4P0X1/Pharmacy EPR Bullets

- Maintained file mgmt; organized 26K scripts; id'd 12 tasks/built teams/fix'd 5 critical areas--increased efficiency 25%
- Flt Patient Advocate; assessed three complaints/innovated new processes--cust satisfaction soared from 54% to 97%

- Interim Outpat. Section Ch., MSgt slot; Led 16 AD/Civ/Ctr tm f/4 wks, completed 17K rx's w/99.97% accuracy
- Scheduled 17 mbrs' daily tasks; balanced appts/details...adjusted shifts to meet demand; uninterrupted services
- Guided internal SDA pgm; created reward system, inspired capture of 250 forms; Flt at 92% pt approval rating
- Led 490K new/refill Rxs' production; spt'd 179K DoD beneficiaries' pharmaceutical needs w/99.9% accuracy
- Directed hazardous waste ID process; coded 300 meds/trn'd staff mbrs; averted fines/minimized exposure risks
- Created new high-visibility AD rx ID method; attention grabber reduced active in uniform waits by 25 minutes

Key Duties, Tasks, and Responsibilities

- Utilizes aseptic technique to prepare 9K chemotherapy admixtures to include piggybacks and infusion dilutions
- Inspects medications storage areas; removes expiring stock from patient care areas; prepares items for disposal
- Equips duty section with specific drug interactions/counseling; supports 100 providers, nurses, and residents

Performance Assessment

- Supervised frontline performance; tm dispensed 162K Rx/2 RX sites--quality service/care rendered to 18K/yr
- Launched CHCS reconfiguration; led 5 pers/created 878 med Q-codes--boosted Rx processing speed/accuracy
- Managed PharmAssist/trained staff; extended $2.6K robot HW/SW mx contract--technology filled 240 Rx/hour
- Valdosta Tech liaison; trained 7 RX students/86 tasks; work force increased 875 man-hrs--saved MDG $6.8K
- Scrutinized 1K drugs; researched/replaced/created tracking of 27 items--increased DoD National Compliance
- Instructed five RX trng sessions to 15-mbr tm; provided readiness/exercise fundamentals--100% mission ready
- Directed $5.6M budget; oversaw 810 stock lvl adjustments--slashed overstock returns by 52%/saved $84K/yr
- Single-handedly undertook eight ORE night shifts; dispensed 1000+ CBRNE medications--Flying Tigers FMC
- Established equipment/automation mx protocols; enabled sys software updates--$350K AF investment secured
- Conducted seven disinterested inventories; implemented bar code scanning--ensured 100% inventory accuracy
- Identified 31 unserviceable automated cells; analyzed/corrected issues/created QA checklist--enhanced filling
- Monitored WPAFB High-Dollar Drug pgm; procured 87 critical medications--saved 21 patients/MDG $56.7K
- Pharmacy Training Monitor; tracked 10 AD MRDSS/RSV trng rqmnts/6 CIV folders--readiness lvl maximized
- Tightened Resource Protection; acq'd PYXIS C-II safe/$62K--allowed personal ID/biometric security measure
- Accelerated NDR approval process; reduced turn-around time from 14 to 5 days--benefited 345 pt Rx annually

- Monitored/reallocated 17K non-complaint Rxs for re-use; annotated 4.2K patient profiles; saved Gp \$280K/yr
- Executed daily narcotic inventories; secured 74 items/\$53K value; 100% accountability--zero errors/diversion
- Tracked cntl'd area access for 98 staff--secured \$24M in drugs/eqpmt; poised against potential security breach
- Enforced FDA recall; independently removed 120 inefficacious drugs from 30 wards/clinics; averted pt harm
- Assisted w/narcotic RIE; severed 10 steps, added 25 prepacks; decreased controlled Rx processing time 33%
- Devoted preceptor; fully indoctrinated 4 staff mbrs at Bx pharmacy procedures; reduced NCO tng load by 75%
- Singlehandedly inspected 30 crash carts; maintained 100% in-stock rate; ensured availability of 1K emer drugs
- Adherent to TJC's NPSG; ID'd/relabeled 25 high risk/alert medications; virtually eradicated dispensing errors
- Committed to 0-0-1-3 concept; devoted 10 hrs to AADD--responded to 10 calls; zero DUIs; saved lives/career

- Completed 9 volume 4P051 CDC's/45 core tasks 8 wks early; scored 82% on EOC exam; 5-skill level on tgt
- Fit-to-fight advocate; motivated PTL conducted strength/cardio trng--assisted 5 mbr in achieving wt loss goal
- Mastered 8 continuing education units; heightened knowledge--caught 12 severe drug interactions/averted harm


- CCAF/BA done! completed addn'l 3 credit hr economics crs w/3.8 GPA; Business Admin. Masters 50% done!
- Earned Nat'l Pharmacy Cert. in additional to completing 20 CE credit hours; 1/15 enlisted staff awarded honor

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