4Y0X1 Dental Assistant EPR Bullets

- Provided flexible short-notice prophylaxis support; 16 pts/$1.9K value--contributed 97.1% wing readiness rate

- Trained Red Cross Vol in dental assisting; expanded on chairside procedures/tasks--aided 29% staffing boost
- Led Oral Surgeon SAV team; coordinated 53 patients with 6-mbr team--boosted clinic productivity by $113K
- Radiology NCOIC; briefed 42 DS mbrs annually/resolved 120 MIPACS issues--100% compliant with OSHA
- Assisted 2 dentists w/ 1K pts/1.8K procedures/$180K; contributed to Sq $5.4M in care--13.4% > FY13 goal

- Maximized schedule for 6 providers/techs; decreased access to care by 13 days--shattered AF 21 day standard
- Managed flight pers records; accomplished 132 record reviews monthly--zero DNIF mishaps/ready rate 100%
- Oversees daily ops of records/reception element; verifies eligibility for care; maintains/files charts for 2K pts
- Dominated flt's customer surveys; garnered 97.3% pt satisfaction--efforts contributed to top 10% ranking in AF
- TASO monitor; troubleshoots PC issues on 22 computers worth $150K--key in ensuring minimal record errors
- Interim IPPD Team Chief; led 22 pers/inventories equipment worth $79K--decon fully operational in <12 mins
- Dental Radiology NCOIC; calibrates digital software on 12 x-ray units--ensures 100% diagnostic radiographs
- Mission partner; task manager for virtual outprocessing implementation; streamline process for departing pers
- Augmented preventive dentistry during staffing shortages; treated 66 patients, 194 procedures valued at $8.3K

- Assisted provider w/ xxx dental procedures/generated $xxxK--contrib'd to Wg xx.x% readiness rate; ## in AMC

- Skillful tech; performed 716 procedures valued at $120K--efforts elevated class 2 rate by 4.4%/#11/75 bases
- Managed clinic record reviews; inspected 1K records/corrected 300 discrepancies--reduced error rate by 3%
- Performed 500+ prophylaxis appointments; contributed to dental class 1 rate of 79%--eclipsed AF goal > 14%
- Meticulous; performs daily check on medical equipment/supplies--confirmed 100% emergency ready response

- Performed 573 prev dent procedures; facilitated 500 pts/$8K--helped WG 99% Class 1/2 rate/ 4% above std

- Audit/repair tm mbr; proc'd 18K dental charts; verified 100% accuracy--ensured classification 7K warfighters

- Skilled in customer service; managed schedules/47 providers--16/21 day access to care/76.1% above AF goal

- Completed treatment on 725 patients valued at $130K in care--key to wing's 99.5% dental Class 1 and 2 rates

- Audited 100 dental records monthly; verified Class I & II rates--DS outshined AF dental readiness goal by 3%

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