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- Dedicated PTL; monitored fitness stats f/101 prsnl/led 5 cardio sessions--garnered 99% pass rt/61% excellent

- Constantly strives for top physical fitness; added 1.5 pts to annual PT score--maintained excellent score

- Fit to fight; fitness regime practiced to exceed USAF fitness standards--resulted Top 10% fitness score of 95%

- Fitness promoter; coord d 5 intramural sporting events/80 prsnl participated--coached softball to 1st place title

- Self-driven/can-do attitude! Completed '10 USAF Marathon/26 miles in 3 hrs/30 minutes...fitness role model

- Implemented rigorous fitness prgm; second consecutive "EXCELLENT" rating on Fit Test--increased 3.7% pts

- Epitomized wingman concept; jogged with airman during fitness test; enhanced morale/airman passed PT Test

- Self Improvement; sustained fitness regiment that resulted in loss of 40+lbs--Achieved an excellent on fitness test

- Aced 36-hr intensive/adv'd Fitness Prgm; scored 92% EOC exam--earned $1K 2-yr "Level 1" instructor cert

- Led 8 sq/flt & 4 kickboxing PTs; challenged/improved 67 pers--ran Bozeman half-marathon/placed top 10%

- Bolstered DEP mbrs' mental/physical readiness; incorporated fitness at all DEP mtgs--100% fit-test pass rate

- Augmented 133d AW fitness program; led/PTL'd 12 wing FAs--alleviated shortfall/processed >500 AFFMS actions

- Sq intramural sports pgm lead; coord'd 80 games/580 participants--enhanced sq fitness/bolstered camaraderie

- Led MDTS running pgm; trnd 7 Airman/proper form & advanced techniques--improved fitness/PT run times by 20%

- Conducted mock PT tests for FD Airmen; Ensured compliance with AFIs--helped fellow Amn pass PT tests

- Fit to fight proponent! Infused essential jolt of adreneline into PT program; propelled flight pass rate to 100%

- Advocate Fit-to-Fight; dedicated 15+ hrs to strength/cardio tng--helped 2 members achieve "excellent" score

- Added Fitness Center walk-through to curriculum; increased troops fitness knowledge--Fit to Fight advocate

- 59 MDTS PTL/104 prsnl; leads weekly work out sessions--promotes & enforces AF/unit fitness pgm directives/stds

- Selflessly volunteered to help peers as PTL/trained fellow Airman; Airman's score improved over 15 points

- Led 52 PT sessions; pace setter for alpha ability group--students physically conditioned for wartime missions

- Reliable leader/motivator, routinely directs 50+ Sq personnel in PT; 5 CS has a ## passing rate as a direct result

- Led by example; crafted & conducted PT sessions for 13 airmen--increased unit fitness readiness rate by 15%

- 86 MXS PTL; led conditioning of 256 personnel during fitness events/testing--linchpin to sq 99% PT pass rate

- Attended PTL trng; tested eight sq mbrs and helped revamp flt's PT prgm--work center attained 95% pass rate

- KO'd PTL trng; guided weekly Viper Fit sessions/provided fitness instructions--ensured success of 45 sq mbrs

- Created specialized strength trng class; led 70+ "Warrior Fitness" for 30 Amn wkly--3/3 prior fail to pass rate

- Stellar support of fitness ops; tracked 35 weekly grp exercise classes/10 volunteers/20 hrs--base "Fit to Fight"

- Served as Fitness Assement Cell PTL; monitored examinations f/182 Amn--ensured AF fitness standard upheld

- Vol'd 8 hrs at MacDill Amn Resilience Center; exemplified comprehensive fitness pgm--Amn gained vital info

- Managed/mentored 133 trainees monthly; fitness/education prep cut BMT attrition to .8%--protected key resources

- Fitness guru; physical training leader for JA, ADC & deployed unit -- administered 15+ tests; standards upheld

- Meticulous; thorough investigation identified derelict fitness pgm...adverse action dropped/NCO's career saved

- True team player; provided fitness test monitoring for 14 Mission Support Group mbrs; ensured 100% pass rate

- Created & implemented 13-step fitness program; 45 students increased AF fitness test scores by 5 point average

- Completed 25K/50K marathon; ignited SARMS tm physical fitness w/91.2% PT score--led tm zero PT failure

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