4N0X1C Independent Duty Medical Technician (IDMT)


- Delivers routine/emergent care, performs minor surgical procedures, allocates medications; supports 3.1K svc mbrs
- Augments bioenvironmental engineering/public health offices w/occupational health and endemic disease prevention
- Assists flight surgeon with aircraft mishap/physiological incident response/investigations/reporting/chain of custody
- Wing SABC & CPR instructor; gives wartime/life-saving skills tng/immunization back-up tech for 3K beneficiaries

- Oversees/conducts pharmacy, logistics, public/occupational hlth, BE water supply insps & 2 food svc establishments

- Performs duty as an Independent Duty Medical Technician (IDMT)/Emergency Med Tech Paramedic (EMT-P)
- Provides routine/emergency medical & dental care to special operations forces (SOF) at deployed locations


- Astute Clinician; accurately diagnos'd/treat'd 31 mbrs/ID'd 2 critical ailments--ensur'd timely follow-up/access to care

- Treat'd critical pt w/partial amputation; stopped arterial bleed/treat'd shock/pain--lauded by surgeon/civilian life saved

- Aided Wg Influenza Program; vol'd 135 hrs, immunized 4K mil pers--90.2% compliance, surpass goal by a mo

- Augmented MDG's critical manning; provided 80hrs, maintained high access-to-care--zero pts care disruption

- Impeccable medic; diagnosed/treated 41 pts--incr'd workload/decr'd wait time by 50%; praised by preceptor

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