AFSC 4R0X1/Diagnostic Imaging

- Partnered w/Army vet clinic; co-authored SOP working dog imaging/trnd 4 staff--averted $11K in referral costs

- Expertly performed 3.9K exams <5% error rate; trained 2 Amn on 27 core job tasks--certified 5 skill lvl upgrades

- Enforced radiation safety; inspected 7 protective assets/$4.3K--mitigated staff exposures/safeguarded 1.9K pts

- Facilitated compliance w/federal silver recovery laws; purged scrap film/90 lbs--recouped $956 back to MDG

- Skillfully imaged XXX pts; facilitated interpretation/diagnoses for X radiologists--no interruption of patient care

- Trained backup techs on imaging procedures; saved over $5K in funding required for recurring offsite training

- Prepared clinic for annual infection control inspection; received 100% rating, garnered HSI "Outstanding" rating

- Deployed to Balad Theater Hospital--key to admission, stabilizaton, and survival of over 50 wartime casualties

- Key member of health service team, achieved a 95% survival rate; key to Medical Group Excellent HSI rating

- NCOA Dist'd Grad/Commandant Award winner+ 87th Med Ops Sq NCO of the Year--poised for greater challenges

- Dual hatted, served as Flight and Diagnostic Imaging element NCOIC; increased productivity annually

- Wrote 1st Memorandum of Understanding between 87th ANG and 101st Med Group--total force integration

- Revised, improved clinic filing system; organized distribution processes--sped up result interpretation 50%

- Supported offbase community, participated in Give a Child a Christmans, raised over $1K during MDG fund raiser

- Participated in care of 55 critically ill patients, 9 physicians, 20 deployed staff members--foundation of success

- Improved outdated diagnostic imaging competency program--cut qual time by 30 days with 0 loss competency

- Trained standby techs on imaging procedures; advanced upgrd training of backup techs with 100% pass rate

- Increased immunizations clinic productivity during surge activity; manned Wing Flu vaccination processing lines for deployment to Ops NOBLE EAGLE, ENDURING FREEDOM, JOINT ENDEAVOR and IRAQI FREEDOM

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