Inspector General/IG EPR Bullet Examples


- Leads 131 wg insp tm augmentees to ensure a thorough evaluation of 18 units' efficiency/compliance to AF standards
- Oversees Commanders Inspection Program (CCIP); provides real-time data for CCs at all levels on unit's msns/prgms
- IG lead for administrative actions; directs work center activities, plans inspections, conducts/attends wg level meetings
- Independently assesses Wing programs/capabilities; validates and verifies wing, group, and sq Self-Assessment results

- Trains & certifies Wg Inspection Team mbrs; directs Wg functional prgm mngrs; develops inspection reports
- Manages Inspector General Evaluation Mgmt Sys; coords/tracks deficiency corrective action plans to closure
- Executes Wg CC inspection prgm; develops inspection plans f/4 Gps/17 Sqs; validates self-assmnt programs

- Overseas Management Internal Control Toolset f/4 Gp's/17 SQ/2 tenants; assesses Wg's msn readiness & compliance
- Instructs/guides 51 SAPMs & 21 CCs on SAP; ensures 365 prgms are tracked & assessed IAW MICT Business Rules
- Conducts mthly SAPM insp's/reports findings in Insp Gen Eval Mgmt Sys; provides closure procedures & timeliness
- Tracks/updates WSA MICT & IGEMS discreps; provides mthly metrics to Wg/CC in CC Insp Mgmt Board (CIMB)


- AETC/IG 1st! Created 41 FAM insp guides f/224 MICT users--trained 72 SAPMs/improv'd compliance f/29 units

- Org'd AF Insp Agency visit; coord'd comm/eqpmt spt f/3-day IG trng crse--facilitat'd certs f/24 prsnl/7 PACAF bases
- Held IG/MICT/IGEMS training for 16 CCs--leadership key to CC Insp Prgm health; 94% discrepancy closure rate
- Briefed Rep of Korea Joint Chiefs/J3/4 on 374 AW mission; conveyed Yokota's strat role--bolstered UN partnerships
- Coord'd no-notice Sortie Production Assmnt by PACAF/A4; lauded by BrigGen Hill--MX msn effectiveness valid'd
- Launch'd 1st ever Wg IGI deplymnt trng; 2 deployers rdy to rock/27 hrs vs 2 wks--fortified AFCENT CCIP ISO OIR
- Directed HAF SII insp; validated FIAR rmqts f/3 Wg accts/27 eqpmt assets/$7.5M--benchmark lauded by PACAF IG
- Sync'd Wgs Strat Plns; coord'd 33 SAVs/12 audits/negated 7 sched conflicts--primed 4 Grps f/CV-22 SATAF support
- QB d PACAF A4 visit; drafted 5 day itinerary/spt'd 20 mbr tm f/no-notice MXG insps--key to Wg s C130J transition
- Ex'd Wg HA/DR resp; directed 40 pers/insp'd contingency plans f/4 units--enhanced 1st responders/recovery protocol
- Org'd 51 WIT f/AT/FP Base Barrier plan insp; eval'd 17 Sqs/ID'd 11 crit discreps--drove XP anti-terrorism pln re-write
- Rejuvenat'd WIT prgm; revamp'd insp/ex process/stndrdz'd eval criteria f/70 mbrs--facilitat'd 1st base CBRN ex/3 yrs
- Re-tooled CCIP; streamlined reporting/increased Ex's two-fold toward contingency preparation-Wing Ready to Fight

- Acting wg IG f/2 wks; led 5-mbr insp/ex/complaints resolution tm--ensured flawless execut'n of 4 By-Law insps/2 ex
- Led 1st-ever Persnl Accountability ex/insp; val'd wg ability to accnt f/5K Amn--ex plan modeled by AFCENT AEWs
- Drove Active Shooter ex; led 39-mbr tm/bridged 23 process gaps--val'd sec rspns/safety f/9K jt/coalition cmbt forces
- Author'd Wg/CC initial insp rpt; ID'd hi-risk areas/benchmarks to AFCENT/ACC CCs--val'd wg's cmbt effectiveness
- Led 12-mbr insp tm in WSA insp execut'n; eval'd 828 SACs/ID'd 16 gaps/4 strengths--verif'd unit's msn effectiveness
- Org'd wg CIMB x3/coord'd inputs f/26 units; enabl'd Gp/CCs crosstalk platform--equip'd Wg/CC w/vital msn metrics
- Liaised w/RAF & QEAF; built framework for 1st-ever US/UK acft crash ex--cemented coalition accident rspns capes
- Forged inaugural wg insp pln RBSS; baselined 681 AF/DoD/By-Law prgms--focus'd lmt'd resources on hi-risk areas

- Mngd IG Eval Mgmt Sys; finaliz'd 7 insp reports/67 findings--provid'd oversight f/trend analysis/deficiency res

- Scrutiniz'd idle IGEMS write-ups; id'd findings rdy f/closure--prompt'd SAPM oversight f/78 deficiencies > 1yr

- Insp'd 2 By-Laws; eval'd Cmbt Trafficking In Person/Equal Opportunity/no write-up--val'd congress lvl prgms

- Streamlin'd Vertical Insp; steer'd 17 insps/9 Wg prgm/3 units--id'd msn degradation/decreas'd rpt time-line 66%

- Wg Insp Tm mngr; revis'd chklst, conduct'd 3 WIT trng/brf'd All Call/66 mbrs--cert'd 10 insps/reinforced AFIS

- Trn'd AF/Wg policy to 4 Wgs at Newcomers/FTAC; educated 1.3K& prsnl on IG/FWA; conveyed CC intent/mbr rights

- Active shooter exercise evaluator for 4 bldgs/96 prsnl; corrected 3 discrepancies--improved awareness/preparedness

- Hand-picked for AFMC IG; audited 21 shops, 84 prgms w/ 1.7K MICT items--ensured Hill AFB met MGA UEI stds

- Synced/integrated 50+ BOS programs w/CCIP; superbly leveraged resources and returned white space to units

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