Air Force Retirement EPR Bullets

- Led/aided 4 promotion/retirement ceremonies; commemorated combined 52 yrs military service--lauded by dean

- Assisted setup/teardown flt super's retirement; set standard for future ceremonies--lauded by wing leadership

- Assisted with retirement ceremony; performed security duties--commemorated SMSgt for 24-years of service

- Bolstered retirement ceremony; quickly organized/executed logistics plan--honored 23 yrs of military service

- Cmte mbr; devlp'd pgm f/MDG 1st Sgt retirement ceremony; upheld mil tradition/honors--event lauded by CC

- Coined by Vice CC 86th Aeromedical Evac sq; photographed prior CC's retirement ceremony--selfless airman!

- Consummate professional--proffered retirement ceremony; sq retreat ceremony flight mbr--honored AF customs

- Emceed retirement ceremony; recited 5 presentations--honored 20-yr commitment/demonstrated esprit de corps

- Escorted family for retirement ceremony; honors conveyed to departing service member--upheld AF tradition

- Exceptional Color Team mbr during 316 WC/CV retirement ceremony--superior send-off for a great AF leader

- Facilitated XX retirement ceremonies; led four mbr detail in precision drill Exhibited AF traditions to XX attendees

- Folded/delivered flag at SNCO retirement ceremony; precisely executed--commemorated member's service

- Key manager; organized 7 element farewell's and 1 SNCO retirement--positively impacted morale--promote!

- Key player; assisted with setup for multiple flight functions/retirement ceremonies--set example for his peers

- Led flt NCOIC retirement ceremony; ensured all venues were 100% set/ready--lauded by Flt/CC for superb job

- Led set up/tear team down team; prepared retirement ceremony for 24 yr SMSgt career--time honored tradition

- Meticulously certified 327 separation/retirement payments; $2.4M/2.2 day avg-eased transition to civilian life

- Orchestrated retirement ceremony; led 4 psnl/wrote script/mapped execution--event lauded by sr ldrs/honoree

- Organized 35 FW Command Chief's retirement ceremony--ensured succces of first-class event for 300 guests

- Perf'd proffer duties; spt'd MSG/CEM's retirement--carried out military tradition honored 29 yrs of faithful svc

- Polished communicator! Gathered info, penned/emceed retirement script--dignified 37 faithful yrs of fed svc

- Proffered CCM retirement; delivered 7 awards/5 presentations w/dignity--honored stellar 30 year commitment

- Proffered MSG CEM's retirement ceremony; carried out military tradition/honored 29 years of faithful service

- Proudly planned/assisted w/SGA retirement ceremony & 1st Sgt going away luncheon; upheld military customs

- Sets standard; hand-picked to escort distinguished visitors for SNCO retirement; displayed positive AF image

- Spearheaded Law Office Sup't retirement ceremony -- 20 yrs service properly recognized...mbr/family grateful

- Sup'd military heritage; emceed promotion ceremony/setup retirement ceremony--upheld time honored traditions

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