AFSC 4T0X1 Medical Laboratory Technician

- Graduated phase I/II courses; completed 2.1K hrs didactic/kinesthetic instruction--earned 88% cumulative avg
- Manned Lackland AFB blood drive; interviewed/cleared 290 donors--collected 870 components/$145K value
- Updated eight operating instruction indexes; streamlined 100 procedures ease of use--increased readability 5%
- Maintained lab reference materials; reviewed 65 guides/research books/currency--updated three outdated texts
- Reinforced Third Party Collection Program; improved lab reporting 453%--reaped >$90K back to MDG funds
- Assisted $52K JBAIDS inventory; removed 100 biohazard vials--validated lab readiness/biohazard response
- Inprocessed 5.7K BMT trainees; collected DNA repository/blood draws--fulfilled rqts/future Amn Fit to Fight
- Chemistry expert; five technical issues fixed/eight hrs in-house--advised FSR on regional labs analyzer errors
- Trained two new lab techs/12 IC monitors/DIPC training; MDGI requirements fulfiled--120 hrs/fully qualifed
- Performed 15 CAP profeciency tests; 100% average achieved--national accreditation requirements maintained
- Managed $6.7K chemistry inventory; reduced erronous orders/excess spending--averted local labs supply gap
- Oversaw collection of aircraft incident samples; 100% accountability/95 specimen--prevented RPA grounding
- Led F-16 aircraft incident collection; ten aircrew processed <4 hrs--ensured mbrs fit for duty/min msn impact
- Identified patient in coumadin distress; initiated immediate care protocols--prevented bleed out/clotting ability
- Identified instrument/CHCS pt barcode error; implement'd software fix--increas'd accuracy from 25% to 100%
- Conquer'd MLS board certification; <10% eligible attain impressive distinction--primed for BSC Officer billet
- Tracked 12 CAP proficiency tests/10 lab techs--ensured 100% compliance w/CAP accreditation requirements
- Singlehandedly correlated new analyzer; establishd LIO/OI -- brought online in 2 days; eleminated $xx contract
- Validated testing for specialty tests; changed ref lab/2 tests--electronic validation possible, $6k saved

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