AFSC 3F0X1/Personnel EPR Examples

See also: AFSC 3S0X1, Personnel

Key Duties, Tasks and Responsibilities

- Technical authority regarding admin matters; assists/instructs personnel on documents, procedures and programs
- Establishes/organizes file plans in accordance with squadron OIs and applicable wing and higher echelon directives
- Performs periodic inspections of unit files, publications and administrative documents to ensure squadron compliance
- Assists members with military pay, travel, and orders pertaining to temporary, permanent, or contingency operations

Performance Assessment

- Superior student; c/w 6 credit hrs toward UMUC MBA pgm, prof lauded "exceeded expectations"--flawless 4.0 GPA

- Piloted UFPM; authored new Sq PT OI, complied w/10 obj, finalized 96 ASIMS updates--301 mbrs/99% rdy to F2N

- Executed UCC ops f/3 Exs; distro'd 68 CAT-Ds/issued 450 M-16s--spt'd $254M expenditures/709 sorties/1.1K flt hrs

-Executed UFPM/EPR/OPR/decorations/AROWS/DTS; tracked stats/processed mil/civ pay--guarant'd unit compliance
-Systematized Gp Staff Mtg slides; maint'd current info from flt to gp lvl--enhanced ldrshp alignment w/ Wg Priorities
-Prep'd 39 wkly directorate staff mtg notes; info gathered, tracked, QC'd/readied--aided GP leaders' oversight abilities
-Created, reviewed, edited/tracked 200 evals/75 decorations/100 docs--ensured high-class quality forms & documents
-Group Functional Area Records Manager; coord'd file records management for 21 offices--ensured 100% compliance
-Focal point for all GP CC correspondence; tracked > 90 docs--ensured accuracy/adherence to standard; proper routing

- Articulates CONUS/OS asgmt rqmts/special duty asgmt pgrms, vOP/OPA & PCS relo policy & processing procedures
- Lead Prsnl Reliability Prgm monitor; verifies admin certs/prsnl processing codes/medical/dental & security clearances

- Vol'd w/Yellow Ribbon reintegration; assisted 300+ mbrs w/info and svcs--increased resiliency for NJANG membrs
- Key person in charge w/ Non-Profit Hopeful Liberia; 16k raised for Liberia cmmnty in pursuant of greater quality life
- Pursued advanced college deg; earned three credits toward MS Human Resources Management--maintained 3.9 gpa
- Attended 1st AF Focus 45 Leadership Course; gained key ldrshp/mentorship abilities--enhanced supervisory aptitude
- Key person in charge with Non-Profit Hopeful Liberia; 16k raised for Liberia community in pursuant of greater QoL
- Steward to the Profession of Arms; Amn of Qtr '18/OG Amn of the Qtr '18/Team Awd '17--model for sqd to emulate
- Enhanced work ethic; tackles tasks above skill level w/outstanding results--delivered quality operations to squadron
- Oversaw production of TDY assignments; 303 TDY orders >2697 trng days w/$235k in travel--zero msn degradation
- Developed UTA tracker; single source doc of sqd personnel to track completed duty--catalyst to unit program success
- Designated section SME 1 month after hire with limited hand off--led to successful CSS Ops Gp cohesion and
- Corrected 12 SDAP oversights; liaised with UTM/AFPC/finance to rectify mbrs records--resulted in $9k overdue pay
- Recognized as Sq CSS with the least RWOA items from wing--products successfully processed with minimal errors
- Orchestrated correction of pay/GTC affecting DTS cases; coord d w/20 mbrs/finance--combat mission ready enabler

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