Green Dot Training EPR bullet examples

- Led Green Dot 2.0 roll-out; interfaced w/Wg SPPVs/coord'd 5 crs/trained 152 JBSA psnl; met AF trng rqmt < 3 mos

- Green Dot Facilitator; Armed 120 Amn in violence/suicide prevention reinforced Zero Tolerance Policy AF values

- Sq Motorcycle rep/Green Dot Implementer; org'd 4 sessions/trn'd 87 mbrs--enforced zero tolerance/safety of 19 riders

- Stood up as Green Dot implementer; raised awareness of SAPR in the workplace--core AF values reinforced

- 1 of 2 Wg Green Dot Coordinators; train'd 302 pers/manag'd 9 instrs scheds--reinforc'd Zero Tolerance Policy

- One of 44 implementers; org'd/taught 182 Nellis/Creech Green Dot crs's--armed 3.5K Amn in violence/suicide prev

- Green Dot Facilitator; 2 tng sessions held--1 AF pers primed for sexual & domestic violence intervention/prevention

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