2A7X1 Aircraft Metals Technology

- Inspected & overhauled 20 scissors links; allowed Phases to be completed on time--returned A/C to flying schedule

- Unprecedented mission support--repaired acft engine Low Pressure Turbine--precluded $3.25M motor replacement

- Fabricated C-5 main gear bogie pitch pin; machined 8 bushings; voided depot level mx inputs/$20K asset requisition.
- Led repair of C-5 MLG door frame manufacture/repaired 12 hrs. ahead of schedule; saved $21K in procurement cost
- Manufactured six non-procurable C-5 rudder mount bushings; shaved 16 hrs. off ETIC; saved $86k in acft downtime
- Technically sound maintainer;100% pass rate on annual weld certification; increased sections proficiency rate > 20%
- Professional! assisted trainee w/128 5-lv upgrade tasks >3 months ahead of schedule; member scored 81% on EOC
- Seamless integrator; works closely with active duty completed 225 shared tasks, increased shop effectiveness by 30%

- Led AGE B-7 stand TCTO; fabricated/welded extended safety rails--guaranteed safety of 900+ pers/saved AF $112k
- Streamlined ISO repair ops; applied 3D software program/reduced fabrication time 35%--saved 1.8K annual man-hrs
- Restored TF33 gearbox; repaired damaged oil filter thread/installed heli-coil--saved $300K/48-hr engine replacement
- Responded to 4 flightline MX redballs; recovered 17 stuck fasteners--sealed 3 msn sorties w/ zero QA discrepancies

- Identified 2 crck'd APU exhaust; overhauled unobtainable C-130 duct--sav'd 40 man hrs/acft restric'n/AF $40K

- Machined tube bending mandrel; enabled E-3 hydraulic line manufacturing--saved $1K/2 weeks of NMCS time

- Outstanding Fabricator! Manufactured 9 chaff/flare BDU cabinets for ORI--reducing quick turn times by 35%

- Trained airman on 105mm blast diffuser thread repair; located/installed heli-coils--returned $17K LDHD asset

- Led manufacture of Flap trailer; allowed A/R safe transport of Acft flaps--eliminated possible dmg of asset

- Modified EOD robot ramp; removed materials lightened ramp by 50%--allowed for safer loading and transport

- Repaired four AC-130H infrared tubs; welded rails/ribs--salvaged non-procurable asset/gunship combat ready

- Manufactured 40mm recoil mount fixture drilled tapped holes; allowed safe maintenance practices--Promote!!

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