BTZ EPR Bullet Examples

Earned/Won Below the Zone

- Highly regarded and ambitious Airman; selected as and promoted to coveted SrA Below the Zone -- well deserved!

- Leader amongst peers; selected as 2013 "Amn of the Year" and earned BTZ selection--top performer to date

- Bested all competitors; head & shoulders above peers; rare maturity, ready for increased responsibilities

- Highly motivated Airman; selected above peers as one of 6 BTZ winners among 33 eligible--promote to SSgt

- Phenomenal Airman/ldr! Led Edwards AFB KC-10 MRT/defense warehouse mission part pick-up--BTZ awarded

- Repaired punctured wing tip; fabricated/installed lap patch; saved $800--recent BTZ promotion well deserved

BTZ Recommendations

- Provided analytical expertise at an NCO level; 58 MOS Amn of the Qtr Jul-Sep 2011--ideal BTZ candidate!!

- Demonstrates character traits required to ascend to higher position of responsibility; my #1 choice for BTZ

- Highly motivated; insatiable drive for personal/professional success...excellent BTZ candidate...promote now!

- Dazzling leader; displayed stern dedication to AF mission...ready to be element ldr...excellent BTZ prospect

- Completed TCTO 1544 on three F-15E acft; installed bracket...enabled upgrade of weapons system--BTZ now

- Unlimited potential--definitely on right track; continue to challenge this rock-solid Airman and promote BTZ

- Superior performer dependable and versatile; accepts greater challenges and responsibilities; promote BTZ!

BTZ Preparation/Program Support

- Epitomized mentorship; guided troop's career/laid blueprint to follow/built BTZ package--amn picked f/early promotion

- Mentor'd Amn w/prof development; procur'd BTZ award f/subordinate--advanc'd promotion by 6 months/prep f/SSgt

- Improved BTZ OI; removed nom limit/reduced write-up to 10 lines--CCs empowered/captured more deserving A1Cs

- Facilitated 2 SrA BTZ boards; coord'd w/2 MAJCOMS/36 units/500 eligibles--107 stripes alloted to deserving A1C's

- Assisted Sq BTZ boards; screened 42 eligible candidates for 4 selection boards--7 deserving Amn promoted

- Propelled section awds pgm; drafted packages/chaired boards--garnered 2 BTZ/4 qrtly/4 annual awd winners

- Administered Wg CC STEP/BTZ/promotion programs; org'd 13 ceremonies/boards--300+ honored at Wg level

- Spearheaded STEP/BTZ & Qtrly Awd pgms; establish'd 10 boards/40 board mbrs--honored 54 Amn at Wg lvl

- Prepped MDG BTZ eligibles; held mock board/critiqued Q&A/dress & appearance session--2/3 selected SrA

- Chaired 5 Airman-of-the-week boards; judged professionalism--recognized deserving Amn/prepped for BTZ

- Mentored 2 Amn to excel; shared experience in partnership bldg--troops won MAJCOM awd, BTZ promotion!

- Outstanding ldrship; helped Amn garner 1 BTZ win/13 Flt "Tech of wk"/2 Sq Sharp Amn awd & 2 OAY nom's

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