Finance EPR Bullets

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- Centralized SAF GTMO oversight; managed entitlements/cut process time 50%--UN Peacekeeper mission sustained

- Collaborated w/DFAS/SAF/bases; propelled stagnant CMS cases to resolution--$12.5K due to members/paid in 1 day

- Choreographed integration of PCS In-Processing and e-Finance web-based systems--improved svc w/o svc interuption

- Examined 113 DFAS site visit rpts; 355 discrep/ID'd 31 neg performance trends--arranged addt’l trng/10 MAJCOMS

- Facilitated workload transfer; base w/o disbursing ops--37 docs processed/$245K/40 man-hrs restored/crisis averted

- Milpay SME for 10 DETs/MAJCOM; facilitat'd wrkload xfer fr MAJCOM to DET--allow'd for seamless changeover

- Money master; quickly obtained eFinance/DTS AO certs--successfully managed squadron travel budget of $2M

- Penned Disbursing Ops training guide; trained cross-functional team procedures--equip'd to sppt 80 disbursing offices

- Guided Incirlik NEO; developed central repository of critical guidance/directives/docs--enabled 24/7 access for prsnl

- Resolved $77K LOF action; ID'd potential liability--receipts submitted/trng conducted/2 personnel retained for duty

- Vital to org stand-up; seamless transfer of MAJCOM capes--tm garnered HAF's Gen Spencer Special Acts/Svc Awd

- Executed $206K AMXS budget; sq on course to close out FY16 FHP--facilitated 10.6K srts/21.6K hrs flown to date
- Stellar DTS Reviewing Official; fixed/processed 100+ travel vouchers--val'd $25K in claims/eased fiscal constraints
- Procured $48K of PPE/cold wx gear; 625 mxer's focused on mx effort--upheld 98% MSE rt FY16/dwarfed 95% goal
- Administrated eight GPC master accounts; $376K expertly utilized--100% balanced budget/zero delinquencies FY16
- Outstanding RA! Mng'd 557 GTC accounts/$902K GTC expenses--upheld 1.8% delinquency rt/bested ACC's 2% std
- Pushed Sq's Land Mobile Radio upgrade; procured 26 assets/$175K--strengthened mx/warfighter's comm capes 60%
- Secured/mng'd $880K in new contracts; led acft sun shade/travel pod overhaul--spt'd 10.9K srts/23K hrs f/FY17 FHP
- Oversaw annual fuel budget; monitored Sq's 46 vehicle fleet--reduced monthly liabilities by $7K during sequestration
- Spearheaded Shaw's $58K intake/exhaust cover replacement contract--enhanced appearance/boosted FOD prevention
- Discovered missing equip during SAV/insp; initiated 7 ROSs/kept process on track--recovered $16K assets f/20 FW
- Executed annual RAB inventory; permitted 625 mxer's to focus on mx--fueled 98% MSE rt, FY17/dwarfed 95% goal
- Spt'd 52 acft HUREVAC <24 hrs; gen'd orders f/47 Amn/protected $2B fleet--keyed Grp's '16 Mx Daedalian Trophy

- Educated 122 PCS-in newcomers 1-on-1/id'd 32 high cost of living hardship issues/reduced brief time by 30%

- Coordinated/report'd GTC data to MAJCOM FM/base APCs; advised Wg leadership/delinquencies declined 5%

- Ramrodded 62 time sensitive DTS accruals/paid $76.2K late GTC bills; mitigated DoD AEF cycle bottleneck

- Organized 2 no-notice cash verification audits; validated $51.5K cash-on-hand--100% Disbursing Ops accountability

- Engaged w/Wg ldrs to build case for E-6 BAS approval; reduced DFAC overcapacity by 15%--superb decision supt!

- Competent professional; skillfully planned/executed AF BAH Audit, documented over 1000 dependency updates

- Aggressive focus on GTC prgm! Lowest delinquency rate in 3+ yrs; rcv'd rebate providing add'l funds for Wing

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