Vehicle Control Officer (VCO) EPR Bullet examples

- Squadron VCO/fleet manager; coord'd mx turn ins/repairs for >103 Veh fleet--contributed to Sqd avg 85% VIC rate

- VCO alternate; coordinated 100+ mechanical/electrical repairs--sustained 20 vehicle fleet > $600K 90% FMC

- Mng'd 44 veh fleet/$2.1M; 584 trans rqmts f/19 orgs--500 PAX/400K lbs cgo mvd over 9.6K mi w/o incident

- Section VCO; coordinated veh safety briefings/rotations/maintained 94% VIC for 39 veh fleet--bested AF goal by 4%

- Chaired AF FES Vehicle Training prgm; standardized lesson plan/test for 20 vehs--best practice by AFMC A3

- Revamped VCO program; responsible for 138 vehicles worth $6.9M--no write-ups or findings on 2009 SAV

- Oversaw 1.1K veh reqs; spt'd 162 DVs/456 pax/698 cargo tons hauled/9K+ mi--sustained 24/7 nuc deterrence

- Investigated 176 on/off base veh misuses; educated VCO's on official GMV usage--coined by 51CS leadership

- Sustained Wing's $72M/694 vehicle fleet; contribut'd to flight 91% MC rate--ISO Operation INHERENT RESOLVE

- AF largest fire resp fleet VCO; 55 veh's/worth $12.5M--93% in-svc rate/aided 96 TW "Effective" UEI rating

- Monitored/controlled $2.2M veh fleet serviceability; validated 138 u-drive-it requests--99% availability rate achieved

- Assisted VCO/placed eight vehicles in svc; tracked 148 items valued at $7.2M--ensured 100% equipment readiness

- Implemented new pre/post deployment mx checks; ensured 97% vehicle availability, cut breakdowns by 25%

- Deployed VCO; scheduled maint/trans of 14 HMMWV valued at $700K--100% on time rate...AOR msn intact

- Performed preventive mx insps; serviced 196 vehs/$12M--critical to detachment's 98% fully msn capable rate

- VCO f/KAFB LRS Nuc Cert'd & RMS AB/APS veh fleet; 20 veh/$3.8M--prgm insp earned APS "Top Wheels" awd

- Coord'd shipment of 7 vehicles to other AF units--reutilization efforts saved AF $350K in new truck expenses

- Section VCO; managed $xxxx in AF assets/conducted wkly briefs--expedited maintenance with zero mishaps

- Alt VCO--brief'd weekly vehicle safety info/kept 30 shop personnel safe on/off duty--reduc'd mishap by 80%

- Updated Veh Mgt portion of ESP; furnished war planners w/ capabilities--poised AUAB for contingency ops

- Rehabilitated VCO prgm; provided "1-Stop" Q&A format w/inventory projections--benchmarked by 379 AEW

- Engineer Flight VCO--monitored 6-vehicle/$142K account--assured squadron resources promptly available

- Veh Mgt Conduit; eased transitions of new contractor prgm mgr/VMM--379 AEW/ELRS msn didn't skip a beat

- Group VCO; performed preventative maintenance/cleanings/inspections for 10 vehicles--achieved zero mx down time

- Played critical role with vehicle mx insp; validated 75% of installation fleet--sq earned "Outstanding" rating

- Tackled 9 DV msns/10 vehs/9 locs; piloted CAF Commanders Conf rqmt's--praised by 9 AF/CC & COMACC

- Performed operator care on 76 veh fleet/$4M; inspected/corrected mechanical issues--sust'd 97% FMC rate

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