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Job Description

- Conducts safety inspections/assessments of base facilities and operations; prepares written evaluation reports
- Consolidates mishap data, identifies trends, and recommends corrective measures to reverse any negative trends

Performance Assessment

- Dominated flt safety coach duties; led monthly flt briefings/initiated 2 new processes--reinfoced Trusted Care/HRO

- Sq Motorcycle rep/Green Dot Implementer; org'd 4 sessions/trn'd 87 mbrs--enforced zero tolerance/safety of 19 riders

- Led flt safety pgm; corrected 22 errors/est'b 1st-ever safety tracker--lauded as "Best Pgm Seen to Date" by wg safety
- HAZMAT freight mgr; 44 spot checks/revamped hazard hold area/built 10 placards--protected 22K sq ft warehouse
- Analyzed 4 saw deficiencies; fixed machine mount/standardized 9-step lock/tag-out process--averted injury/40 prsnl
- Directed JSTO trng; led wkly briefs for 27 mbrs/aligned 26 tasks--boosted safety awareness 3 work ctrs/zero mishaps

- Led Wg's 1st-Ever TFS inspection policy/site; tracked 27 users/134 shelters--met AFCENT/CC's safe workspace guid
- ID'd/analyz'd 10 KC-135 drogue-fails; $80K+ in mishap cost--devis'd "zero" cost AOR-wide solution/avert'd msn fail
- Develop'd/institut'd new airfield driving tng; coord'd procedure changes w/Afld management; reduc'd CMAVs to zero
- Created Wg's 1st-Ever Mx Safety Roll-up brf; deep dive on 10 categories/21 mishaps/5 preventables--educat'd >1.1K
- Led Qrtly Fly-Safe streamline; 8-slide template/incorporat'd FCIF; disseminated 580 aircrew--reduced workload 11%
- Built Wg's 1st-Ever MWD RM plan; add'd 2 areas/30 lbs NEW; train'd 10 tms/20 mbrs--boost'd Wg's overall security
- Led Wg's 31-day Fire Safe Campaign; author'd 4 PSAs/CC policy; benchmark'd by AFCENT/SE; "0" reportable fires
- Conducted Qatari C-17 pgm eval; analyz'd 27 areas in coord w/Dep DIRMOBFOR--incr'd AF capacity/HN relations!
- Built all-inclusive assessment report; standardiz'd 3 cross-functional tms; inspect'd 9 fed rqmts--cut writing time 50%
- Develop'd benchmark Safety process slides for Mx; provid'd crit safety info to 8 AMUs--praised by AFCENT SE Chf

- Piloted BASH plan; led 12-mbr Guard/Reserve/AD tm; coord'd 25 action items/codified pgm--earned Gp NCO OTQ
- Partnered with USDA; dispersed 1,000+ wildlife f/afld--mitigated danger to acft/wildlife...3,200+ flt hrs/no mishaps
- Saved 3 AF prsnl w/suicidal ideations; coord'd Mental Health/QB'd post inpatient safety--prevented loss of AF lives
- SE rep for 4-phase/$7M airfield drainage project; validated 3 alt taxi routes--mitigated risks & ensured seamless ops
- Completed 40-hr AFSO21 Green Belt crs; merged 143 checklist items into auditor app--leaned SE inspection process
- Developed benchmark QFSM format; TFA brfrs/live wildlife demo/interactive mishap brfs--250 TFA prsnl informed

- Revitalized GSU Flight SE insp pgm; ID'd deficiencies/coord'd 6 MOAs w/two host bases--increased eval rates 300%

- Single-handedly executed SEF pgm during 12-mo Flt Safety Ofcr absence--safeguarded flt ops of 3 Wgs/20 acft
- Performed 640 afld spot inspects; crushed goal by 500% & corrected 13 hazards--ensured safe ops for 80+ acft
- Secured $130K for wldlf pgm; mng'd 3 habitats/pond grid rewiring proj--slashed strike rate to 12 per 10K ops!
- Key responder for 47 emerg's/6 acft types; tracked $3M in mishap repairs--enabled 5K sorties/36K OEF flt hrs

- Mentor during motorcycle safety day; set-up/tore down skills course--promoted safe techniques to 150 riders

- Wg Staff Flightline Driving Pgm Mgr; trained/certified 10 sr leader drivers; 100% effective w/0 discrepancies

- Energized SEF spot insp pgm; ID'd failed concrete/deficient apron markings--key to securing $8M for afld proj

- Obtains full support of other departments, oversaw 5 hydration stations for < 350 members; 0 safety incidents

- Revitalized flight safety pgm; prepared wkly briefs/fixed 53 warehouse discrepancies--safe environment for 27 Amn

- Consummate achiever; attended USAF Ground Safety Mgmt Crse--honed insight/furthered career development

- AOR Safety Representative; identified/fixed 11 safety hazards--briefed 42 Amn weekly/impressed Wg Safety

- Provided eminent LCAP teamwork; support prgms had no TDVs/DSVs--helped squadron earn 87.9% pass rate

- Authored six explosive site plans; boosted FOL net explosive weight 48K lbs--increased weapons capability by 77%
- Generated fighter aircraft parking plan; safely maximized available space--increased total net explosives weight 17%
- Composed three coalition forces risk assessments; 59 violations mitigated--25% increase combat aircraft parking area
- Established OIR FOL electro-magnetic radiation program; provided safe separation distances--zero weapons mishaps
- Conducted 44 spot insps; abated two serious deficiencies--mitigated risks to 600 personnel & 45 OIR support aircraft
- Drafted wing nuclear surety lesson plan; 11 units/1653 personnel trained--ensured wing readiness for nation's #1 msn

- Led 60 Weapons Safety Representatives; imbedded safety culture/ensured strict compliance--zero reportable mishaps
- Spearheaded 75K ground mishap investigation; yielded cross-discipline knowledge/insight--boosted safety msn 20%
- Conquered SNCO JPME crs; gained critical leadership skills for joint battlefield--ready to lead w/sister svc SNCOs
- Managed 61 explosive site plans/$160M muns stockpile; stellar program execution--WSA NCO/Mo & Team/Mo x2

- Overhauled HRA pgm; instituted electronic tracking system/taught ORM steps--mitigated fatal decision making
- Revamped High Risk Activities pgm; instituted electronic tracking--instilled Line of Duty awareness/174 prsnl

- Reviewed/Updated squadron lock out/tag out programs: ensured safety of 699 personnel--zero incidents to date

- Conducted 12 High Risk Activities briefings: risk management explained--mitigated potentially fatal decisions

- Comp'd wkly facility safety checks: id'd/fixed 20+ deficiencies/101 bldgs--OSHA compliant/mishaps averted

- Vigorous squadron motorcycle safety NCO; educated/trained 28 riders--unprecedented zero mishaps to date

- Created a monthly safety report that served as the basis for work center, supervisor, and USR safety briefings
- Assisted active duty safety office with mishap investigation, input results into AFSAS, and reduced mishap log
- Attention to detail; investigated, reviewed, and updated WG safety checklists prior to a CUI to ensure accuracy
- Conducted monthly spot inspections; followed up on discrepancies; assisted units; found workable solutions
- Utilized risk management principles before wing picnic; provided feedback to ensure event conducted safely
- Continually strives to increase professional knowledge; completed OSHA safety class on Hazards Management
- Completed two college level courses towards CCAF degree; earned 7 skill level with ADL/Craftsman course

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