3N0X5/Photojournalist EPR Bullets

Key Duties, Tasks, and Responsibilities

Performance Assessment

- Covered massive Jt Exer; captured 5K photos of largest AFRC Exer--validated readiness and Jt capes to US Congress
- Crescent Reach exer photographer; doc'd 28 acft/1K paratroopers--imagery showcased 437/628WG combat readiness
- Crafted 3 Veterans in Blue documentaries; highlighted AF vets' achievement/contribution--int'l effort seen worldwide
- Coordinated coverage f/ Wounded Warrior event; amassed 1K photos/3 hrs video--imagery cemented plans for FY16
- Led weekly photo tng meeting; taught 30 mbrs advanced photo-story techniques/procedures--Amn now JQS qualified
- Led 2 man tm for Hurricane response; provided 32 photos & 3hr video of statewide historical event--114M+ audience

- Photographer f/ Patriot Warrior '15; captured 4K pics/75 mins vid/produced 104 products--facilitated FY16 msn plans
- ATSO team lead; completed 5 day field exer/learned adv'd tactical/survival/convoy tactics--increased cmbt doc skills

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