2T3X7/Vehicle Management and Analysis


- Validated DPAS data; scrutinized 213 veh work orders/tackled 1K errors--avg'd 96% MC rate/surpassed AF goal 6%
- Authored daily CVR slide; tracked 76 sortie gen/sustaining vehs/$12.7M--enabled 3.3K flying hrs & 137 RQ-4 sorties
- Revitalized historical records; coord'd w/17 orgs f/missing KSDs/resolved w/HHQ--achieved OSD/FIAR compliance
- Aided GSA mx transition; highlighted potential hurdles/prepped 17 orgs--smoothed 18-yr chg f/125 leased veh fleet
- Authenticated 49 accidents/abuses; expedited 9 unit investigations/scheduled mx repairs--recouped $56K O&M funds
- Developed fleet tracking matrix; simplified 80 recalls/5 HAF directed TCTOs/SBs--zero overdue/cut 104 labor-hrs/yr

- My #1 of 94 NCOs! Engineered repair for timing cover on 5-ton truck vs. replacement; saves $600 per truck
- Excelled as Trans NCOIC for 1 mos during MSgt's leave; enhanced overall shop efficiency--lauded by Sq/CC
- Customized scheduled mx plan; employed sq VCOs, reduced excess periodic mx workload by 15% during Ex's
- Implemented new pre/post deployment mx checks; ensured 97% vehicle availability, cut breakdowns by 25%
- Replaced rear main engine seal on 5-ton truck utilizing on hand parts--no cost, 5 hrs early & 100% msn ready!
- Restored HMMWV transmission in 4 hrs; crushed labor rate by 60%--vehicle utilized by unit to train 33 Amn
- Expertly trained/led 4 augmentees w/different AFSCs to assist undermanned vehicle mx w/ massive workload
- Spearheaded 120 Limited Technical Inspections in 2 mos; enabled chng to blue fleet, sq saves $100K annually
- Quick vehicle repairs allowed on-time arrival/set up of tactical communications; drove up-time rate of 98.7%
- Coord'd shipment of 7 vehicles to other AF units--reutilization efforts saved AF $350K in new truck expenses
- Identified faulty wheel bearings on 720 Mobilizer; made repairs in 2 hrs; enabled asset to deploy w/out delays
- 'Gold Standard' for vehicle mx; quickly removed/installed truck alert system--averted 2 days vehicle downtime
- Repaired/recycled older components; replaced U-joint bearing caps--avoided 40 hrs downtime for new parts
- Pinpointed/replaced a faulty master cylinder on M-149 trailer; eliminated a potential life threatening situation
- Lead mechanic for PACAF's largest/oldest vehicle fleet; worked 247 assets--garnered 100% msn success rate
- Managed all shop self-inspection prgms; surefire continuity--yielded perfect safety/environmental/mx records
- Simply our best! Hand-picked by Trans NCOIC above 9 of his peers for July 'Maintainer of the Month' Award

- Updated Non-Registered eqpmt tracking; coord'd w/units/reconciled OLVIMS--clinched 100% data integrity
- Assisted w/34 TCTO/Svc Bulletin insp; ensured fleet safety/serviceability--100% completion w/zero overdue
- Processed 30 veh actions; validated discrepancies IAW AFIs/TOs--cut 600 labor-hrs/averted $300K in repairs
- Engineered non-available part; fabricated eng bracket <4 hrs--restored 728 AMS veh posture w/no msn impact

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