3D0X2/Cyber Systems Operations


3D072 Job Description:
Provides core services by designing, configuring, installing and managing data services at OS and server applicat level
Ensures installation of security fixes, operating system patches, antivirus software on workstations & servers
Reviews, endorses, maintains information security accreditation/certification support documentation packages
Responsible for administration of SCI programs/requirements as outlined in the Intelligence Community Directives


- Assisted in the creation of Powershell scripts; captured/archived server event logs; complied w/ DISA requirement

- Meticulously rebuilt SIPR shared drive; organized 2TBs of data & permissions; guaranteed appropriate access to data

- Researched HDD cleanup utility; enabled NCC to efficiently analyze SAN usage; allowed for effective storage mgmt

- Briefed netwk status to Cyber ldrshp weekly; assessed 27 cyber risks/deterred 5 threats--prevented $125K recovery efforts

- Processed 32 cyber reports; kept resolution rate <28 days--key to 93% Cyber defense posture/protected $160M netwk

- Orchestrated PKI pgm; resolved 726 tickets/935 tokens/1344 rqmts--secured 4 ntwks for 2-star Cmd/$72M enterprise
- Mng'd $444K ntwk tech refresh; org'd 12 ASIs/51 ntwk devices--bolstered JSOTF-OIR msn/elim'd 10K+ ISIL targets
- QB'd remote desktop pgm deployment; built svr/disbursed 180 licenses--spt'd 156 admins/122 nodes/axed 1.2K tckts
- Helmed Cmd's homekit pgm; mng'd 9 exec kits--offsite C2 for largest TSOC spt'g USCENTCOM AOR/20 countries
- Propelled AD analysis; elim'd 732 accts/enforced PKI logon/860 mbrs--met CYBERCOM order/increase sec/2x auth
- Directed Cisco Call Mngr install; coord'd 2 HQs/upgraded 1,200+ VoIP/VoSIP phones--spt'd 2.2K warriors/10 FOBs

- Installed 83 wkstns/3 ntwks; foundation for $400K AFISRA training facility--classroom 'student ready' <3 mos
- Oversaw 74 video display calibration; boosted image exploitation accuracy--over 150 probable IED's negated
- Expertly ID'd/corrected data sever storage influx; cleared 100 GB of sys space--enabled >1.4K cbt ISR msns
- Calibrated 100+ IMINT monitors; accurate displays for intel analysts--detail helped locate 150 possible IEDs
- Spt'd $500M msn sys upgrade test; installed 16 IMINT sys; seamless spt to OEF cmbt ops/21 Haiti relief msns
- Performed $100K sys re-org; installed/config'd 6K ft fiber & 64 imagery sys--site IMINT capacity up by 36%
- Created 300 msn sys accts for 100 wpn sys users--enabled 24/7 cmbt ISR spt; 21 enemy insurgents neutralized
- Calibrated 40 wpn sys monitors; ensured precision image exploitation--enabled 148K IMINT products/reports
- Fixed 200 sys software lock-ups; restored intel analyst productivity--vital to FP & success of 30K OEF troops
- Installed monthly anti-virus updates; inoculated 95 sys & servers--guarded ISR wpn sys against 1M+ viruses
- Led 100+ MX inspections on $1B wpn sys; boosted sys lifespan--148K+ images to OEF/OIF troops...promote!

- Directed 120 sys checks; ID'd/fixed full motion video ingest jam--critical to exploit of 345 cbt MQ-1/9 sorties
- Managed $328K ADPE acct; ID'd mislabeled assets & turned in $70K in obsolete sys--ensured accountability
- Shift lead during $120M ISR sys upgrade; moved 27 sys/900-ft of fiber lines ahead of sched--promote to TSgt!

- Assisted w/equip rack cable re-org; improved access to ntwk connections--closed security inspection findings
- Responded to 1.2K trouble calls; analyzed/fixed user issues across 10 ntwks--key to 55K IMINT tgts captured
- Restored 308 imagery services; terminated/restarted 2K hung processes--facilitated 33K+ image exploitations
- Restored 200 imagery services; terminated/restarted 500 hung processes--facilitated 55.6K image exploitations
- Expertly configured new MC-12W feeds; created 12 video nodes in one day--increased video 90 msns per mth
- Attended webinar; completed 4 hr course on personal finances/investing--aided 6 Amn w/fiscal responsibility
- Managed set-up 42 full motion video feeds; enabled DGS-2 exploits/3 msn platforms--538 ISR msns exploited
- Managed SQ GPC; ordered/tracked 83 purchases/$145K--ensured 100% accountability--promote to MSgt now

- Conducted 100+ PMI's on 17 ISR msn sys's; strictly adhered to TO directives--drove SQ's 98.6% equip uptime
- Calibrated eight imagery sys monitors; accurate displays for photo-interpretation--enabled 24.5K intel products
- Responded to 100+ trbl calls; fixed 50 sys hangs/terminated 1K+ frozen processes--maximized ISR collection
- Calibrated 40 IMINT monitors; provided precision displays for imagery exploitation--vital to counter-IED ops
- Key mbr $1B wpn sys relocation team; 190 servers/120 WSs moved in 2 days--ISR msns regained in < 10-hrs
- Fixed 200 sys/user account faults; restored intel analyst productivity--vital to FP & success of 30K OEF troops
- Resolved 250 trouble calls; restored 350 services/restarted 700 processes--1.2K IMINT missions successful
- Managed $400K in IT assets; reutilized $70K equip to DRMO--ensured 100% accountability for 1.3K systems
- Demand Reduction augmentee; 48 hrs observation period for Beale Amn--enforced AF's zero tolerance policy
- Managed 30+ monitor calibrations; gave imagery analysts razor-sharp displays--cleared 90% of overdue MX

- Supervised facility cleanout; DRMO'd $100K IT equip items/1K ft work space freed for personnel--promote!
- Installed four new video feeds; boosted intel collection capability 15%--ensured success of 747 Predator msns
- Performed 200+ preventive MX inspections; provided trend analysis of wpn sys--drove 98.6% sys uptime rate

- USEUCOM's primary GCCS military tech; maintained 130 clients/6 servers--anchored O&M supt for $22.5M ntwk

- "Superior Performer" at Red Flag 15-2; gen'd 9 database updates/enabl'd 11 sorties--coined by 964 AACS/CC
- ID'd/fixed E-3 recon prgm; restored 58 hrs cmbt data/uncovered enemy pattern-of-life--intel to SecDef <24 hrs
- Prep'd Al Dhafra for $2M Dply'd Grnd Sys; coord'd pwr/HVAC rqmts--nailed first-ever E-3G AOR dplymnt
- Guided 5-Amn tiger team; optimized 163 maps on 301 joint tactical platforms--upgraded air pic/1.7K sorties
- Fed J2 analysis; extrapolated 2K+ flt record hrs into 4.8K intel datapoints--multiple-angle battle pic to CCDR
- Fixed $5K C2 eqmt; ret'd E-3 comms to full interoperability--incrs'd OIR tac chat connectivity fm 78% to 92%
- Mod'd tac database; incorporated coalition acft into air pic--enabled Jt msg capes/AOR-wide inflight refueling
- Mitigated grnd spt sys overheat; init'd HVAC mod/prevented reverting to legacy sys--averted 4-acft tail swap
- Led 4-Amn validation/cert team; ID'd/resolved 312 crit errors--ensured acceptance of $15M sys fm contractor
- Downloaded/archived 9.3K hrs cmbt C2ISR/8.2Tb data--secured intel analysis/post-msn reconstruction capes
- Optimized ARW msn; updated 20 E-3 maps/8 refueling routes--enabled 128 air cmbt sorties/121M lbs of fuel
- Overhauled INFOSEC prgm; 50% classified reduction/aligned unit w/ AFI--aced Cmd Cyber Readiness Insp!
- Directed E-3B database upgrades; updated 16 msn kits/trnd 8 crews on changes--executed 130 ATO cmbt ops
- Expedited EW build; added 1.1K JIT emitters to E-3 ESM library--increased kill-zone precision fm 40m to 2m
- Extracted 4K radar correlation pts; validated C2 data w/dplyd intel unit--improved abrn tgt detection accuracy
- Fixed $1.5M ELINT suite; recovered 14 servers/57Tb data store--aided Prgm Mgmt Office dev't of 8 tgt ID's
- Selected as QA rep; led 8 eqmt evals/120 UTC insps--primed $6M msn sys to spt 44 local and Flag exercises
- Mng'd 7 E-3 map-data updates; clarified 89 IFF issues--guaranteed safety of 200 aviators/coined by 12 AF/CC

- Executed 423 data retrievals; supplemented 756 courts-martial/177 hearings--supt'd finalization of >250 AFOSI cases

- Led Config Man inspection spt; key'd prep of 247 patches/120K sys--key'd 38 dual "Excellent" ratings/82% avg score

- Led ACD wpn sys virtualization upgrade; applied update on 56 hosts--improved reliability/cut mnx windows by 50%
- Delivered 6 vulnerability scanning sys; created/tested/deployed virtual machines--axed >20K network vulnerabilities
- Hardened DCO virtualization backbone; updated/patched 96 hosts--received "Outstanding" CCRI score/best in DoD
- Created two thin client mgmt servers; removed 50 physical sys/mitigated 300 critical vulns--shielded $535M wpn sys
- Led 3-mbr Cyber team; installed/config'd 4 sys/2 syslog databases--provided analysts prioritization of 3M events/yr
- Secured DCO wpn sys; executed mnx/updated sys ISO 500 cyber sorties--defended 217 critical nodes/122 DoD sites

- Restored CAC PIN reset capes/21.2K Eglin prsnl; config'd/setup 2 workstations--recovered critical ops <3 hrs
- Drove 919 SOCS disaster recovery; installed 2 redundancy servers--thwarted loss svcs/spt'd 1.3K ARC prsnl
- Mng'd AFLCMC chng req; built svc acct/sync'd 14 servers ISO JASSM prgm--abated work stoppage/2K users
- Guided Net Ops storage proj; replaced 2 UPS/revamped SIPRNET server cables--ensured redundency...28 TB
- Resolved Eglin-wide VPN outage; coord'd/secured alt access path--restored net svs to 29.5K users/sr ldrs C2
- Expedited 96 CPTS firewall IP exemption; garnered JOCAS II remote access--ensured payroll >9K civ prsnl

-Directed 5 remote sites systems projects' devised/implemented networl setup--$3.8M projected yearly savings
-Piloted network monitoring software; managed real-time view of 78 locations--increased response time 90%
-Supervised network recovery process; executed 82 configuations backups/3 critical restores; 99.9% uptime rate
-Authored network migration process; $2Mequipment/700 systems/150 users--key to unit standup

- Qb'd remote sys backbone trunks; deployed 65 routers to 250+users--unit recouped $550K

- Coord'd Sharepoint/Eval Mgmt Sys outage; config'd DNS/Domain Controllers--restored svc < 1hr to 63K mbrs

- Led server training of four Amn; installed MS Exch/config'd AD/DHCP/DNS apps--increased tech proficiency

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