Aircraft Battle Damage Repair (ABDR)

- Drove 1st ABDE CONUS crs; authored POI f/13 bases/19 MTF instructors--closed OPLAN gaps/CSAF FSR achieved
- Directed unit's readiness training; supervised 4K student/1K classroom hrs--secured ABDR capes/72 hr response time
- Led B-1 leading edge insp; directed 4 mbr DFT--accomplished 56% of fleet (34 acft) <90 days/slashed cost by >$1M
- Selected QA lead; oversaw insps/enforced stds f/25 mbrs/executed 95 evals--solidified 100% unit program compliance
- Propelled Ellsworth's urgent B-1 backbone insp/repair; led 10 mbr mil/civ DFT f/12 acft--bested ETIC 50% (28 days)
- Re-designed unit ABDR training; created 31 realistic scenarios/cert'd 39 mbrs--positioned prgm f/"Near Peer" combat

- Expedited ABDR; constructed 15 short-notice MRT orders--secured/recovered crashed HH-60 f/ investigation

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