2R0X1 Maintenance Management Analysis EPR Bullets

- Lead Database Manager; rev'd 30K acft mx acts/val'd 187 recs/ID'd/corr'd 32 err's--incr'd acft data doc accuracy 35%
- Implemented digital IMDS user access form; incr'd tracking capes/turnaround time 150%--eliminated redundancies
- Assisted w/ DCC brief; taught database mngmnt/MIS documentation process/29 trn'd--IMDS err's cut 50% <6 mos
- Assessed >120 MIS historical background reports; validated 2.4K metric data points--100% accurate MAJCOM rpt'g
- Monitored IMDS for six GSU's/1.7K users; mitigated >250 cust service issues--ensured 99.8% system availability rt
- Sustained MMA website; loaded 200 MPI rpts/>30 online hits mo/info requests cut 25%--saved 1K man-hrs annually
- Conducted acft debrief audit; ID'd/corr'd 200 msn err's--recouped 350 acft status hrs/ensured FHP reporting accuracy
- "Soup Kitchen" volunteer; donated 3-hrs/prep'd/served 150 meals/>100 families--enhanced morale/bolstered relations
- Orchestrated section holiday party; coord'd luncheon/gift exchange/evt enjoyed by 30 families--fostered camaraderie
- Compl'd Humanities crs; earned 3 cr twrds Mx Production Management deg/2 crs's remaining--maintained 3.8 GPA!
- Synchronized aircraft xfer plan w/ FAB/OKC/PDM; scrutinized 1.8K entries/ID'd/corr'd 188 defects--red'd err's 60%
- Aided MIS access audit; 624 docs reviewed/ID'd/purged 85 accts/maintained 100% sys sec--200 term IDs ret'd to inv
- Assisted DIT mgrs; rev d 63K acft mx recs/ID d/corr'd 461 doc err's--.08% CER Jan '15 beat GSC 3% goal/8-yr best!

- Scrutinized 3K mx data recs; Id'd trending AT/HMAL mismatch errors--drove"QA Flash/errors down 50%/1-yr best
- Investigated 4K C-130H mx discreps; ID'd 47 errors/97.9% corrected--supported 2.8% TNMCS rate/lowest in 29 mo
- Analyzed acft preventive mx prgm; corroborated 513 scheduled events w/ PS&D--solidified 99.3% Gp MSE rate

- Created 332 EMXG Data Integrity Team; trained 30 pers/14 shops--reviewed 16K inputs/errors reduced 1.6%

- Initiated FY15 FHP first look capability projections--balanced aircrew training despite fiscal/manning issues

- Directed IMDS config-table loads; val'd 187 records/corrected 32 errors--raised documentation accuracy 35%


- Assisted acft abort review team; analyzed 5 yrs data/briefed drivers; prompted 200 hr preventive mx check
- Performed 100% review of database user forms; ensured compliance w/ instructions--zero deficiencies noted
- Led block 42 acft MMC study; compared pre-post modification data; audit validated failures remained constant
- Scrutinized 62 AMU metrics; id'd DFT negative health of fleet impact; leadership reduced TDY aircraft by one

- Validated CV-22 avionics Centralized Repair Facility stand up; saved AF $4.3 million via repair of 44 items
- Developed debrief documentation error tracking sys; 98% of errors corrected within 10-day IMDS window
- Expeditiously processed 24 acft impound histories; determined origin of failure--C-130 MC rate improved 9%
- Outstanding logistician; projected future performance additional CV-22 acft--gains briefed to AFSOC ldrshp
- Forecasted RAF Mildenhall CV-22 mx capabilities; allowed precise allocation of sorties/hrs for fly hr pgm
- Dissected 5 yrs of MC-130P/H mx/weather sortie losses; allowed 58 TRS to focus programmed flying training
- Identified gearbox overheat trend; info briefed to end item mgr--TCTO developed to address issues as result
- Analyzed 5 yrs of CV-22 attrition data; highlighted 29.7% increase in sorties flown vs. scheduled since 2006
- Verified 181 CANN actions; ensured correction of 29 related IMDS errors--secured 100% accurate reporting
- Vital 550 AMU team member; provided wkly metrics briefings to AMU--boosted C-130 acft availability 20%
- Proven logistician; projected future CV-22 capabilities w/ additional acft--gains briefed to AFSOC leadership
- Valued DIT pgm ally; detected 46 errors through sortie dev tracking; met 0.0% AETC post-correction goal
- Corrected 58 debrief errors; averted discrepancies for 80 flying hrs--C-130 reporting accuracy increased 27%
- Assisted DIT mgrs in correcting 20K+ IMDS JDD errors; contributed to 58 MXG 99.8% data integrity rate
- Identified root causes for C-130 prop failures; attributed 50% to fluid leaks--reduced acft break rate by 8.3%
- Provided analytical expertise at an NCO level; 58 MOS Amn of the Qtr Jul-Sep 2011--ideal BTZ candidate!!


- Completed 2R071 course; learned core competencies for verification tracking--data 100% accurate to ACC/A4
- Attended PES II course; conducted mentoring sessions on professionalism--encouraged AF career advancement

- Completed 4 volumes of CDCs 3 months ahead of schedule; scored outstanding 90% on end-of-course exam
- Took and passed 10 CLEP tests over the course of 2 days; earned 30 Maintenance Prod Mgmt CCAF credits
- Attended supplemental course; fulfilled 5-lvl tng requirements 7 months early--improved productivity 33%
- Scored 99.5% on annual fitness test; assisted FAC w/ 20+ testing sessions--Fit-to-Fight example for squadron!


- Represented Team Kirtland at AF Marathon; trained for 7 months--placed 63rd of 5,700/placed 6th in age gp
- Volunteered 12 hrs in support of KADD; transported 12 inebriated Airmen to their homes--careers/lives saved
- Enthusiasm for esprit de corps! Supported four 58 MOS booster club fundraiser evts--vital to $3.8k raised
- Supports military tradition; performed proffer duties for 58 SOW promotion ceremony--18 airmen recognized
- Augmented 377th during ORE as entry controller; ensured zero security breaches--efforts contributed to pass
- Led pie-in-the-face fundraiser for 58 MOS; efforts generated $87 for barbeque at SOW children's fall party
- Escorted 58 MOS spouses during Spouses' Day 2011; improved morale for squadron's military mbrs/families


- Handpicked to lead; chosen as NCOD for two WG flag folding/retreat ceremonies--DLT professional exemplar
- Honor Guard Flight NCO; led 36 details/traveled 18K miles--ensured top honors for AF veterans and retirees


- Lead analyst during runway closure; tracked 128 sorties/275 hrs for Green Flag--selected as sq DLM Sept '11
- Selected as GPC holder; budgeted $25K account--enabled 12 purchases for 355 MXG and six staff members
- Aided w/UCI prep; verified 1.2K mx performance algorithms--section awarded sq "UCI Superior Performers"
- Co-authored 12 HH-60/A-10 profile JSTs; audited 608 sequences--DM clenched AF Outstanding Unit Award
- Leader amongst peers; selected as 2010 "Amn of the Year" and earned BTZ selection--top performer to date


- Handpicked as chapel projectionist; designed presentations for 400+ mbr ministry--coined by AEW Chaplain
- Personally procured $500 for Susan G. Komen 5K "Race for the Cure"; 1,200 competitors--raised $1.5 million
- Craves higher education; completed 6 hrs towards Master's degree in Christian Ministry--maintained 4.0 GPA
- Selected as booster club Recorder; assisted w/ four community fundraisers--met sq goal of $7K in six months
- Led volunteer effort! Volunteered 80 hrs/15 events; portrayed whole person concept--enriched community ties
- Assisted w/ CSAF visit; red carpet detail mbr at HC-130J commemoration ceremony--professionalism shined!

Performance Assessment

- Vol'd as AFAF POC; aided prgm raise $138.5K--achieved 112% of goal/highest fundraising to date for WG
- Supervised 3.5K IMDS accts; eliminated 400 unauthorized users--safeguarded mx info sys/nominated Oct NCO of the Month

- Revamped Mx data processing prgms; appointed 18 subsys mgrs/alternates--IMDS 100% secure/zero data loss
- Facilitated WUC prgm for 82 A-10 a/c; critical MDS compliant in 8 hrs--expedited CICU reporting transition
- Corrected 20 debrief errors; averted reporting discrepancies for 80 flying hrs--restored flying hr prgm integrity
- Key to LCAP prep; id'd/corrected 14 errors thru 8 prgms/section inspection rdy in 12 hrs--ZD during GP SAV
- Showcase Amn; selected by WG leadership to perform msn briefs--one of 50 briefers in WG/first in squadron

- Directed completion of six HOF briefs; advised XXX MXG/CC of adverse trends--13% increased 8-hr fix rate
- Analyzed 4K wpns write-up's; ID'd 60% improper documentation w/ flt chief--IMDS accuracy improved 30%
- Exemplary facilitator; meticulously trained section on 14 statistical tests--5 task certified/100% CDC pass rate
- Accomplished 12 mo cann data look; ID'd top component MICAPs; shifted focus to local repair--saved $3.5M
- Created FVB brief for SecAF/CSAF--justify multi-million wpns sys upgrade supporting OIF/OEF/HOA
- Researched 12 mo bird-strike history for 113 a/c; findings sent to BASH manager--a/c damage dropped $197K
- Managed XXX AMXS weekly cann reconciliation; ID'd/coordinated 60 fix's--documentation accuracy up 35%
- Impeccable UFPM with tireless dedication; tested 80; FIP members down 67%--18 rehabilitated/zero overdue
- Investigated A-10C Mod/Stick grip; devised top-notch MXG/CD compilation to SPO--grip NMCS hrs up 96%
- Authored "Random" PT test program; found 40% at risk sq members; PT failures dropped 31%/averted 4 fails
- Astute! ID'd A-10 MND spike due to short-notice merge; 3 AMU's into Super AMXS--cut non-deliveries 72%
- Headed A-10 CICU study; found 41% depot test serviceable; SPO notified--exposed $98K in loss repair funds

- Key player during AFAF; raised $3K/aided XXX $38K/FWs $139K--verified AF all-time high/112% of goal

- Oversaw IMDS XXX re-org; 5 flights, 42 workcenters, 554 Airmen seamlessly realigned--1st in ACC!
- Identified MIS program error; ensured 97 inspections properly documented--correction implemented AF wide
- Led 2 during IMDS security initiatives; restricted 130 unauthorized accounts--ensured 100% system integrity
- Provided C-130 ISO man-hr data; 3.5K man-hrs expended per insp--aided ACC/A4 in proposed future budget
- Maintained enterprise output manager; provided 6.1K products to users base-wide--saved 230 man-hrs qtrly
- Managed IMDS course conversions; 6 courses/3.1K Airmen compliant w/AF master list--102 man-hrs saved

- Spearheaded xxxx BBQ event; prepared rib lunch for 250 Amn--boosted morale/coined by xxxx 1st Sgt

Superb working knowledge of overall policies, procedures, systems and equipment increased the operational excellence and capability of the xxx Maintenance Group; attention to detail was unparalleled

- Tackled LCAP prep; reviewed chklst/ensured section was 100% compliant--SAV team praised "Sharp NCO"

- Active member of sq UAAC; raised over $6K in funds this year--morale boosting actvities enjoyed by all!

- Volunteered five off-duty hrs; built CDC storage unit for central toy rotation pgm--won XXX MOS "Amn of Year"

- Led 11 during bldg 5500 landscaping; moved 100 tons crushed rock/enhanced beautification effort--saved $4K

- Served as flt safety rep; ensured 100% compliance w/safety guidance--zero ESOHCAMP discrepancies found

- Coordinated 6 HOF briefs; leadership briefed on potential pitfalls--refocused efforts & enabled 89% FSE rate

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