Security/Force Protection EPR Bullet Examples

- Security-focused NCO; watchfully escorted 15 uncleared contractors on base; mitigated all security violations
- Superior Security Escort; continuously raised bar/set standard--guaranteed 1400+ personnel Force Protection
- Vigilantly monitored TCNs during $879K Engine Run-Up Pad project; efforts ensured 100% airfield security
- Provided security; volunteered to guard flight line entrance during construction--ensured no unauthorized entry
- Augmented 377th during ORE as entry controller; ensured zero security breaches--efforts contributed to pass
- Volunteered security detail; dedicated 4 hrs Sesame Street live--oversaw security of 100 guests in attendance

- Stalwart Security! Protected $8.7B+ in acft; deterred crime/terrorism--enabled 100s of sorties--zero mishaps
- Executed 80+ hours of LP/OP outside the wire duties; prevented attacks against Area Operation Security units
- Controlled entry to US/NATO security changeover ceremony; 92 DV/VIPs protected--deterred crime/terrorism
- Executed 240 hrs of Random Anti-terrorism Measures; deterred hostile threats to 62 AW--PL 3 assets secured
- Deployed to Ali Al Salem in spt of OIF; performed force protection duties--secured $3.2B in assets/3K+ prsnl

- Completed 10 convoy security msns; escorted $8.4M of Army assets--ensured msns completed w/o incident
- Primary PSD driver during CENTCOM Commanders' Conference; ensured forty General Officers/VIP safety
- Educated 184 personnel on dock security; provided in-depth experience--increased section knowledge 100%
- Emer responder; overcame main ECP security breach/constructed 60 ft gate--safeguarded 6K psnl/$5.5B assets
- Supervised security/assigned resources; reviewed procedures w/pharmacy prsnl--safeguarded assets IAW AFI 31-101

- Secured F-16 PL 3 resources; enabl'd FPCON measures for 9-11 anniversary--cont'd Op NOBLE EAGLE msn
- Deployed to Ali Al Salem in spt of Op IRAQI FREEDOM; performed FP duties--mixed acft package secured
- Directed Wg WVA; ID'd 6 potential threats/dvlp'd AT/FP COA pln--safeguarded vital AF msn assets/4K prsnl
- Brief'd DW vulnerabilities to Wg/CC; devlp'd AT/FP corrective action pln/cert'd sys potable/safe f/4K mbrs
- Directed 2 controlled area surveys-provided AFI guidance; assured security of $400K+ wpns/classified docs

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