Technical Order (T.O.) Monitor EPR bullets

- Managed unit TODA prgm; ensured serviceability/updated 64 etools--supported daily tech data compliance, 400 prsnl

- Performed 110 MIT insps; ID'd error w/ TO update procedures/directed mx of MITs--raised 71% FMC rate to 100%

- Maintained 280 TOs--posted 38 changes and relabeled all--ensured guidance/procedures current and accurate

- TODA monitor--completed online course--scored 87%--knowledge ensured current technical publications

- Aggressively sought after and completed computer-based Technical Order Distribution Assistant course
-- Enhanced abilities to manage and control section's Technical Orders to ensure complete/accurate file

- Vigilant Technical Orders Distribution Account Monitor--rebuilt over 800 technical orders--ensured accuracy

- Demonstrated highest level of technical competence--maintained over 170 training aircraft technical orders

- Refurbished 150 classroom technical orders--ensured accurate data and superb condition of training materials

- Managed ISO sections technical order program--increased Quality Assurance pass rate from 50% to 86%

- Fresh thinker--established new procedures for controlling 180 technical orders--all changes posted on time

- Team chief on C-130 chine angle Time Compliance Technical Order--aircraft returned to flying 8 hours early

- Effectively managed 104 technical orders--zero defects noted on recent squadron self assessment inspection

- Technical Order Distribution Accountant--inventoried/repaired 52 TOs--zero defects on followup inspection

- Resurrected crippled, neglected T.O. program--updated, increased accuracy 50%, reduced number of TOs by 25%

- Resurrected improperly managed TO program--contributed to "Excellent" rating during 2004 HQ AETC ORI

- Integrated electronic technical manual system into four courses--eliminated 280 updates for 1,500+ technical orders

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