DRMO EPR Bullets

DRMO Turn-In

- Led DRMO run; reduced flt's storage footprint/sanitized 150 assets--ensured proper disposal/reuse f/$25K in IT equip

- Directed asset dispo prgm; led 8 Amn-tm/3 workcenters in DRMO proc--recycled $48K/22K lbs/8 pallets AF eqpmnt

- Managed $1.2M equip acct; turned in four NATO AAS/nine generators to DRMO--saved $346K in repair cost

- ID'd excess equipment inventory; DRMO'd/turned-in 52 unused tools/acft parts--<$5.5K reconstituted back into AF

- Managed $400K in IT assets; reutilized $70K equip to DRMO--ensured 100% accountability for 1.3K systems

- Spearheaded munitions container turn-in; 3K items/$851K delivered to DRMO--cleared >2 yr residue backlog

- Contributed to reusable container program success; certified 3K+ containers muns free/empty--$582K to DRMO

- DLA liaison; processed 21 pallets/22K lbs excess equip for DRMO turn in--reallocated $37K assets to AF inventory

- Orchestrated DRMO excess equipment turn-in; packed and delivered 3 pallets--reclaimed $6K for AF usage

- Coord'd SSA/ERT/DRMO turn-in; delivered 1.1M lbs/$3.5M excess equip/assets--spt’d Afghan #2 priority

- Directed unit DRMO program; processed $39K in SF eqpmt--assured redistribution of AF assets/reduced waste/abuse

- Eliminated excess CTK inventory; processed 60 DRMO toolbox turn-ins--reclaimed $11K/decr'd CTK footprint 25%

- Supervised facility cleanout; DRMO'd $100K IT equip items/1K ft work space freed for personnel--promote!

- Led DRMO turn-in of 250 items; reduced flt's storage footprint--allowed proper disposal/reuse of $74K assets

- Managed ADPE acct; DRMO'd eight eqpmnt items--opened $4K/ADPE funds for future eqpmnt requirement

- Headed DRMO dropoff; organized disposal of 800lbs\54 items; enabled reutilization of $9K equip back to AF

- Transferred 22 items to DRMO; purged/updated CEMAS database--returned $8.7K material to DoD inventory

- Relocated 300 peripherals/CHCS Blade server to DRMO; reconciled ADPE inventory; $30K network upgrade

- Shipped $1.2 million in condemned assets to DRMO/DARD; freed 1.5K sq ft warehouse space, gained $30K in acct

DRMO Reclaim/Reuse

- Spearhead'd Attic cleanup; organiz'd disposal of 30K lbs/2K+ items--preserv'd 14 AF heritage items/restored crit asset

- Reutilized assets from DRMO; enhanced use of resources/met flt needs for computer monitors--$6.5K saved

- Procured critical optics std from item mgr; $6.6K asset diverted from DRMO--restored flt's optics capability

- Fostered DRMO practices; procured surplus office supply assets/reallocated budget savings--recouped $29K in funds

- Resource steward; removed/replaced faulty 5 ton generator with DRMO asset--$1.2K saved/zero mx delays

- Resourceful SNCO--obtained furniture and electronics equipment destined for DRMO--saved squadron $5K

- Stood down BTC pkg; $26K freezer transferred to 36 MUNS vs DRMO--direct support of warfighting mission

- Extremely resourceful; salvaged/repaired 25+ E-Tools from DRMO--critical asset revitalization--saved $35K

- Coordinated with DRMO to obtain 10K uniforms from FOB--inventory redistributed in 72 hrs; saved AF $1M

- Re-established an expired DRMO DoDAAC to allow unit to utilize DRMO--facilitated reallocation in theater

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