AFSC 3S3X3/3F3X1 Manpower EPR Bullets

AFSC 3S3X3, Manpower, is now AFSC 3F3X1, Manpower

Key Duties, Tasks, and Responsibilities

- Analyzes workflow, techniques, distribution, simplification, efficiency, and skill mix for 3.5K manpower positions
- Uses industrial engineering techniques to assess, counsel, and assist unit leaders in aligning organizational functions
- Interprets guidance and advises unit commanders on impacts to peace-time and war-time manpower requirements
- Advocates and recommends position mix of military, civilian, and contract personnel according to Air Force policy

Performance Assessment

- Deployed in support of SOCCENT ops; managed 1100+ SOCCENT joint contingency positions in 20 countries

- Validated 600 AEF taskings--100% analyzed/resolved; provided COCOMs w/essential war-ready capabilities
- Analyzed 5 ACRs--realigned/updated 35 rqmts; exhibited efficient manpower resource use & UMD accuracy
- Updated Worst Case Scenario OPLAN--implemented newly tasked UTC rqmts; ensured BW is wartime ready
- Excellent Wartime Program Mgr--verified 109 Global Thunder exer taskings; strengthened nuclear enterprise

- Audited 3.5K positions for MAJCOM transfer; ID'd AETC info for removal...paved way for smooth transition

- Responsible f/3 functional units; directed effective utilization of 658 manpower authorizations valued at $51M
- Engineered new SF msn manpower; validated 64 add'l rqmts/$4M for AFIMSC FY17 prgming--ABW secured!
- Implement'd SF logistics manpower std; balanc'd function w/ grade/skill lvl UMD changes--14 position impact
- Analyzed 3 civ position hire reviews; validated RPA w/ org function/workload--balanced msn/$248K civ pay
- Partnered w/ 733 SFS leadership; executed Manpower 101 brief for XX joint members--coined by unit SGM

- Engineered 354 SFS UMD; realigned 182 positions & eliminated 18 excess positions--saved the AF $1.2M annually
- Id'd duplication of govt/contractor work; terminated 5-yr proposal/prevented FAR violation--lauded by PACAF/A1M
- Analyzed/coordinated 11 Form 9 requests; ensured zero functional duplication--validated $6.2M in Air Force assets
- Managed mission essential coding; postured Eielson for any weather crisis--740 critical workers identified & notified
- Processed msn crit deployment reqs; ensured authorizations were available--46 valid taskings presented to COCOMs
- Standardized process to classify govt workload; created civ/UMD database & auto form--pushed tools to other bases
- Inspirational NCO; led small group discussions on positive feedback/coping strategies--trained 43 Amn in resiliency
- Pillar of FSS UCC; ensured 100% accountability of 450 prsnl/21 facilities--rated "Highly Effective" in PACAF UEI
- Suicide Awareness event chairman; led AFSP Survivors Day--raised $22.8K for support & grew attendance by 200%
- Scholar; completed 10 credit hours and received ISSA Personal Trainer and Nutrition Certificate--primary flight PTL
- Scribed population profile tool; 1.8K data points/10 sources--validated $338M in labor/"best to date" from AF EIS tm
- Sq ldr; org'd 1st-ever family float trip/25 participants, designed mural showcasing FSS msn sets--coined by MSG/CC
- Superstar NCO with deep Manpower knowledge; passion for community & fitness--depended on for msn execution!

- Applied MDG FY13 programming requirements; added/realigned 186 positions--correctly postured med center
- Analyzed/coord'd 159 Form 9 requests; ensured zero functional duplication--accounted for $48M in AF assets
- Scrutinized 84 civ position descriptions; matched skill level to job requirement--mitigated unnecessary growth
- Revamped safety prgm; identified 20 hazards/implemented corrective action--zero incidents/100% compliance
- Reutilized MSgt authorization in FSS; created new position for Base Trng Mgr--trng focal point for 8.2K Amn
- Stellar Manpower tech! True professional w/superior work ethic, ready for expanded responsibility--promote

- Validated 99 ABW CMSgt review; accurately vectored 22 critical positions--postured enlisted force's top 1%
- Partnered w/MDG & Civ Prsnl Ofc; audited/tracked 194 critical civilian positions--resources 100% utilized
- Full-spectrum NCO; worked Airman's Attic/AFAF/Wounded Warriors prgm; leads from front--ready for MSgt

- Responsible for 44 functional units; directed effective utilization of 3,287 manpower auths valued over $367M
- Engineered Continuing Govt Org for AF's largest A76; crucial contract transition oversight--20 position impact
- Redistributed 23 Nellis UAS rqmts to 432 Wing; furthered CSAF UAS vision--offered viable TTP for Creech
- Reviewed $3M in 26 GPC and 25 Form 9 request, averted duplication of svcs--saved $200k in gov't resources
- Facilitated Al Dhafra escort trng; maximized daily support of 40 projects/convoy routes--$1B materiel secured
- Expedited daily ops of 61 escorts and 150+ TCNs; ensured 1700+ personnel secured; lauded by 380 AEW/CC
- Coordinated convoy transport route through Emirate area; 8 prefab bldgs delivered to US site without incident
- Teamed with 57 WG/Advanced Programs, MDS programming/beddown security shortfalls ID'd--3 auth impact
- Assisted 2 MRS 57 OG manpower study; converted new mission into rqmts--baseline for AF operational trng
- Led 57 WG contract personnel review, created in-depth tracking database--613 scant AF allocations validated
- Shaped AMMOS OCR; AF #1 MX Off School realigned--synergized trng capability for 38+ students annually
- Pivotal player in establishing 57 MXS; aligned 294 auths excluded from A-76 contract--revised ops capability
- Unparalleled rapport w/leadership; over 10 "MO101" completed w/in 30 days/CC asgmt--MO partnership set
- 414 CTS multifunctional team lead; identified replication of custodial services--net contract savings of $175K
- Flawlessly processed 16 ACR's; effected 1100+ line items & involved 10 different units--100% accuracy rate
- Validated 57 WG/432 WG CMSgt grade review, vectored 33 assets to meet AF needs--executed Nat'l Strategy
- Dedicated ldr who epitomizes the NCO image; 380 EMSG NCO of the Month, and MOAPE NCO of the Year

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