3D0X4 Computer Systems Programming

- Led AFNIC 3-yr certification; guided pgrm insp procedure/ID'd 5 CAT 1 vulnerabilities--validated s/w f/NIPR/SIPR

- Engr'd server revitalization; created installation guide/migrated 3 EoL devices--enhanced ntwk threat detection capes

- Codified radar suite SDLC process; compiled testing/compute rqmts--val'd 25 s/w releases valued at $1.5M annually

- Executed $10K equipment buy of 2 servers; reclaimed 4 old servers f/programmer software training--saved AF $16K

- Modified column width file code; afforded user ability to adjust column girth--optimized user's aesthetic environment

- Led 3-mbr team; delivered AU HQ itinerary prototype pgm--streamlined process for AF's 2nd busiest DV base
- Isolated data transfer code; uncovered HHT/main system link--established focal-point for future defect analysis
- Devised CAS deficiency report; ID'd 392 duplicates/closed defects--hoisted PMO & Air Staff awareness 85%
- Led coding tool analysis of three pgms; defined FY15 development support solution--will save PMO $13K/yr

- Drafted two sys use cases/reviewed one; analyzed 6 files/1K LoC--mapped ammo accountability for $34M sys
- Managed sect computer migration; coord'd six critical pgm installs--delivered updated C4/no msn interruption
- Streamlined internal DREN account process; eliminated redundant steps--reduced connection setup by 1.5 hrs
- Executed telephone inventory; ID'd 13 phone shortfall/initiated supply call--fulfilled unit C2 needs for 73 psnl

- Performed IT inventory; located $2K of unaccounted for equipment--prevented ROS investigation of 30 items
- Orchestrated PMO expansion; setup three offices/six desks/660 sq ft--prepped CAS for 20 psnl/$28M contract
- Coordinated CIE app load procedure; validated install/rollback process--mitigated sys deployment failure risk
- Modernized CAS inspection tracking; developed calendar prototype--projected 4K/hrs yr savings for 13K psnl

- Assisted work center DREN port site survey; resolved 3 account discrepancies--projected savings of $1.5K/yr
- BES PEO cmd section admin; corrected 67 errors on 17 EPRs/OPRs/decorations--100% on-time & error free
- Compiled data from 10 divisions; updated 50 PEO meeting slides--piloted presentation for 12 BES Sr. leaders
- Prepared PEO daily binder; gathered/organized four read-ahead docs--ensured SES informed/on-track for mtgs

- Analyzed sys defect tracking data; added three fields/tailored filtering--reduced PMO report times by 58 hrs/yr
- First Four President; mentored six Amn/hosted six mtgs/oversaw seven events--increased morale of 154 jr ldrs
- Eclipsed Amn ldrshp stds; earned 42 ABW Diamond Sharp, BES Tuskegee Amn, division Sijan & AoQ awds!

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