4A0X1 Health Services Management EPR Bullets


Schedules/changes/cancels appointments; monitors clinics files/collects data; determines patient eligibility for svcs

Creates/updates five Physical Therapy schedules; manages patient treatments/records; meets mission/readiness goals

Reviews PT referrals; requests medical records as needed; coordinates surgical pts evaluation/treatment appointments

Supports Flt ops; provides admin-based PT and Family Health services to Tricare beneficiaries/11.7K visits annually

Manages research database f/largest AFMS med ctr; directly spts edu/readiness msn IAW 2 nat'l regulatory agencies

- Manages MDG UTC prgm; inputs deployment readiness for all Grp mbrs into AEF UTC Reporting Tool (ART)
- Readiness Skills Verification (RSV) & SORTS Monitor; tracks and documents progression for 647 individuals
- Coordinates readiness formal training w/USAFE; schedules 219 prsnl f/C-STARS, EMEDS, AECOT & ICRT

- Provides clinical administrative support to gastroenterology clinic; prepares daily assignments for admin staff

- Manages provider's schedules/templates/alert roster; books appointments for patients in person or by consult

- Schedules over 2K appts/procedures per qtr utilizing the S-3 system including motility/general surgery studies


- Directed 386 EMDG Sys ops; established 51 network accts/26 med accts < 24hrs--ensured 48 mbrs msn rdy <3 days

- Spearheaded Windows 10 OS push; 1.7K computers updated--3rd largest AF MTF completed 3 wks< suspense date

- Tier 2 tech; resolved 326 remedy tickets/3.5K queries--ticket closure ranked #3/72 MTFs/enabled 50K pt encounters

- Revived ROI functions; fixed crit info gap/tracked/proc'd 455 rcds requests--rec'd 3 comment cards/cut wait-time 97%
- Pivotal Tricare advocate; guided 3 pt elective surgeries/collected 63 bills--svd benes $45K med costs/evaded loss of life
- Pt Travel kingpin; enlightened 1 sq, remodeled wrksheets/brfd 148 pts/NMAs--recouped $51.4K travel expenses f/pts
- Vital OPR tm; brfd MDG info f/wg Right Start/inproc'd 30 families/allayed 4.5K rcds retirement--slashed error rt 33%
- Org'd annual Provider Collab; mng'd $1.8K budget/enjoyed by 60 guests/11 clinics--brfd tm Dyess msn/restored lcl ties
- Directed wg deployment/PCS waivers; rdy'd pkges/comm'd w/3 MAJCOMs--guarenteed 40 fit-to-fight pers f/6 AORs
- Championed Referrals CPI; proc'd 3K referrals f/1.8K pts/ID'd/fixed lengthy sys--boosted caps 50%/cut wrkload 75%

- Directed Gp DQ; QC'd FY17 data input f/20 assurance team members/120 line items--#1/13 AFMS f/inpatient coding

- Boosted care for 150 AE pts; obligated/validated $300K in vouchers--enabled transport/reimbursement f/CONUS spt

- Improved open encounter sys; ID'd 973 incomplete CAPERs/22 clinics--#3/86 AFMS f/outpatient/APV completeness

- Revamped Gp travel process; liais'd w/CPTS/initiated & trn'd 37 new AOs/ODTAs--reduced processing time to 72 hrs

- Optimized records department; coord'd 84 newborn registrations/204 APV/179 inpt charts--awarded Sq Tm/Qtr 1 '17

- Mng'd clinic admin duties; reviewed referrals/schedules/cancels 1764 appts-reduced outsourcing/MDG retained $11K

- Provided sole admin support to flt; handled 2.5K appts/oversaw all PT referrals--decreased staff admin load by 75%

- Assisted ops sustainment; created 250 referrals/updated 42 specialty consults--100% ATC during 33% manning short

- Reviewed 400 PT referrals; requested medical records as needed/coord'd post-op visit--guaranteed pts ATC < 72 hrs

- Ignited gp formal UTC trng; sched'd 19 prsnl f/C-STARS/direct rpt to AF/SG--currency compliance rose 31%

- Managed daily school physical for FHI/Peds; produced ###appts 7wks period--add 71+appts, saving AF $##K

- Academic trng fully accomplished; completed 4A051 CDCs and 23/23 core tasks 2 months ahead of schedule
- Completed 12 readiness skills verification modules--armed with knowledge to execute critical wartime tasks

- Requisitioned $56K in copier equipment; added additional manning in copier room; decreased backlog by 60%
- Archived 1,153 med records during 2011 retirement; received shipment confirmation; zero discrepancies found
- Expertly managed Quarters Program; tracked 604 notifications; assisted Wing agencies with unit accountability
- Led two global records searches; recovered 20 missing rec's from other AFMS depts; vital health info secured
- Epitomized wingman concept; jogged with airman during fitness test; enhanced morale/airman passed PT Test
- Created 1st ever Master Training Plan for contractors; instituted weekly training; ensured workcenter cohesion
- Implemented new mailing process; coord'd w/clinic/streamlined dental/med recs shipment; saved MDG $1.6K
- Led PAD Field Response Team during EME UCI, tracked 26 exercise patients; achieved 100% accountability
- Mastered AFMOA STR program; sustained 100% for six months consecutively; surpassed AF standard by 5%

- Meticulously oversaw qtrly MAC reconcilation; processed 226 claims/60 hrs annually--retrieved $70K for Gp
- Overhauled flt file plans for 32 pgms; disposed of 48.2K outdated documents--organized/streamlined residuals
- Sustained pgm in down economy; amassed $2.4M Third Party fund--12 critical psns funded/$660K contracts
- Led TPC pgm; captured 729 insurance forms on school physical/Retiree Appreciation Day--accrued $623K/qtr
- Key mbr Med Control Ctr; coord'd/participated 8 Ex/1 real world chem exposure incident--lauded by Wg XP
- Proudly planned/assisted w/SGA retirement ceremony & 1st Sgt going away luncheon; upheld military customs
- Completed 16 hr course/passed Illinois state test toward Culinary deg--attained Food Svc Sanitation certificate
- Accomplished 26 tng hrs; Contract Ofcr Rep/DTS/GTC/MAC/TPC--mastered crit tech acumen/applied skills
- Collaborated w/2 member team to clear $80K/71 outstanding patient debts; verified eligibility--$0 due to DoD
- Led Flt physical tng 2/wk & Sq 2/qtr; motivated flt w/individual pln, monitored progress--100% pass rate, >80
- Selflessly dedicated 12 hrs towards Gp holiday party planning cmte; raised $624 in food sales--spirts uplifted
- Exceptional performer with superb leadership abilities; drove flt to new levels--TSgt selection well deserved
- Gp's lead DTS approver; rvw'd 108 vouchers/6 budgets/$450K--ensured 100% compliance/zero insp errors
- Oversaw review of 36 items & 2 key areas for Combined Unit Inspection--contributed to "Excellent" Wg rating
- Outstanding can-do attitude; instilled teamwork & raised the bar of excellence in flt--promote to MSgt soonest!

- Directed MDG travel mgmt; governed 35 budgets/4 Sqs--assured reconciliation/accuracy of $550K TDY pgm
- Led TPC/MAC briefings in 23 clinics; implemented new training plan--boasted 97% insurance collection rate
- Built 4A0 Flt Master Tng Plan--realigned manpower w/depts strategic plan; maximized section's productivity
- Marketed TPC at Retiree Appreciation Day; captured accurate beneficiary data--drove Congressional initiative
- Spt'd Women’s History Mo luncheon; sold 250 tickets/oversaw seating & guest list; event praised by lcl Mayor
- Assisted 1st Sgts w/Op Warm Heart fundraiser--raised $15K for Enlisted Widows Home/fellow base Airman
- Completed 2 classes/earned 6 semester hrs towards Health Care Mgmt degree--bolstered resource mgmt skills
- Attended UBO/MAC conferences; increased knowledge to identify HSI shortfalls--flt now compliant/insp rdy
- Noted Goodwill supporter; donated time/raised $350 in clothing/goods--benefited communities' less fortunate
- Enthusiastic; keen grasp on ofc operations; trained Group members on proper resource mgmt--promote to TSgt!
- 375 MDG PTL; designed/led 15 fitness sessions--reinforced Sq fitness standards/improved pass rate to 95%
- Spiritual mentor; taught 20 hrs Sunday School to preschoolers--offered biblical direction/increased civic ties

- Instructed 510 patients of appt time/24 hrs pre-procedure prep; contributed to 98% patient appt attendance rate
- Completed 100 AHLTA notes; zero discrepancies; reduced PCM man hours; increased outpatient earnings $1K
- Modified Self Inspection folder; corrected errors/updated documentation; contributed to HSI "Excellent" rating

- Draws sound conclusions; adjudicated/dispositioned 8,200+ medical case files; 0% error rate-maximized ops
- Primary oversight of MEDCON process; validated 1,007 LOD cases; increased workload by 30% from FY 11
- Skillfull presenter; HITECH HST Course lead; trained 283+ full-timers, SGPs and SAS;100% positive ratings
- Project lead-Duty Determination Management System;coordinated IATO approval; 5 units beta tested on target

- Led MAC program; billed insurance companies $373K/$84K collected for injury services provided by MDG

- Streamlined business practice; processed 175 TPC checks--soared collections $358K crushed target by 67%

- Partnered w/MSM's ROFR office; max'd utilization w/in 3 mil clinics/recaptured 600 visits--saved AF $90K
- Facilitated 4K urgent care referrals; secured timely processing & minimized ER utilization--saved AF $270K
- Authored referral reference guide; streamlined process/standardized w/in MSM--reduced referrals errors 18%
- Tracked 27K med referrals; coord'd specialty note collection w/TriWest--resulted in 98% consult return rate
- Processed 200 ASAP referrals w/TriWest/provided authorizations same day--secured timely delivery of care
- Assisted w/45 MEBs/collected clinical notes--all packages completed w/in 25 days/exceeded AF std by 16%

- Monitored installation of 11 MFDs/$110K in assets; serviced 64 work orders; bolstered end user productivity
- Led Network Protection Suite installation; secured network traffic flow; mitigated potential security violations
- Installed 4 PCs/8 VoIP lines; improved overall MCC performance; enhanced incident management supt/C2 ops
- Relocated 300 peripherals/CHCS Blade server to DRMO; reconciled ADPE inventory; $30K network upgrade


- Implemented AFSO21 initiative; eliminated inefficient steps w/urgent care consult tracking--saved 520 hrs/yr
- Led med referral ctr team; researched/tracked 6K overdue referrals to completion--eliminated 3-mth backlog
- Assistant NATO liaison; briefed medical benefits to 125 eligible foreign partners--provided vital knowledge
- Developed consult tacking audit; ensured notes provider review/filed in pt med records--100% HSI compliant


- Earned BS Biology degree; now pursuing MBA w/empathasis in Med Admin--completed 6 credit-hrs/3.9 GPA
- Member of wg Toastmasters; dedicated to self growth/improvement--improved public speaking skills/abilities


- Provided spt for local church garage sale; sold $5K in donated items--funds used to enhance local community
- Organized VA fundraiser; honored mil vets/raised $10K--all proceeds used to improve local VA med facility
- Flt Meals On Wheels liaison; coord'd & delivered hot meals to 8 elderly families--increased community ties


MSM - Multi Service Market

ROFR - Right of First Refusal

ER - Emergency Room

MEB - Medical Evaluation Board

AFSO21 - Air Force Smart Operation 21st Century

HSI - Health Services Inspection

BS - Bachelors of Science

MBA - Masters in Business Admin

VA - Veterans Affairs

- Training monitor; effectively planned/coord 20 trng sessions for 12 mbrs; ensured pers 100% mission ready
- Section Cost Center Manager; oversees $21K in fy budget; no discrepenices found and flight equip needs met
- Experienced and versatile NCO/gifted multi-tasker; no responibility beyond her reach; promote before peers

- Completed Comp Tia Security+ Bootcamp; 40 hrs; passed 2nd certification exam; DOD 8570 standard exceed

- FMRC administrative team leader; supported >3K appointments/walk-ins monthly--zero disruptions in care
- Constructed 14 new provider templates; optimized patient access to appointments--zero disruption in services
- Excellent appointment/scheduling/template manager; mastered 46 provider's schedules - 100% accessibility
- Assist $350K in computer equipment; 100% operational/accountable--ensured optimal availability of assets

- Piloted Readiness Flt through deployment SAV; netted zero discrepancies--maintained high deployment tempo

- Attained critical technical knowledge; attended CASF training course--put new skills to work during CASF AT

- Pulled 100 med records for peer review; audited/reviewed 8 providers' documention--met AF inspection std

- Validated insurance data; processed/refiled 103 third party collection forms--recaptured $1.9K in MDG funds

- Flawless performer; completed 56+ hrs of Wing Honor Guard training...recognized as Distinguished Graduate

- Aided Facility Management for 2 months showing great efficiency when tasked; displayed great versatility

- Admitted over 90 patients; 100% record accuracy--laid error-free foundation for all subsequent documentation

- Served as functional expert for medical records management of over 12,000 outpatient medical records

- Led outpatient dispensing line redesign; smooth-flowed work; increased productivity 45%--metric proven

- Filled over 70 disability requests for VA; ensured veterans received crucial data for continued medical benefits

- Meticulously managed/researched/filed over 10 feet of medical documentation; perfect accountabilty!

- Processed over 3000 patient records requests monthly; enforced 100% HIPPA compliance standards

- Dedicated health provider; chosen as AMC Enlisted Health Services Management NCO of the Year 06

- Published civilian provider formulary--enhanced 7,500 patients' care; non-stocked requests dropped 50%

- Managed ROI process of patient records for copying; reduced customer wait-time by 40%--increased efficiency

- Rapidly and efficiently checked in 3K patients during dritical manning shortage; exceptional customer service

- Provided administrative support to another low-manned team; team player; ensured continuity of patient care

- Managed Blood Alcohol Test program for 62 squadrons; ensured chain of custody and 100% accurate results

- Served as witness for OSI & Legal Office in UCMJ actions; provided bullet-proof documentation

- Processed almost 3K Quarters notifications; informed support staffs; ensured 100% personnel accountabilty

- Motivated airman; displayed genuine enthusiasm; made steady progress in Patient Administration qualification

- Provided administrative support to 100K visitors to 2005 Charleston AFB Air Show; ensured 100% support

- Revised, updated ROI continuity books; key to excellent rating during JCAHO inspection 2007

- My #1 NCO; selected as Health Services Manager of the Year 2005--promote ahead of peers!

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