Supply/Logistics Management EPR bullets

- Fortified AWACS fleet; satisfied 63 priority Mx requests <6 min--backed 2.6K hrs flown/42 world-wide requisitions
- Enhanced RSP capes; consolidated 7 increments/3.4K items/$144M--reduced Wg's footprint 10%/inventory time 20%

- Moved 256 ESD assets valued <$13.2M; improved storage procedures compliance--smashed AMC PQDR rt by 98%

- Managed equipment inventory for two branches; accounted for $375K in property/88 line items--100% accuracy rate

- Directed unit DRMO program; processed $39K in SF eqpmt--assured redistribution of AF assets/reduced waste/abuse

- Steered mvmt of 22 NWRM items/$6M; facilitated carrier trans <12 hrs--key to AF #1 core function/nuke deterrence
- Mng'd SDR/TDR pgm; issued 194 discrepancy reports/submitted to agencies w/in 48 hrs--beat DLA standard by 97%
- Scrutinized 24 TAR listings; initiated tracer actions/id'd 65 lost assets--resolved status/$161K inbound pcs recovered

- Performed inventory 4 equip/2 SPRAM accts; 1280 items val at $28.07M--located 51 found on base peices for turn in
- Turned-in unused/excess equip; retd 135 acct items to supply sys valued at $1.4M--aleveated AF backorder/shortfalls
- Discovered/processed 51 items found on base valued at $363k--reverberated items to supply sys, averted shortfalls
- Rebuilt two dep UTC's; inspected/builtup 770 items in under 8mo--made deadline refreshing tools/equip dep location
- Expedited 3 re-purpose alignment kits; $243k equip xfer'd to "AC-130J" pgm--aleavated shortfall/progress stagnation
- Volenteered 388hrs to BSA; 40 meetings/12 campouts--pushed 30 Scouts to earn 63 merit badges/3 Scout earned ES
- Relocated -21 items; consolidated 2k items to centalized location--slashed inventory time by 75hrs from prev 100hrs
- Led 5 man snow removal team; cleared 24 homes/dug 18 POVs of 12ft drifts after blizzard--enabled MSN readiness
- Wing Insp Team mbr; completed 14 insp/2 exercises/submitted 2 improvments--contributed to 27 SOW MUA '15

- Mng'd dply'd CTK assets; led 100% equip insp tm/ID'd/rect 10 discreps--key to AOR 433 sorties/2.7K flt hrs FY '16
- Execut'd no-notice fwd dplymt tasker; moved 4.5K tools/$1.2M equip acct--bolstered 2 acft/20 Amn dply'd task force
- Supervised 4 Amn insp tm; guided 738 qrtly/special tool insp's w/0 defects--maintained 90% QA pass rt Aug-Oct '16
- Authored sq Haz Waste trng event; train'd 50 mbrs/6 shops on handling/disposal regs--ensured 100% AFI compliance
- Eliminated excess CTK inventory; processed 60 DRMO toolbox turn-ins--reclaimed $11K/decr'd CTK footprint 25%

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