41A Healthcare Administrator

- Worked Wing DDRP/40 hrs; validated 112 sample collections/0 untestable--enforced AF zero tolerance policy

- Managed MDG Voting pgm; facilitat'd absentee voting prcs--advis'd 297 personnel/bolstered poll #'s/30 states

- Standardiz'd MDG x-ray technique chart; improved PCM ordering accuracy--ensured image consistency/2K pts
- Directed Flight Safety pgm; provid'd 12 workcenter brfs/spot insps--drove 100% OSHA compliance/0 mishaps
- Scruntiniz'd 109 Gp DTS vouchers; assur'd 100% accuracy/correct routing--account'd for $225K in TDY funds
- Spt'd Pharmacy msn/devot'd 90 hrs; mitigat'd mnpwr crisis--seamless for 66K beneficiaries/enabled 4K scripts

- Pivotal to saving over $200K; overhauled 2 medical contracts totaling $560K; eliminated 4 unnecessary FTEs

- Authored 4 Medical Contingency Response Plan annexes; ensured clear guidance during emergency situations

- MCC Team Chief; critical to "Excellent" on NSI--ensured 100% comm to leadership for 14 wing exercises

- Managed ops for 10 Wing exercises/air show; ensured all MDG requirements met; nailed first CORI in 10 years!

- Initiated first-ever NDMS joint/fed FTX with VA/DHS/local emerg svs; ensured statewide patient evac capability

- Directed MDG ops in 18 wing exercises incl first CORE Phase II in >10 years; lauded by BW/CC as "Exceptional"

- Led streamlining of 21 MDG UTCs to 10; balanced MDG in-garrison/deployment msn to align w/AFMS goals

- Supervised deployment of 38 MDG members; ensured timely backfill of OEF--wing SAV noted zero discrepancies

- Oversaw HSMR program with >$2M inventory; assured > 95% msn readiness despite Continuing Resolution

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