pilot for a Day" experience; showcased # FW AFE role--fulfilled wishes of terminally ill child
- Revamped # FS HAZMAT program; eliminated 30+ findings/adopted across five sections--new wing model
- Outstanding NCO; hand-selected to assume section NCOIC duties, # FS NCO of the Quarter; promote ASAP
- Supported Play 60 Pro-bowl campaign; encouraged child physical activity--improved community partnership
- Performed four helmet refits; equipped F-16 pilots with essential flight gear--ensured zero syllabus deviations
- Proven performer with outstanding work ethic; invaluable asset to entire AFE section--promote to SSgt now!
- Inspected/repacked life rafts; readied $42K in survival gear--pilots in 5 squadrons ready for emergency egress
- Augmented joint Tyndall/Luke AFB training mission; maintained pilot flight gear--strengthened F-22 operation
- Certified 'name' AFB technicians on helmet tasks; enabled full compliance/lauded by # OSS/CC--promote

- Identified potential life-threatening discrepancies; removed 5 parachutes from service--averted likely mishap

- Taught 2 hr NVG course; train'd 9 GA prsnl care/maintenance procedures--mitigated undue damage/saved $7K

- Assisted oversight ?? ERQS AFE equip; insp'd/maintain'd $1M equip--guaranteed cbt readiness 14 operators

- Deployed ISO SECDEF tasking; supported 2.4K+ alrt hrs/7.1M Sq Mi--enabled successful SOF/ISR missions

- Managed $250K+ diagnostic equipment prgm; cataloged mxs for 112 devices--ensured Sq mission capabilities

1P0X1 Aircrew Equipment/Life Support

- AFE Qty Assurance Mgr; oversees 20+ inspectors/5 locations--ensured highest standards for 1200+ AFE insp
- Led COR for $1.7M AFE contr; performed 130 evaluations/tech monitoring & admin--ensured contr rqmts met
- Initiated six TO improvement chgs; four solutions adopted--$150K savings/reduced man-hrs by 40% AF-wide
- Coordinated w/hq on redistribution 40 parachutes; cut reciving units build up time 1200+hrs--saved AF $197K
- Managed CDC prgm; acquired testing software/developed 5 tests & supervised study--incr'd qual'd 5 lvl's 40%
- ID'd flt equip shortage; instituted helmet recycling prgm/alleviated 47th FTW shortfall--$360K+ annual savings
- AFE air show booth SQ POC; demo'd life-saving equip capabilities to 48K spectators--inspired future Airmen
- Eliminated parachute facility defect; procured humidifiers/prevented impact to flying ops--zero AFE mx delays


- Supervised aircrew arming & accountability; ensured safe handling of 44+ wpns--$20K assets 100% secured
- Led AFE MX scheduling; planned swap ops of 168 chutes/kits on 21 aircraft--zero delays on daily flt missions
- Provided AFE main section oversight; focused on UTC/Oxygen/Chem sections--all CUI '12 findings closed out
- Configured 3 C-130 acft; loaded/upgraded 381 pcs of eqpt--ensured 100% mission rdy ISO OIF/OEF/HOA
- Secured/maintained $2M aircrew/acft life spt eqpt; ensured 400 sorties/600 flt hrs; Wg airlift capabilities met
- Revamped 3 AFE programs; revised outdated Helmet/FERMS/QA shop stnd--saved 2 man-hours daily insps
- Pioneered flight section advancement process; reconfigured ready-line sys--enhanced eqpt storage space 25%


- Accomplished Financial Management CBT; enhanced budget system knowledge/applications for AFE mgmt


- Inspects, repairs and repacks BA-22 personnel parachutes, single/multi place life rafts, and life preserver units
- Installs and maintains prepositioned aircrew life saving equipment on assigned/transient C-5 and C-17 aircraft
- Adjusts aircrew helmets, chemical defense ensembles, aircrew/passenger oxygen masks & night vision devices
- Updates/maintains equipment records in Aircrew Life Support Equipment Record/Tracking System (ALERTS)

- Inspects and re-packs a variety of personnel/cargo parachutes to include MC-5, SOV-III, MIRPS, and MC1-1D



- Repaired six Anti G-suits in house; increased turn around time by 80%...saved AF $32K+ in replacement costs

- Rebuilt parachute packing/medical storage facilities; integrated over $1M equipment; coined by ??? AEW CC

- Recognized far above his peers; awarded second Quarter Wing AFE Technician--sets the mark for HD cbt unit

- Established deployed AFE QA pgm; insp 69 parachutes/4 different systems--ensured process 100% error free

- Deployed ISO OEF; managed 10 prsnl/5 AFSC/$3.2M equipment--enabling 733 missions resulting in 698 svs

- Accomplished PTL certification/training course; tracked 12 PT assessments--key to ensuring fitness standards

- Star performer! Completed/awarded CCAF Professional Manager Certification--amplified supervisory skills

- Resolved O2 communication cable procedure; ensured proper inspection of 300+oxygen mask--disc prevented

- Authored AFE operating instruction; replaced outdated guidance--expanded knowledge of component mission

- True ambassador! Volunteered off duty time w/Terry Fox Cancer fundraiser--5K run participation--raised $2K

- Provided aircrew refresher trng; instructed eqpmt/egress program to 75 AMC prsnl--incr'd crucial msn safety

- Tackled AFE Quality Assurance pgm; created shop trend analysis metric system--increased equipment tracking

- Managed CTK/PMEL prgm valued $30K; sharpened accuracy during weekly inspection--accountability 100%

- Deployed in support of Ops ENDURING FREEDOM/NEW DAWN--protected 2.2K personnel/$3.2B assets
- Third Country National escort; secured/transported over 300 TCNs--guarded 32 sites worth over $5.7 million
- Directed 110+ convoys; supplied security for 2.3M lbs cargo--guaranteed 386 AEW ops zero mission delays
- Implemented tracking sys; created DBIDS log/badge--ensured 100% positive control of undocumented TCNs

- Reclaimed critical assets; refurbished 21 NVG assemblies valued $214K--increased night ops msn capability

- Performed mx/pgm'd 64 adv'd radios w/daily AFCENT special instruction updates--assured combat rescue spt
- Organized short notice UTC package; cordinated flawless mvt $91K in eqpmt--ensured deployment success
- Skillfully accomplished 350 msn termination inspections; ensured serviceability of over 9K life saving items

- Rebuilt AFE flightline parts storage; re-aligned over $1M of spare parts & supplies; raised productivity 40%

- Certified two months early on 3 types of oxygen equipment; increasing job knowledge and manning flexibility

- Quality Assurance inspector--684 LPU-10/p life preservers deficiency free--increased inspection rate by 10%

- Performed 526 post flight inspections--ensured mission ready aircraft--382 sorties flown w/ zero missions lost

- Led 52 survival equip uploads--streamlined procedures/shaved 3 hrs--acft msn ready/exceeded standard 50%

- Inspected/repacked 836 CWU-16/P anti-exposure suits--provided assurance for aircrew mbr--stnds upheld

- Managed Info Mgt Data Sys (IMDS)--focused logistics and increased section standards by 5%--zero defects

- Repaired two "For Training Use Only" life rafts worth $5K--efforts ensured realistic water survival training

- Fabricated/designed 68 pitot tube covers for 17 XXX acft--prevented FOD intrusion to critical msns--promote!

- Prepared/issued 420 D-1 bags for three sqdns--ensured successful employment of $9.8K in life saving assets

- Assisted with inventory and cleaning/operability of 556 weapons/munitions valued at $163K--100% msn rdy

- Fabricated/designed 68 pitot tube covers for 17 acft engines--prevented FOD intrusion to critical msns--promote!


- Motivated; re-structured 350 AD/AFRES mbrs helmet/oxygen masks--produced zero discrepencies HQ SAV
- Executed 240+acft msn termination inspections; opitimizing safe flying ops--key effort in Wg's global success

- Mentored JROTC cadets; explained and showcased AFE ops--cultivated professional image for future AF ldrs
- Managed $300K consolidated tool kit; ID'd/replaced missing tools at vital C-17 stage--assured war readiness


- Performed mx/pgm'd 21 adv'd radios w/daily AFCENT special instruction updates--assured combat rescue spt
- Dedicated; trained/certified new night shift supervisor on 37 core tasks--increased schedule flexability by


- Reconfigured 140 pax oxygen masks; created functional/tailored eqpmt worth $3K--enabled safe pax transport
- Led six acft isochronal uploads/downloads; installed 3K life-saving eqpmt items; expedited mx sched two days 30%


- Completed mx on 8 Night Vision Goggles; concluded in 30% of sched time; readied $55K in warfighter assets
- My go-to-guy; prep'd flt for CINC Installation Excellence Awd; #2/165 AF installations--promote to SrA now!


- Coord’d 138 acft med evac eqpmt item inspections; replaced expired items--vital to success of emer med prsnl
- Dissasembled 100+ D-Bags; decreased Chemical Warfare inspection cycles work by 20% using lean process

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