AFSC 3S2X1 Education and Training

AFSC 3S2X1, Education & Training is now AFSC 3F2X1, Education & Training

Air Force Study Guides

Key Duties, Tasks, and Responsibilities

- Oversees & evaluates trng prgms f/1.3K SF & spt pers w/11 msns across a tri-state area securing $1B PL1 nuc wpns
- Ensures adherence of DoD nuc sec stds & compliance by creating/delivering ed resources/policy/instr for 413 sq pers
- Informs sr SFG ldrs in exec trng, develops data prgms f/trng mgrs, coord trng f/NAF, MAJCOM, AFSFC and AFPC
- Mng's ed/trng objectives of 413 Amn in diverse msn, schedules & creates trng initiatives, enforces record keeping std

- Managed and evaluated trng prgms for 600+AFR/Reg AF pers encompassing 33 workcenters and 21 AF specialties
- Issued, ordered, and tracked CDC enrollments; supervised specialty trng qualification for 5/7-level upgrade trainees
- Established and administered training for in-garrison and deployment mission rqmts; carries out staff assistance visits
- Analyze Training Business Area entries/data; monitor ancillary trng in Integrated Maintenance Data System (IMDS)

- Provides training program management for 1K AMXS personnel supporting 94 F-15E aircraft valued at $4.9B
- Orders, issues, monitors career development course (CDC) materials & skill level upgrade trng (UGT) reqmt's
- Reviews/updates Special Certification Roster (SCR) & personnel info in Integrated Mx Database Syst (IMDS)
- Administers/tracks/schedules ancillary, in-resident, Field Trng Detachment, Mx Trng Section (MTS) courses

- Develops, manages & evaluates commander's training pgm for 1000 assigned Amn spting 63-135s worth $2.5B
- Orders, issues and tracks career development course enrollments/exams for five/seven level upgrade trainees
- Prepares, analyzes & evaluates training status reports; briefs MXS leadership & provides corrective actions
- Validates master training plns for 17 diverse workcenters/10 AFSCs; ensures 100% task coverage/compliance

Performance Assessment

- Revised acft tech trng prgm; Id d 250 inconsistencies/combined 3 MTPs--decreased deficiencies by 30% for 96 pers
- Spearheaded 442 MXG trng; prep'd 288 crses/9K instructor hrs--enabled 5K flt hrs/2K sorties/94% MSE rate FY '17
- Backfilled Wing trng; proctored 200 PME/CDC exams, processed 45 formal trng requests--sustained UGT continuity
- Secured mobile trng team/cemented A-10C Weapons Mx Crse; qualified 5 TFI pers--protected $12.5K in TDY funds
- Developed EPME trng slides; created step-by-step procedures/briefed 600 mx pers--expanded MXG NCO knowledge
- Selected as IG insp team trng SME; reviewed 2 prgms/Id'd 5 errors--coordinated/initiated fixes for 100% compliance
- Oversaw 54 ADPE assets worth $26K; designed updated control guidelines--aided 100% equip accountability FY'17
- Steered wg's AFAF campaign; led 5 member tm, provided weekly statistics w/100% contact--solidified AFAF legacy

- Mentored 50 airmen on career advancement;50 pers enrolled in PME--secured AFRC Unit Mx Effectiveness Awd '16

- Attended 8 hr Green Dot crse; mastered trng techniques, led 2 classes--enhanced SAPR/Suicide awareness for 80 pers
- Completed 2 school waivers; evaluated/reviewed/monitored 1K trng entries--saved 442FW $60K/150 utilization days

- Organized formal trng/PME quotas/CDC crses for 56 AFSCs--cinched TFI General Welsh One Air Force Award '17

Training Program Management

- Implemented MEST tracking sys to ensure WG members received skills training req after formal school completion

- Guided/led 36 trng monitors; revamped/implemented scheduling processes--decreased unit overdues by 98.5%

- Enforced Unit Training policy; allowed unit understanding of training pgm--reduced formal school cancellations 30%

- Mgd'd AFTC schedule; combined 237 hrs of instr/79 Amn spanning across 83 AFSCs--taught new sups how to train

- Galvanized gp SOT; tracked 47,528 CBTs, 142 DPEs, 854 courses & 675 Amn in OJT--advised sr ldrshp/zero losses

- Developed new ancillary, OJT, SOT prgms f/SFG; captured 4.7 GB of data--standardized rpts & capes of 1.3K pers

- Saw/overturned neg sq tng trends; led 3-man tm/mng'd 124 crs's, incrs'd capacity 735% & zeroed overdues--set stnd

- Led charge to change SFG DPE prgm; removed reqmt to produce letter--cut 75 man-hrs per wk/per sq/aligned w/AFI

- Assumed higher responsibility; mng'd trng of 1.3K pers; crafted policy f/four sqs w/11 diff msns--raised SFG stnds

- Took on SF trng supt role outside AFSC; led 12 ppl, 29 sq & three gp prgms--produced more w/less/aced HHQ insp

- Negotiated continued critical host-base sprt--UTA testing continued ensuring on-time CDC/PME completion

- Closed gap of min manning w/in-depth trng--1st half of UTA in-house trng; 40+ hrs, boosted office capabilities

- Trusted and true professional--masterfully handled civ/mil trng issues; 248 mbrs benefited from trng accuracy

- Changed contracted school liaison ofcr position; led interview/hired & mng'd local nat'l employee--smooth transition

- Education focal point for Spain; spt'd NAS Rota, Madrid, Torrejon, OSI ed rqmts--extended & preserved msns

- Eliminated MRT failure; scheduled 32 Amn/sec'd 27 out of cycle quotas--$206K saved during "gov shutdown"

- Aggressively sought formal continuation trng; acquired 45 AETC funded crses--saved unit $574K in TDY costs

- Coordinated with Charleston/Dover; gained 10 add'l C-17 eng run slots; increased sq availability by 100%

- Reviewed/fixed 250 SEIs; ensured proper skill set availability; facilitated to a 12 month 93% QA pass rate

- Ensured sq maintained mx capability; secured 36 FTD classes--personnel remain proficient in 100+ SCR tasks

- Streamlined deployment flow; sched'd 322 tng events for 100+ deployers; 100% mandatory rqmts met/mbrs rdy

- Processed and tracked 54 formal tng school allocations; secured zero crse no-shows--10K return on tng dollars

- Managed 31 FTD/5 MQTP crs; resulted in 113 FTD/36 MQTP sq students trained--15% increase highest ever

- Provided superior UTM capabilities; 3 yr low for % in upgrade/selected for sole OG UTM--promote to TSgt!


- Reinstated/org'd Morón in-residence education; held first two classes in 11 yrs--yielded 36 students w/108 credit-hrs

- Popularized education; oversaw 40% sq enrollment rate/$96K tuition assistance--incr'd rate 4%-promote to SMSgt!

- Superb education counselor; led/encouraged Amn to college--raised enrollment rate to 36% and set std for the wg

- Org'd/led Morón education fair; showcased 4 colleges to 300+ military mbrs--garnered 37 enrollments/many leads

- Coordinated 15 Tuition Assistance pkgs worth over $12K; successfully processed & mngd Tech Trng waivers

Upgrade Training Management

- Hosted 8 Wg AF Tng Crses; certified 120 trainers; streamlined documentation--steered 61% redux in UGT 18+ mos

- Validated/processed 9.2K IMDS updates; 0 data errors, mx qualification increased 30%--keyed 98% MSE rate, FY15

- Directed 354 FW's 2nd lrgst prgm; guided 107 UGT mbrs/93 CDCs/47 EOCs--100% CDC pass rt/34 skill lvls awd'd

- Key mbr f/20 AF CRF consolidation; led 11prsn tm/standardized 42 JQS tasks--refined trng across three ICBM wgs

- Worked over 300 AF Form 2096 upgrade requests from 4 units within the 476 FG; flawless attention to detail

- Developed new Status of Training presentation--25 upgrades processed/0 members reached excessive time in training

- Managed trng database; provided MXG leadership oversight on 3/5-level upgrade req for 92 trainees--84% qualified

- Dominated upg; guided 31 amn thru CDC & 5-lvl upg w/ 93% CE pass rate--delivered deployment ready maintainers

- Validated trng program; monitored 600+ record/2.5K trng inputs secured upg training--ensured 100% cbt rdy airmen

- Processed 129 initial trng screenings, CDC/PME orders, season trng packages & upgrade/initial trng packages

- Leading advocate of the Season Training Program...personally conducted over 57 trainee and supervisor briefs

- Reorganized workcenter in TBA; reduced supervision's tng verification process from 30 to 15 mins per record

- Awesome tng mgr; guided 11 Airmen thru Career Development Crs & 7-lvl upgrade w/100% EOC pass rate

- Oversaw seven timely 7-lvl upgrades; achieved 100% 1st-time pass rate with two 90%+ end-of-course scores

- Created CDC tracker; progression visible to sq supervisors/ldrshp--reduced mbrs enrolled over 9 mos by 85%

- Realigned TBA; allowed leaders greater access to tng records; ensured 100% task coverage across 3 airframes

- Mng'd tng database; provided MXS leadership oversight on 3/5-level upgrade tng for 95 prsnl--zero overdues

- Instituted concise CDC end of course prep stds; 45 trainees tested; 98% pass rate--bested AMC goal of 95%

Ancillary Training

- Coordinated 20 RSDs ancillary requirements; created accountability system--reduced overdue readiness training 40%

- Coordinated 4 UTAs; 176+ ancillary trng events for 600+ TR/Reg AF pers--reduced overdue requirements by > 90%

- Teamed w/section chiefs; eliminated all ancillary tng overdues--produced 100% compliance record for 4 mos

- Coordinated 30K ancillary training events for 350+ personnel; reduced overdue training requirements by 66%

- Developed tng tracker; cut overdues from 274 to 54 in 1 mos--led to Wg's Sq of 4th Qtr Awd; promote ASAP!

- Bulldozed overdue CPR training for 82 sq mbrs; resuscitated critical program--sq 100% qualified to save lives


- Request'd by name; trn'd 33 DIA tri-svc prnsl on trng requisites; dev'd supervisor skillset/max'd msn capability

- Conducted two Air Force Trainers Courses; met core task requirements--increased 210 EIS training capability 25%

- Spt'd trng 127 ROTC cadets CQB/SUT/ECP tactics; shared knowledge--highlighted capes/guided future USAF ldrs

- Oversaw group level AF Training Crs; clarified documentation procedures for TBA--2 classes/24 supervisors trained

- Launched 3-wk "Phase 1.5" prgm; taught 28 Amn/316 tasks--bridged trng gap f/new mbrs/laid foundational skill-sets

- Force multiplier; instructed AF Trainer class/qual'd 37 Wg prsnl--incr'd trainer capability/global mobility spt

- Instructed six technicians in "Train the Trainer" crs; all ready for advanced rqmts; increased Sq trainers 15%

- Instructed Wg lvl AF Trng Crs; clarified documentation procedures for TBA--2 classes/42 supervisors trn'd

- Successfully led NCO Prof Development crse, "winning with people"; taught 13 individuals--mentored fellow Amn


- Attended Education & Training Apprentice formal school--graduated near top of class with outstanding 94% average

- Aced two online certs w/BrainBench; enhanced computer coding skills/self knowledge--developed tools f/Defenders


- Aligned installation library w/new AFI rqmt's; refined roles/SOP--set std & reduced admin errors by 22% first month

- Converted antiquated library Internet to fiber optic; minimized cost to <$1K--boosted speed to 10 Mbps for patrons

- Modernized library operations; automated patron accounts & materials--first USAFE GSU w/capbility-promote now!

- Solved Qol LIMFACs; added an add'l library Wi-Fi network/expanded customer service hrs--promote soonest!


- Appointed as Special Test Control Officer; proctored 72 tests to USMC pers--extended jt msn fwd fighting cabilities

- Recognized need & bridged education gaps; proctored six civ college tests--concluded crses/incr'd base quality of life

- Exam proctor for 34 deployed USMC mbrs; donated 198 hrs--saved 108 man-hrs in trans/obtained dual branch cert

- Supported dependent education; proctored 12 college exams--extended opportunities & bridged distance gaps

- Developed test proctor pgm continuity book/6 master tng plans; rec'd "0" findings on both during 2 LSAV insps

- Enhanced first responder cert; proctored 36 fire fighter exams--increased base response capabilities and safety

- Averted critical HAZMAT cert lapse; quick-turned 5 inspector/handler exams--safeguarded material transfers


- Piloted training MICT ; scrubbed 36 chklsts, ID'd/fixed 99 deficiencies--named "best" in squadron/inspection ready

- Executed sq SAV; eval'd 17 MTP/52 ITPs; ID'D 12 major deficiencies/prvd'd guidance; incr'd trng effectiveness 49%

- Created MICT Deep Dive; scrubbed 43 chklsts, ID'd/fixed 64 RIAs & 122 deficiencies--named "best" in gp/rdy prgm

- Supervised 33 work center SAVs; inspected/fixed 600 pers records--aided zero findings on 10 AF cmd directed insp

- Exemplary SNCO; recently requested by-name by 23rd WG MTF to join SAV inspection team at Moody AFB!

- Reviewed/corrected 107 tng records; "0" findings during '08 HQ LSEP insp; Sq rated "Outstanding"


- Piloted Suicide Prevention/SAPR prgms; paced 5 instructors/24 crses--trn'd 318 mbrs/sq 1st in wg complete < 4 mos

- Promoted Cheyenne Little Theatre & library; ran six events/raised $37K--saved historic bldg/developed child literacy

- Volunteered 4 hrs Estonian school; constructed playground/soccer/long jump field--bolstered international relations

- Led MXG cook-out fund raiser; generated $100 profit, fed 275 pers--offset Hogfest awd ceremony ticket prices 10%

- Served as sq lead SARC Victim Advocate; spt'd w/1512 hrs & recruited nine add'l advocates--secured vital pgm's spt

- Unit Sexual Assault & Suicide Prevention tng lead; enthusiastically planned/delivered req'd tng--extended safety nets

- Group POC--tracked AFRC-wide Don't Ask/Don't Tell Tier 1/2/3 lvl training; Perfection on high-vis cmd task

- Mng'd USMC & ATC language certs; met USAF/Spain airspace rqmts--secured 24/7 ops w/zero missed sorties


- Revamped file plan; revised Share Point & reduced/digitized 1000+ historical files--boosted office proficiency 50%

- Revamped file plan; trn'd 5/reduced & digitized 200+ files--saved 20 wkly manhours/boosted office proficiency 50%


- UFPM/PTL; managed 7 PTL's/counseled 7 members w/FA fails--decreased overdue FA 25%/95% squadron pass rate

- Augmented 133d AW fitness program; led/PTL'd 12 wing FAs--alleviated shortfall/processed >500 AFFMS actions

Resource Management

- Established ANG days & dollars tracking process--ensured proper obligation of Lightning Force Academy resources

- Supervised execution of $745k/6082 NGB funds/days; reviewed accuracy of orders/vouchers enforced Wing policy

- Fiscal wizard! Expertly managed Wing's MEST days (696 Officer, 3543 Enlisted) and dollars $834,623.99 for FY16

- Managed $80K budget; funded 57 TDYs; efforts ensured sq retained mx qual; contributed to 90% QA pass rate

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