1T0X1/Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE)


- Developed 1st field test for Somwear Labs PR hotspot; improved DoD PR pgm--solved AFRL isolated prsnl problems
- Authored AOR SERE cadre trng; revamped & standardized 97 tasks, 20% time reduction--certified 12 SERE msn-rdy
- Executed AFCENT rescue beacon program; led 4-mbr team/updated 647 devices--validated $1.2M system/saved 287K
- Select'd by CENTCOM/AMC for AF Cyberworx CSEL redesign; facilitated quick fix design--lawded by AF Director
- Revived SERE training drone program; facilitated 2.5 hrs training, certified 2 new pilots--ensured 100% accountability
- Organized 8 PRSVs at 15 sites; ID'd 21 gaps/established 30 new processes--enabled CFACC s #1 priority/AOR wide
- Updated Combatant Cmd SPINS; sync'd global report/locate capabilities--supported 13 rescue msns/recovered 8 prsnl
- Leads 12 SERE specialists; organizes 24/7 USCC PR watch f/5 sys, 3 ops--crd'd PR support for 44K cmbt missions
- Mentored AFSPEC Warfare recruiter; provided 4 hrs of insight w/90 eligibles; enabled 4 Amn to become Warfighters

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