2A8X1, Mobility AF Integrated Comm/Nav/Msn Systems

- Troubleshot spotty VHF radio sys; replaced malfunctioning receiver transmitter--supported Dec16 1.5% rep/rec rate

- Supervised three techs on 1464 radar ant replacement; instructed on proper forms techniques--100% QA QVI rate

- Responded to C-130J Digi-map red ball; provided sys knowledge and guidance to aircrew--avoided mission failure

- T/S WX RADAR display anomaly; expertly identified AF wide LRU software malfunction--zero recurrence to date!!

- Attention to detail; id'd faulty radios system after TCTO install--fleet-wide comms issue corrected; demodified 8 acft

- Led flt planning software upgrade, updated 330 crit systems--enabled planning & medevac of 250+ civ during Hurr Maria

- Contributed to the Mobility Air Forces Flt Planning Sys software project--configured new C2 software on 154 machines

- Tackled one of Air Mobility Commander's top priorities--developed, integrated planning capabilities for new KC-46A acft

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