4N0X1C Independent Duty Medical Technician (IDMT)


- Executes 12-hr clinic operations; delivers standardized patient care; diagnoses/treats cadet acute illnesses and injuries
- Administers public health screenings, dental care, immunizations; performs bio-environmental & laboratory testing
- Provides health care f/ 4K cadets during Expeditionary Survival & Evasion Trng/Basic Trng/athletic sporting events
- First responder to field environment; directs emergency care during HAZMAT/MASCAL/base flight/ground mishaps

- Delivers routine/emergent care, performs minor surgical procedures, allocates medications; supports 3.1K svc mbrs
- Augments bioenvironmental engineering/public health offices w/occupational health and endemic disease prevention
- Assists flight surgeon with aircraft mishap/physiological incident response/investigations/reporting/chain of custody
- Wing SABC & CPR instructor; gives wartime/life-saving skills tng/immunization back-up tech for 3K beneficiaries

- Oversees/conducts pharmacy, logistics, public/occupational hlth, BE water supply insps & 2 food svc establishments

- Performs duty as an Independent Duty Medical Technician (IDMT)/Emergency Med Tech Paramedic (EMT-P)
- Provides routine/emergency medical & dental care to special operations forces (SOF) at deployed locations


- Prep'd MAJCOM med inspection; escorted USAFE CFM/briefed 28 line items/zero crit finds--lauded by AFMS CC tm
- Led GSU flu program; vaccinated 68 US pers/2 PODs/QC'd cold-chain-management--100% sq compliance <30 days
- Developed med response plan; ID'd need f/emergency spt/drafted ex w/Turkish ambulance svc--secured 425 ABS pers
- Directed med coverage f/NATO event; est'd triage ops/coor'd evac plan w/TURAF clinic--safeguarded 200+ attendees
- Eval'd/treated 20 pts; ID'd food-borne illness outbreak/34 referred/1 surgical screen--LANDCOM pers 100% msn rdy

- Led Wg IDMT prgm; authored MDGI rewrite, rectified 5 vital MICT discrepancies--earned "outstanding" UEI rating

- Lead CORONA Med Spt Tm enbl'd 60 hrs med cvrg for SECAF/CSAF/65 GOs; coined as Top Performer by VCSAF
- Piloted $5K HPV vaccination prgm point of care service initiated/ran without incident--high risk pop immun
- Attended 40 hr PD crse; demonstarted/enhanc'd problem solving skills f/2 flight prgm improvements--
- Booster club VP devoted 450 hrs; led concert food/drink/sales/clean-up at multiple events--raised $10K for sq morale
- Finished 15 semester hrs toward Bachelors of Health Science; maintain'd 3.65 GPA--enhanced personal development
- Directed med spt f/ 500 pts; vaccinated 1.7K mbrs/perform'd 402 exams/12 minor procedures--enabled 21K msn days
- Spearheaded AFSOC wide fund-raiser; raised $10K f/ first cmd Heritage dinner--coined/lauded by AFSOC/CC
- Led force f/ SOCOM medical requirements; monitored 33.4K checklist items/12 tng events--incr IMR f/ 186 mil pers
- Guided emer med tng prgm f/ 98 CCT/SOWT/TACPs; mentored new ldrship--enabled 534 cmbt OEF msns/88 EKIA
- Develop'd/implement'd 10 trauma scenarios f/ advc'd med; evaluat'd/cert 17 CCT/TACPs--100% global access rdy
- QC d 32 MICT items; implemented "get-well plan"/8 errors fixed zero write ups-- Outstanding effort! AFSOC FM
- Executed Ambulatory Care Unit; manag'd $125K annual budget/$1.5M of battlefield med equipment--100% msn rdy
- 1/8 AFSOC nat'l lifesaving instr's; secur'd $200K AMT contract; led TCCC/AMT crs 100 deployers; saved AF $18K

- Initiated Preventative Med outreach prgm; developed mental hlth wellness/injury crs--ensured 120 SFS pers war rdy

- Astute Clinician; accurately diagnos'd/treat'd 31 mbrs/ID'd 2 critical ailments--ensur'd timely follow-up/access to care

- Treat'd critical pt w/partial amputation; stopped arterial bleed/treat'd shock/pain--lauded by surgeon/civilian life saved

- Aided Wg Influenza Program; vol'd 135 hrs, immunized 4K mil pers--90.2% compliance, surpass goal by a mo

- Augmented MDG's critical manning; provided 80hrs, maintained high access-to-care--zero pts care disruption

- Impeccable medic; diagnosed/treated 41 pts--incr'd workload/decr'd wait time by 50%; praised by preceptor

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