Drug Demand Reduction Program EPR Bullets

- Oversaw DDR pgrm; mng'd shipment/quality ctrl of >1000 tests--upheld 100% compliance/DoD zero tolerance policy

- Powered 2 unit DDRP sweeps; coord'd 36 observers/6 TAs/625 tested--fortified msn readiness f/65 acft/1.5K sorties

- Filled DDR monitor; briefed proper collection steps/observed 135 samples w/o error--enforced AF 0-tolerance policy

- Piloted base DDRP; notified 220 Amn/4 GSUs/trusted agent f/1st drug sweep >5 yrs--processed 535 samples w/o error

- Trusted Agent for 1st drug sweep/5yrs; led venue setup/collected 315 samples/1% positive rt--fortified AF 0 tolerance

- Oversaw off base DDR prgm site; trained 3 observers/collected 10 specimens--saved 300 man-hrs with 0% positive rt

- Volunteered f/Wg DDR pgm; observed XX pers f/base drug compliance insp--enforced national drug control strategy

- DDR Trusted Agent; liased w/MDG...sched'd 50 specimens/15 observers--spt'd DoD prgm, < 2% 'positive' rate

- Enforced DDR prgm; led 6 trusted agents/coord'd 360 tasks--100% compliance, secured AF's zero tolerance" policy

- Oversaw DDR pgrm; scheduled 790 defenders f/drug screening--100% on time rt/DoD zero tolerance policy enforced

- Provided Wing CCs COAs for specimen collections; proper risk assessment for drug use--positives cases dec 52%

- Expert level NGB DDRP SNCO; directly managed 6 Wing DDRPMs--specimen rejects decl 105% this rating period

- Trained multiple Wing DDRPM/DTPAMs; establishing AFI driven procedures--inc trained prg assets for Wing CCs

- Executed 2 Wing Site/Training visits; provided 11 program observations to Wing CCs--inc program effectiveness

- Provided critical National Trng platform review; updated trng materials for ANG--uniformity of trng for 90 Wings

- 99% effectively executed Qtrly DDRP supply plan; supporting all Wings in 4 states with 6,529 Amn--0 supply issues

- Directly assisted NGB Chief MRO clearing 49 drug positives; returning SMs to duty--pos impact to Wing readiness

- Identified as AFMOA National DDRP Trng Instructor; provided SME input for ANG field procedures--valued asset!

- Worked Wing DDRP/40 hrs; validated 112 sample collections/0 untestable--enforced AF zero tolerance policy

- Sorted over 15K wg's U.S. postal mail/packages; trnsfer time-sensitive DDRP; ensured chain of custody in tact

Urinalysis Coordinator/Observer

- Volunteered for DDR Wing Program x 2; observed 20 AD members/7 civilians--endorsed drug free Air Force

- Filled DDR Monitor; observed 47 individuals/flawless prgm ops--sustained SecDef's "Zero Tolerance" policy

- Enthusiastic, eagle-eyed NCO; scrutinized 700 pns's/wnr's--enforced Air Force zero tolerance drug policy

- Mature ldr; upheld Cmdr & AF standards--braved unpopular duty, validated unit's quality, standards adherance

- Facilitated Wing Drug Reduction program; observed 57 urinalysis tests--enhanced substance abuse prevention

- Urinalysis Monitor--observed 23 individuals--allowed program to function flawlessly--ensured a drug free AF

- Vol'd as Wing asst urinalysis coordinator Oct 11-Jan 13--dedication, attn to detail ensured zero tolerance

- Unwavering attn to detail to meet AF's zero tolerance policy; collected 240+ specimens, zero discrepancies

- Trained & qualified 13 Amn as urinalysis observers--increased overall readiness for Joint Base Charleston

- No muff too tough--scanned/processed 22 Amn--orderly, complete and accurate--preserved sys integrity

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