Defense Travel System EPR Bullets

See also: AFSC 6F0X1 Financial Management

- Reviewed 155 DTS vouchers/authorizations; >$143K travel funds safeguarded--Sq won $6.4K for #1 Wg pgm

- Administered flt DTS program; assisted w/122 mbrs/20 ODTA requests--validated $50K budget/0 overdue suspenses

- Sq AO; validated 32 DTS vouchers/$98K TDY funds/fix'd 5 discreps--drove 3 deployments/17 ofcr PDs/12 trng crs's

- Assisted 11 SF dplyrs in DTS vch completion; critical in-processing accomplished--prevented GTC delinquency

- Linchpin during 80% DTS turnover; rvw'd/sanctioned $649.7K for msn essent'l trng--prevented msn delays of 30 prsnl

- Reviewed 230 DTS vouchers; assured timely process/distribution of $345K--streamlined reimbursement at lowest lvl

- Reviewed 40 DTS travel vouchers; distributed $62.1K of funds--key to #1/8 Sqs in Wg for 3 qtrs & $18K awd

- Essential to DTS/GTC program; processed 150 authorizations totaling $500k--rectified GTC delinquencies

- Despite under-manned CSS, assumed responsibility for 3 SQ's; 1200+ AROWS/DTS orders cut--msn success

- Gp's lead DTS approver; rvw'd 108 vouchers/6 budgets/$450K--ensured 100% compliance/zero insp errors

- Managed DTS for section; assisted 18 individuals with prompt/accurate travel claims--zero overdue suspenses

- Ministered completion DTS orders; assisted 10 mbr's with accurate travel vouchers--zero GTC delinquencies

- Received training/CSA/DTS monitor; provided guidance to six deployers--streamlined process at lowest level

- Scruntiniz'd 109 Gp DTS vouchers; assur'd 100% accuracy/correct routing--account'd for $225K in TDY funds

- Ministered completion of DTS orders; 256 personnel focused--maximized on time payment of travel vouchers

- Constructed 50 travel orders in DTS; ensured swift mobilization during runway closure--zero delay in benefits

- Augmented travel tm as DTS AO; approved 22 vouchers worth $31K--reduced pymt delay 58%/ensured msn success

- Led MXG DTS filing flow; processed 632 vchrs, $675K for returnees--restored >200 man-hrs to flightline ops

- Base lead DTS admin; mgd 551 emails/travel inquiries--resolved 135 high-visibility obstacles w/no msn delay

- DTS reviewer; audited 200+ DTS travel vouchers worth over $30K--efforts guaranteed zero accounting errors

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