8S000 Missile Facility Manager


- Manages a $6M Missile Alert Facility (MAF) supporting USSTRATCOM global strike & deterrence missions
- On duty NCO responsible for the management, control & general supervision of personnel assigned to the MAF
- Coordinates maintenance activities, tracks site equipment discrepancies & operates stand-by power generator
- Enforces compliance with applicable federal, state & local Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards


- Led 20-hr self-help project; stripped/repainted mech rooms/LCC floors--revamped MAF interior appearance
- Supervised facility boiler upgrade; $400K project finished on-time--upgraded heating system for 480 members
- Directed 17 fuel orders for five facilities; requisitioned 34.6K gals worth $129K--sustained NC2 mission ops
- Identified/diagnosed frozen MAF pipes; mitigated water supply downtime--prevented damage to $10K system

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