Protocol EPR Bullets

- Quarterbacked protocol spt for DV visit; coord'd luncheon/tour route/comm spt/all call--coined by 3 AF/CV

- Chief of Protocol; led immersion/2 DV visits/2 promotions/4 retirements--promoted SOG msn/honored mil tradition

- $170K AF Ball team lead; planned 300+ hrs toward DV invites, tickets, reception--2K ppl/COMACC lauded

- Protocol chair for 1st Family Practice Resident Grad; ran dry-run/script write--praised by 2 Senators/200 prsnl

- Built 1st House Arm'd Svcs Committee Staff's visit; org'd agenda, ADVON, transport detail--STAFDEL coined

- Supervised SF all-in-one de/activation & CoC event--impact'd 2 bases/1 gp/3 units--seamless merger for 350

- Initiated 324 DV & 831 billet nights for 5 Wings/52 tenants/NTTR--CSAF, 3 NAF & 4 MAJCOM CCs lauded

- Preserved 56 DV suites; sustained 29.3K sq ft, $400K inventory, maintenance checks--embraced by 1.1K prsnl

- Provided setup for APEX 35, Chaplain recruits, COMACC, 2-day CF--71 GOs/SESs & 18 DVs mission ready

- Plan'd/coord'd Royal RSAF, CSAF CPV visit; bolstered critical GWOT alliance--coined by CSAF & ASC/CC

- Hi-cal SSgt! Off-chart tempo/int'l impact: 7.6K DVs/81 nations/7 CSAFs/7 CHoD CPVs/POTUS--OTS ready!

- Asst'd above scope; masterminded AFSPC/A3 agenda--earned USAFWC's FSS/AFSA Chptr NCO OTY Awds

- ADVON'd for 17 NATO Air Chiefs; guided schedule/logistics/office calls--17 countries honored by reception

- Filled Protocol Ofcr pos in DV Ops; 2-Star/CCs'/Cmd Chiefs' trust/cohesion of unit--OTS acception deserved!

- Led Scientific Adv Brd logs: agenda & mult venues/security lvls--study enabled hi-lvl recommendations to AF

- Mng'd ACC/A2, AF Chief Scientist & Defense Intel Sr Ldr visits; tailored itins garnered spt for CC's priorities

- Co-chaired Base Open House; prep'd $60K CC's DV Chalet/parking/ticket & invite design--honor'd 934 guests

- Org'd Nike Exec immersion; showcased base/flightline/SOF/T-birds--estab'd relation b/w Nike & AF athletes

- Develop'd guides: author'd 5-pg OI, rejuvenat'd 109-item sharepoint, revamp'd Civ PD--streamlined 2-base spt

- Primed base for hi-vis agendas; org'd frmr Speakr, NV Gvnr, STAFFDEL itins--AF needs her as a SMSgt now

- Billiant mentor/grows quality Amn--ldrshp earn'd OTS selection/10 qtrly/6 yrly/2 Wetzel "Unsung Hero" awds

- A+ ldr w/stunning tempo: 7.6K DVs/132 GOs/CSAF/COMACC/9x 4-star--ldrshp assur'd AF/nat'l/int'l impact

- Hi-impact MSgt! NCO & SNCOQ/WC's Boles Mentorship Awd/STEP'd to MSgt--promote SMSgt this board

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