2A3XX Avionics Systems EPR Bullets

- Technically astute; resolved avionics sys degrade/exchanged backplane assembly--grad'd 28 stud pilots, '14-4
- Solved fleet-wide one-time insp; repaired 270 defective wire harnesses--circumvented damage to $170M asset
- Cleared air cooling fault; swapped bad air cycle machine--enabled 1.3% in-flight emer rate/3% wg goal, '14-3
- Analyzed backup radio impairment; reprogrammed auxiliary comm panel--thwarted $8.1K component change

- Isolated arresting gear malfunction; replaced burnt discrete interface module--cultivated 100% aircrew qual
- Solved high-speed data bus error; routed new fiber optic cable/saved $74K in unit replacement cost--promote!

- Drove 141 theater data loads; enabled historic transatlantic flight--facilitated RIAT venue/enjoyed by 153K patrons
- Guided IFF Failure troubleshooting; identified/secured loose coaxial lines--essential to units 0.8% recur rate Jan '16
- Expedited 20+ redball responses; held abort rate to 4.7% Mar '16/4.3% >AF std--execution guaranteed 86% FSE rate
- Alleviated Code 3 CNI transmit; fixed <8 hrs/replaced power amp--secured units best 4.8% break rate/52% >AF std
- Hand-selected avionics lead MRT technician; resolved IPP cooling failure--actions bolstered MC rate 6.7% Feb '16
- Abolished cascading msn failure; changed processor rack--dropped 39 GBU-12 w/100% release, lauded by 61FS CC

- Led training session; taught two Airmen radar troubleshooting techniques--increased flight's capability by 10%

- Resolved repeat video failure; located/repaired faulty cable--enabled 94.2% sortie effectiveness rate, May 14
- Aided electricians; solved main power anomaly/changed faulty weight-on-wheels switch--zero repeats to date
- Solved on-going engine temperature discrepancy; mended shorted wire--solid fix/secured 1.6% repeat rate, Jun

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